How will the NBN improve education?


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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is expanding all around Australia, covering new locations every day. The network delivers dependable internet connectivity at tremendously high speeds.

It’s already revolutionising daily life, making a positive impact on the way business gets done and increasing the capability of streaming and other online services. Another area in which the NBN’s benefits will have an extraordinary effect is in the field of education.

During the planning process of the NBN, an entire chapter of the NBN proposal was dedicated to how the system would create new educational opportunities. The report details numerous examples around the world of efficient and dependable broadband services providing new frontiers for teachers and students alike.

In the classroom

Scribbling on a whiteboard and handing out thousands of pieces of paper throughout the year just won’t cut it in a fast-moving and increasingly tech-driven world. The NBN will create many innovative opportunities for teachers. Being able to use digital tools to interact with students wirelessly or show them streaming video in the classroom becomes simple with the NBN. It makes it easier to use devices such as tablets and laptop computers in the classroom, which can help implement new learning styles that extend beyond pen and paper.


By having a unified broadband network, schools around the country will have a strong foundation on which to build a curriculum and lesson plans. Institutions in under-resourced areas that might not have ample funding will still have a chance to access ideas and events all over the country and the world thanks to the NBN.

At home

Rolling out the NBN to Australian homes will allow students to obtain resources and assistance whenever they require. Researching projects or finding video tutorials becomes infinitely easier with a high-speed broadband internet connection.

College Student on Stool With Laptop Among Library Shelves --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

As University of Sydney Professor Peter Goodyear pointed out, the Internet is more than just a list of facts. The enhanced connectivity of the NBN provides students an easier path to explanations involving visual tools such as video, photos and diagrams. These items greatly enhance the likelihood of a student understanding a concept.

The benefits increase further for older students at high school or university. Conducting virtual group meetings, sharing files to be used in presentations and constructing online platforms for assignments can all be done quicker and more efficiently with the introduction of the NBN.

The introduction of the NBN brings a flood of benefits, many of which will be felt in education. Greater connectivity between people around Australia and the rest of the world will expand teaching opportunities, exposing students to wider options for learning. The Internet is an expansive landscape of knowledge, ideas and power. The NBN will allow students and teachers around the country take full advantage of it.

What advancements in education do you hope to see with the NBN? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Mark says:

    Government schools in NSW have had gigabit capacity for about 6 years now. However, it is shaped to a fraction of that. So the education push appears to be a bit of a furphy.

  2. Alan Miller says:

    When am I going to get NBN in Cooloongup WA?

  3. Lorna says:

    But what’s the use of sending us all this when we’re nowhere NEAR getting the NBN anywhere in this area?? We all know how great it will be.

  4. Len says:

    This information is fine but most people just want to know when they can expect it to arrive in their area.

  5. Jack Emery says:

    I am 92 & if the NBN “speed of light” system was laid at a fraction of that pace I mght see it before I die.

  6. Graham Roberts says:

    When does pelican waters 4551 get nbn

  7. Ray Cook says:

    only 3 kilometres from nearest wireless tower but no nbn because the towers are at close to ground level and trees block the signal- was it designed by a 5yr. old ?

  8. Lisa says:

    When will the NBN be arriving on the Mid North Coast, Forster/Tuncurry in particular, my current ADSL turbo is pathetic at times keeps dropping out