iiChristmas Traditions


Christmas is the happiest time of the year for many. Every family is different; some go above and beyond in festivities and some just go with the flow in the lead up to the big day.

Whether your traditions include trekking down to the beach on Christmas morning, Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, singing along at the Christmas Carols, checking out the lights, or leaving food out for Santa and his reindeer, everyone has their own way to celebrate. We asked around the office to find out the weird and wonderful ways that the iiTeam get into the festive spirit throughout December.

Strategy Manager

“Our family start Christmas Eve by feeding the Reindeer with an oats and glitter mix sprinkled on front lawn and leaving out a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa. Before they head to bed, each of the three kids leave a stocking at the end of their beds and Santa jam packs them full of pressies for when they wake up. We often wake up to find crumbs from Santa’s feast and the remains of red cotton around the fire grate in the fire place as Santa caught his pants on his way down the chimney! Christmas day is spent enjoying a family lunch or early dinner with the whole family around.”

HSEQ Advisor, Corporate Services

“On Christmas Eve, my housemates’ (AKA my sisters’) tradition is to wrap all the presents and make sure we watch Die Hard (Yes, it is a Christmas movie). The adults in my family always do Secret Santa for Christmas. Even though we always tell ‘Santa’ what we want, you still end up with some odd presents. Who would have though sending Santa links to exactly what you want could still be surprising! We spend Christmas morning opening our presents, which is always super exciting for my nephews and really all about them now. Then my extended family come over for lunch where my mum always makes WAAAYYY too much food and we all get to eat leftovers for a week after!”

HR Advisor

“On Christmas Eve we drive around and check out all of the lit up houses and decorations on people’s lawns and we open one gift and leave out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeers. First thing on Christmas morning, we open up our stockings and we always have Christmas music playing. We also make egg nog and a Christmas Slushie to enjoy throughout the day!”

Customer Service Representative

“As a kid we used to see all the extended family – that means that around 40 of us gathered at my Aunty’s house to eat pasta (because being an Italian, any event calls for pasta!). Nowadays, we just keep it to immediate family and eat all kinds of food (none of which includes pasta!)”

Campaign Manager

“My family always watch the Blues Brothers movie on Christmas eve. My group of friends hold an event two days before Christmas entitled ‘Christmas Eve Eve’ where we enjoy a seafood feast – it usually ends up being bigger than Xmas itself! On Christmas Day, we start off with a box of Pizza Shapes and a beer for breakfast. Oh, and there is one family rule – if you get any clothes for presents on Xmas day, YOU HAVE TO WEAR IT!”

HR Officer

“Each Christmas, my mum still buys all the kids an advent calendar, even though my brother and I are well into our 20s! We also make mojitos on Christmas day with mint freshly picked from my Nana’s garden.”

Annette & Austin
Project Manager & Campaign Manager

“At Christmas, we always bake European Christmas biscuits. The week before Christmas, we usually bake around three or four different types of Swiss biscuits, as my mum is Swiss, and then we hand them out as gifts to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. In November, Annette makes a Christmas pudding, which will be eaten at Christmas lunch and a Christmas fruit cake soaked in brandy – there’s no skipping this one, Austin demands it! We put up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, as it’s a real one, and that evening we decorate it as a family. After lunch on Christmas day we play Trivial Pursuit and dad falls asleep half way through!”

Communications Assistant

“Last but not least, being extremely festive myself, I thought I would share my own family traditions. We start by putting the trees up in the first week of December and decking the house out in Christmas cheer while wearing Christmas tops, and indulging in Lindt chocolates and listing to Christmas carols. Throughout December, I make sure to check out the local Christmas lights while walking the street with family and friends, my dog decked out in her Christmas hat, and with a hot chocolate in hand. I also make sure to go to the local Christmas carols and have a picnic and have a Christmas movie marathon while of course wearing Christmas PJ’s! On Christmas morning, we have croissants, champagne and fruit for brekkie and then Nala (the dog) gets to unwrap her pressies. We then sit around the tree as a family and open presents together. The day then includes Christmas lunch with the family and watch a Christmas movie, or a movie someone is gifted while we recover from all the food!”

How do you spend the festive season? Share your favourite traditions with us in the comments!


  1. Chuck says:

    Peace all. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy your family and friends over the next few days & do stupid things like tearing up listening to Wham! or Bowie & Crosby :-)

  2. Jan says:

    Not one of you commented why we celebrate?
    It’s the birthday of Jesus the Hope , Joy , and Peace of better things to come.
    I personally give thanks by attending a Christ ….Mas.

  3. Ron D'Souza says:

    While it was nice reading how the iinet mob celebrate Christmas, apart from a passing mention of Midnight Mass, there was no indication of what Christmas really is about.

    It is the celebration of the birthday of our saviour Jesus.

  4. carol says:

    happy new year to you all & a very safe 2018

  5. Laurel Schmdit says:

    Absolutely loved reading about the traditions that the iinet people do over the Festive Season. You all sound like you have a really good time with family and friends.
    Best wishes for a super duper Christmas and New Year. Thanks heaps for your help during 2017.

  6. carol says:

    I loved reading all the different christmas traditions and all the movies everybody watches while getting together with family

  7. Susan says:

    Merry Christmas iinet and a fantastic New Year : )