How your household can benefit from Home Wireless Broadband

If you’ve been using the nbn since the day it came out, or you’re still committed to the days of dial-up, you probably aren’t aware of broadband’s newest offering. There’s an alternative to the nbn that can be cheaper and simpler, using wireless technology that’s been right under your nose the whole time.

Home Wireless Broadband uses existing 4G or 5G wireless technology, the same network that Australia has typically reserved for mobile phones, and harnessed it through a SIM card in your modem that’s simple to connect.

What’s so good about it?

  • It’s cheaper than the nbn. iiNet’s Home Wireless Broadband plans start at $59.99/mth, whereas our entry-level nbn plan comes in at $64.99/mth.
  • Fast plug ‘n’ play connection. Unlike most nbn setups, no technician needs to come to your home to get started. We even insert the SIM in the modem before we ship it, making it easier to set up than a mobile phone.
  • No lock-in contracts. You can trial it out and change to a different broadband option at any time – simply return your modem to iiNet within 21 days of your order being cancelled. Modem non-return fee may apply.^
  • $0 setup fees. That’s right — the WiFi Modem and delivery come at no extra cost.^

Will it work for me?

Our Wireless broadband is available in selected coverage areas and is suitable for different types of households.

Let’s play a game: you pick your living situation, and we’ll tell you what plan suits you best.

I live by myself or with one other person, and don’t use the ‘net too much.

For basic browsing, social media, emails and SD video streaming, our Liimitless 4G Home Broadband plan is best. You’ll get unlimited data at max speeds of 20Mbps* (speeds are variable) for $59.99/mth.

I live in a metro area and our household uses around 2-5 internet devices per day.

You’ll get faster speeds with a 5G Home Broadband Plus plan compared to our 4G Home Internet plan. It’s still perfect for internet browsing, social media, and streaming music and videos, with unlimited data at max speeds of 50Mbps* (speeds are variable), for just $59.99/mth.

I live in a metro area and have a large household. We use up to 9 internet devices per day.

Support your family or share house with our 5G Home Broadband Premium plan with unlimited data at max speeds of 100Mbps* (speeds are variable), which is suitable for 3-9 users — so everyone can stream and browse with more freedom. Plus, it’s just $69.99/mth.

Check your eligibility for Home Wireless Broadband here.

^Home Wireless Smart Modem Gateway non-return fee will apply if your service is cancelled within 24 months of first connecting to 4G Home Wireless Broadband or 36 months of first connecting to 5G Home Broadband, or if your order is withdrawn by us, and the modem is not returned.  Modem cost is $8 x months remaining for 4G Home Wireless Broadband (max modem cost $192), or $17 x months remaining for 5G Home Broadband (max modem cost $612). T&C apply.

*This is the max-off peak speed for this plan. The maximum speed available on this plan during off-peak times is a limit on what speeds you can receive, not a measurement of what you will actually receive at all times. You may experience slower speeds than this during busy periods and at other times. T&C apply.