iiHelp – iiNet gets social

Given what a social media savvy bunch our customers are, it’s no surprise that more and more of them turn to sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Whirlpool to contact our customer service team. As part of our iiHelp series we thought we’d take a look at our online customer service community.

Introducing our social media team

Did you know we have staff dedicated to monitor and respond in the social media space at iiNet?

The social media team are on hand around the clock to respond to customer queries, both big and small. To provide 24/7 coverage we have representatives based in Perth, Sydney, Cape Town and Auckland.

Perth; Geoff Searle, Matt Jones, Adam O’Grady and Jess McCallum

Sydney; Samantha Hatch

Cape Town; Luke Alexander and Yasin Jones

Auckland; Inez Olecki, Karl Adam and Chad Branks

Customers choose to contact us through social media as the fastest, quickest way to get in touch.  There’s the odd LOL but there’s also a lot of customer service queries to deal with every day but it’s an exciting and fast moving customer service channel.

While the team monitor the majority of social sites, there are three that stand prominent. They are Whirlpool, Facebook and Twitter.


Whirlpool is by far the busiest of our social media channels. This public forum covers all things interwebs related. While it is not an official support channel, it can be a very good resource for getting access to helpful information. Most days staff members from all areas of iiNet will respond to a number of threads getting involved in the discussion and engaging with the Whirlpool community about internet related topics.

The Whirlpool community are a vocal bunch and are very tech savvy. If you’re having a problem and search for it within Whirlpool, chances are you will find a thread containing relevant information.


Facebook is one of the biggest social networks worldwide, so it’s only natural we want to use it to assist our customers. It’s a great medium which allows us to discuss any queries you may have with no character limits. We will be happy to provide helpful information and point you in the right direction, while anything outside of our scope we can direct to the appropriate internal departments.

Any queries directed at iiNet through Facebook will be answered quickly and you’ll receive a notification as soon as we reply to your post.

Our Facebook page is also the best place to go to keep up to date with the latest iiNet news, product announcements and the odd competition!


Can’t find that article you were looking for on our webpage? Why not send a quick tweet?

Short and sweet, more and more of our customers use Twitter for customer service queries. It works best for quick questions and easy trouble shooting as there’s only so much we can say in 140 characters, but we do our best to be efficient and ensure every customer on Twitter gets a timely response.

 Customer service on the move

We understand that not everyone wants to call up, email or search for an answer to their query online. Our social media channels mean our customers can contact us day or night, on the move, on a mobile or desktop.

Next time you have a question, query or comment for us hit up our social media channels. We’re a friendly bunch so come and say hi!


  1. Arvid says:

    Of being social, I hope you allow normal commenting like this as well.
    I am never likely to get twitter or facebook and many places exclude you from commenting if you do not.

    I like the toolbox as well. Great job to the team.
    Keep up the good work in there and hope you expand the adsl 2 network in offnet areas.


  2. Nick says:

    Yep, nothing but praise for the social media team – they answer things promptly and with that rarest of gifts in the business world, personality. Props also to the competition team – love those random Facebook competitions!!

  3. yes westnet is the best

  4. i agree west net is the best

  5. Ann Quinton says:

    I hope this is not a mistake on my part, I don’t usually connect with people I don’t know personally.

  6. Deb Whalan says:

    Hi, I believe I have website hosting as part of my package. I would love to use it and then expand to a full proper site later but for what I want to do now is have a small website to start with. Do you have step by step guides on how I go about etting this up. FYI: just have junk I have photographed and want friends etc to view. thx Deb

  7. stan & Robin GILES says:

    We have a problem going back to when IINET took over AAPT. It is on our file 0397521505 and is still unresolved. Michael (Senior Supervisor) and “Red” an operator have both said it will fixed but NO. It is 2012 and we cannot call relatives in Canada. Had no problem when on AAPT for years but IINET does not work. It cuts out after just minutes, loud banging heard at both ends just prior to disconnect so if you are there to help please do it. We continue to pay top price and await more promises and no solution. Stan & Robin GILES p.s. Overseas relatives must always now call us back and they have no problem and say we live in a 3rd World country.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Stan & Robin,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It appears you have already been in contact with us about this and have followed it up with a senior representative. If you have any hassles or feel it is being mishandled, you can also request an escalation to a manager or higher level as per our escalations process:

      In some cases, the cause of faults can be hard to diagnose and require some back and forth to work out and overcome the problem.


  8. Alan says:

    Its all very good to utilise social media, but some us feel we’re “too old”, “not clever enough” or “Just plain scared” to even think about facebook/twitter and the like .
    Many, (like me) get really angry when we are asked to “like” a site on facebook – that simple request simply makes me “dislike” it because I have no intention of ever using facebook – EVER … so if ever ii net moves over to social media exclusively, that’ll be the day I move on to another provider — and if there’s no alternative, that’s the day I give the internet the big flick altogether.

    It’s a fact, I believe that many people just want to surf, or to use emails to stay in touch with family — or *(and this really is social media) use skype ( for instance) to stay in touch with friends overseas ..

    Many have heard horror stories of ‘facebookers’ committing suicide, or being hounded by others with awful outcomes.. why would seniors even thing of signing up to face book, just to “like” a website??

    I just don’t get it

    • Marianne says:

      I’m an oldie and I love FB. Keep the settings private for only your friends and family to see and you should be safe. I remain in contact with my kids and grandkids (Canberra and Brisbane) and my cousins and second cousins OS. It’s so easy to share our happenings!

  9. lynne rix says:

    Was a bit disappointed after having no internet or phone connection for over a week before repair, to today receive invoice for full months usage.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Lynne,

      If you were down for some time during the month due to an issue with our network, give our Billing team a call on 13 22 58 and they can organise a credit for that downtime.


  10. Lyn says:

    We acquired a second computer which is the one I now use for my westnet email. After I logged in last week on the original computer, on returning to the new computer my inbox had been wiped. How do I make the new computer the main one for email. (I hope you understand what I mean?)

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Lyn,

      It’s possible the old computer is accessing the mailbox via POP3, this will download the email off the server and only keep a copy on the old computer. So when you check the email on the new computer, it will only be able to see the latest emails since you last checked the old computer. I would recommend giving our Support team a call on 13 22 58 and they can walk through configuring both computers for IMAP so that any new emails can be read by both computers.


  11. colin mason says:

    Hi nguts, just a quick thank you for letting me know about Whirlpool, what a great site. it enabled me to fix a WIFI access problem with my modem that other “Clever ” people could not assist with. Well done!!!! CM

  12. colin mason says:

    Hi Guys, just a quick thank you for letting me know about Whirlpool, what a great site. it enabled me to fix a WIFI access problem with my modem that other “Clever ” people could not assist with. Well done!!!! CM

  13. Ken Hay says:

    I do not now nor, most likely, will I ever use social media. Unfortunately, I find more and more companies using it especially for competition entries and offering no alternative entry method. That discriminates against me. I resent it. I hope iinet will not go so far down the social media path as to discriminate gainst me.

  14. Peter Torok says:

    When is some one going to contact me re the major problems I had with BoB and apologise or acknowledge the problems I had.
    All My emails and comments have not been answered.

  15. That is great, we have many provided channels to get our needs or tackle the existing problem in our daily basis. Your services give a huge advance step to your clients. Well done mate ! Keep it on going.

  16. Anthony Vincent says:

    Since my emails have now transfered across from the AAPT website I am disappointed that I no longer have the option of moving any of my emails into the files (which are still appearing on my account details below ‘inbox’. Instead of storing my important emails that I would like to keep a record of,my only option seems to be to delete them. My internet provider is Internet Explorer. I have been unable to resolve this issue via your help line. Can you please assist?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Anthony,

      If you use the webmail interface ( for your emails, above the Inbox folder (on the left side) should be a plus symbol. You can click this to create a new folder that you can use to store older emails. Once you have created the folder, when you are looking at the Inbox (where you can see all of the incoming mail) you can click and drag to move individual items to the new folder.


  17. shane rockliff says:

    I personally don’t use social media sites. i would however like to use an online method to contact support via a chat channel.
    Maybe a support chat channel hosted by iinet internally that is linked to from the main support site, or access is given after logging into toolbox.
    This way customers are able to be identified by there toolbox account when logged into the chat channel, and all information passed between the customer and support is internally secured.