iiNet adds two new nbn plans to the mix


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What could be better than iiNet’s great value nbn™ plans? More of them of course! On the 28th of April, we were proud to unveil two new nbn™ plans, available across residential nbn™ Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), Fibre To The Node (FTTN) and Fibre To The Basement (FTTB).

We believe with these new additions we have something for everyone when it comes time to move over to nbn™. We take into account various budgets, quota usage and speed to make sure we’re providing the best value nbn™ plans to our customers and their unique needs.

Haven’t seen them yet? Well here’s what you’re going to love about our two new nbn™ plans.

Plan 1 – NBN25

Our first new plan is a $69.99 per month plan (min. cost $1,679.76 over a 24 month contract) with 200GB of quota. It includes Netphone and Local and Standard National Calls. This plan is a great choice for those who want their Internet to run fast, but don’t expect to be using a huge amount of quota. This is also an affordable nbn™ choice for people who still use their home phone regularly.

Plan 2 – NBN100

Our second recently added plan is for people who love their Internet, but may not be as interested in making phone calls. For $99.99 per month (min. cost $2,399.76 over a 24 month contract) you will get the maximum nbn™ speed we provide as well as a massive 1000GB of data! This is a great option if you want pure, fast internet with lots of quota and don’t mind paying as you go for local and standard national calls.

Find the plan for you

These two plans are just the latest additions to our great suite of value packed nbn™ plans. See the full range at our website.

To see where your exact location stands in the nbn™ rollout process, check out the nbn™ Coverage Checker. This will let you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built or are in stages of preparation or construction. Make sure to register your interest on the nbn™ Wait List and check out iiNet’s nbn™ plans to be ready to roll when the nbn™ hits your neighbourhood.


  1. Nellie says:

    Too verbose. Complicated.

    • Jade Smit says:

      If there’s anything we can assist with or clear up for you here feel free to sing out, Nellie.

      – Jade

  2. Wayne Mar says:

    When will the NBN be coming to Glenwood, 2768 NSW?

  3. John Belcher says:

    I thank you for the information you are providing. However neither you nor NBN are telling all Australian telephone customers if and when it is likely when we will see NBN come to their address.!!!!

    John Belcher

  4. Sam says:

    So why am I paying $89 for 1200Gb on ADSL 2+ getting an average of 2.4Mbps?

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Sam,

      ADSL2+ Broadband plans give you ADSL2+ speeds, which means you’ll get broadband access as fast as your connection can handle with respect to environmental factors like physical line quality, weather conditions, your broadband hardware and the distance from your home to your telephone exchange. Contact with Support teams (13 22 58) would be the best method of seeing about further investigating and troubleshooting to determine if there is any issue impacting your service.

      Let us know how you go and if you have any other queries or concerns.

      – Jade

  5. Peter Schneider says:

    Let’s hope the NBN speeds are a little better than the 300Kbps I’m getting at the moment with iinet.

    • Jade Smit says:

      We’d certainly hope the speeds would be improved once on a Fibre service, Peter. If you’re experiencing connection issues on your existing service presently, we would encourage troubleshooting and further investigation with help from our Support team on 13 22 58.

      – Jade

  6. Paul says:

    Until you offer the option to “add-in” mobile phone call costs for a reasonable price, I won’t be signing up. I can with your ADSL2 plans, so why not with NBN??

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Paul,

      Thank-you for your feedback here, we’ll ensure to pass this along internally for review.

      – Jade

  7. nathan says:

    the plans are good, but when is NBN coming to ATWELL wa 6164

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Nathan,

      Can check NBN availability and estimated arrival time for your location here: Or you can give our friendly Sales team a call on 13 19 17 for further assistance.

      Let us know if you have any queries or concerns.

      – Jade

  8. Rohan says:

    Have you got plans for 12 months?

  9. eric rawlings says:

    when is it expected to be in Samson=========will westnet give help to which plan==============Eric

  10. Brian Garner says:

    I understood that our internet was already NBN operational, we are at Northgate in SA, we have so many outages and I am not aware of any lightning fast speeds, perhaps I am expecting too much.
    Doubt was raised that Opticom are not providing true NBN fibre optics infrastructure or something to that effect, after 3 years on this service, we still have issues that continue to crop up, but I still question the speed issue.

  11. Brad Bath says:

    What plans are available for nbn satellite customers.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hi Brad,

      We’ll be releasing new iiNet NBN Satellite plans with faster speeds and more quota in the near future. Any updates or progress will be communicated as they come to hand. Thanks for your patience.

      – Jade

  12. lawson ride says:

    When can you connect my property at 294 Safety Cove Rd , Port Arthur, Tasmmana. 7182 to the NBN satellite and how much will it cost with a voip phone service and without any phone?

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Lawson,

      Best to get in touch with Sales (13 19 17) for further assistance relative to your query.

      – Jade

  13. Steven says:

    Stop teasing me with your NBN banter its all right for city folk and it even seems that could be coming here also but really no one can say when.

  14. Bill says:

    Call me when you have a 1500gb plan. These are too small.

  15. Robert Rogers says:

    We are in Bayswater WA 8 kms from the centre of the Perth CBD. I think I will be too old to use the keypad by the time the NBN gets to us
    It is unbelieve that located so close to a capital city we are years away and the whole of Tasmania will be connected this year

  16. Simon Holland says:

    Thanks for getting me excited only to be disappointed once again. Why send me info on NbN when its not available at either of my addresses?

  17. Vic Clow says:

    Always enjoyed being an iiNet customer however pricing structure is not competitive in the current market.

    Now OPTUS NBN customers and receive unlimited download, with local, national and calls to Aus based mobiles included in monthly cost of $90.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Vic,

      Thank you for your feedback, will certainly pass that along internally for review.

      – Jade

  18. Lucien roepen says:

    is there a cost to me to go on the nbn

  19. Rob Kosse says:

    That would be great if we had NBN – a lot of homes may have it, but a lot don’t, and for some (like us) there aren’t any plans on the table yet to be included in the network in the near future. I don’t intend to hold my breath while waiting……

  20. This is insulting sending this info and making my mouth water, because it seems I want have any of these options for quite a few years.

  21. Ian C. Purdie says:

    No landline phone? Asin back to the rubbish VOIP telephone we had previously?

    The VOIP here was like talking to people down in tunnels until we switched back to landline, the existing Iinet mobile phone service in my location is terrible, with next to no service within the home.

    I’ve been with Iinet for over fours years now, and my monthly account spend is always around $135.00

    With NBN I was expecting better, not further deterioration in service.

    Oh! Do I retain my old phone number?

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Ian,

      Sorry to hear you’ve experienced difficulties with a VoIP service previously. We would certainly encourage contact with Support teams on 13 22 58 for further investigation and troubleshooting if the issue presented itself. We can request that the landline/PSTN number be retained as your Netphone/VoIP number on the NBN service.

      – Jade

  22. Judy Hogue says:

    HAVE I BEEN CONNECTED YET?? it has been put onto the house, but is it operational yet ??

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hi Judy,

      Would probably be best to give our Provisioning team a ring on 1300 634 515 to find out what the progress of your application is.

      – Jade

  23. Judy Hogue says:

    The NBN has been connected to my house, but is it

    operational yet ??

  24. Tony Willis says:

    Those speeds sound great but I cant see it happening in my lifetime with the slow roll out rate and the government making it even slower with their messing about with it. On the off chance that it does happen, is there any guarantee that NBN will give me more than the 3Mbs which I have never yet aChieved ?

  25. Cameron Gillespie says:

    Good move. Looks like a synergy with the TPG plans just like the union if iiNet and Netspace. That’s why I have stayed with the group for over 17 years. I think it would be a good call to reward loyalty to an organisation that puts the client first and offers good value for money. I will probably upgrade to get more speed but would like to have a reward of keeping the cost as it is now.

  26. Tony moran says:

    You don’t tell me when I will get nbn

  27. Roy Richards says:

    With plan 1 does that mean local and standard national calls on the telephone landline phone.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hi Roy,

      Yes, the Netphone/VoIP service that comes with the NBN plan includes all your Local and Standard National Calls.


      – Jade

  28. David says:

    What part of “two new NBN plans” are “Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), Fibre To The Node (FTTN) and Fibre To The Basement (FTTB)”?

  29. tim irwin says:

    waiting for good reports after conecttion to nbn— and cheaper prices from other networks–what happend to loyal customers on your network is there no need to keep your existing long term clients— what deal can your company give to long devoted customers—on the central coast nbn has a problem —looking to other networks for there plans when rollout problems are fixed

  30. Terence Ahern says:

    I read your article with interest you cover the fibre options but say nothing of the HFC which is the service I will be receiving.My ? swill I need anew modem now or when the DOCSIS service is introduced & is this service going to be comparable to FIBRE

  31. Gordon Windle says:

    I really want NAKED broadband. I have no need for a home phone!

  32. Leo Savas says:

    The NBN packages are just too expensive to be afforded by retired people.
    Is there an option to stay with the existing non NBN offers?
    This needs to be explored and or a pensioners rate established that is in the affordable range.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Leo,

      Unfortunately, we do not offer a pension discount at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this. All of our plans and pricing information for NBN services can be located via the website: Alternatively, give our Sales team a buzz on 13 19 17 should you need further assistance.

      Let us know if you have any other queries or concerns. Always happy to help where possible.

      – Jade

  33. john says:

    What no pensioner discounts or affordable phone plans…

  34. Mark Petchell says:

    You don,t have 52 Smith Beverley W.A. on you map finder you have 50 and 54 but not 52.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Mark,

      Sounds like you may need to get in touch with our Sales team on 13 19 17 to get this checked out. Let us know how you go.

      – Jade

  35. Peter Craven says:

    With NBN FTTN, FTTP an unlikely event in the foreseeable future,(Particularly in Pacific Paradise on the Sunshine Coast)
    all I would require is what I currently have.(with less buffering)

    Coverage Checker.
    Check complete
    All of these products are available in your area
    ADSL Broadband
    Residential Call Packs
    VoIP Call Packs
    Home Phone
    iiNet TV

    The problem will be, is when Telstra cut the copper, which will take my Modem off line.
    If I can have iiNet set up what I currently have, with NBN access,at minimal extra cost, that is all I will need.
    You know what my requirements and usage are, so set me up!!

    My Name is already on your “wait list”

  36. Scott maclean says:

    Whats going on with nbn satellite plans because tbey suck am paying $49.95 a month for a measly 20gb at a best speed of 512kbs no where near the claimed speed of 6mbs, the new satellites went up last year almost 9 months ago and we are still being screwed over

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Scott,

      We’ll be releasing new iiNet NBN Satellite plans with faster speeds and more quota in the near future. Any updates or progress will be communicated as they come to hand.
      Thank-you for your patience.

      – Jade

  37. Dean Alexander says:

    I am super keen to get the NBN plan 2 if available yet in my area

  38. Michael Rogers says:

    I wait patiently for nbn to gradually creep nearer. Poor old Port Macquarie always seems to be last in most things.
    It’s good to see iinet’s recent ‘marriage’ has not caused too many ructions. May this continue and I’ll be 100% iinet.

  39. Ken says:

    So is this new NBN going to be satellite. I will only ever get satellite here I am on the 20 gig system now. Painfully slow and low. I took it satellite was coming but your talking fiber here. ?????

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Ken,

      These plans are not available for NBN Satellite services, however we’ll be sending out some news in the next few weeks regarding our new Satellite plans. Keep an eye on your inbox :)

      – Reece

  40. michael Geddes says:

    we have no telephone access, only internet at [REDACTED]. just static.
    IInet service is pathetic

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hey Michael,

      Best get in touch with our support team at 13 22 58 so we can investigate this and get a fault lodged to repair any line defects if necessary.

      – Reece

  41. Ross says:

    Hi is this plan 1 available in Joondalup Wa 6027

    For business and residential

  42. Azza says:

    So the 2nd plan is what I got but I’m paying 135 dollars for it sounds nice that customers that have been with you get screwed over thanks iiNet

    • Jade Smit says:

      Sounds strange, Azza. Would be best to get in touch with Sales (13 19 17) to discuss your options and make sure you’re on a plan best suited to your needs. Otherwise, you can change your plan via Toolbox: Let us know how you go.

      – Jade

  43. As well as my house, I have a downstairs flat. They are registered as flat 1 & flat 2.

    How does the connection work? do I need to have two separate connections? A university student usually rents flat 2.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Michael,

      Yes, you would potentially need to have two separate connections in that case. We’d encourage giving Sales a buzz directly on 13 19 17 to discuss this further.

      – Jade

  44. colin woodward says:

    when will nbn come to nambucca heads post code is 2448

  45. Tom McKennariey says:

    Dose plan 1 includes Freezone as well.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Tom,

      We currently only offer Freezone on certain grandfathered plans and our current ADSL2+ on-net bundles.

      – Reece

  46. John says:

    I’m happy with current ADSL2 $59.90 / mth phone & internet & don’t want to pay an extra $10pm for something I won’t use !

  47. David Thorn says:

    Unfortunately, I am locked into a Southern Phone contract which I now find does not even offer an e-mail address. I would like to switch to iinet as soon as possible

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Don’t hesitate to give our Sales (13 19 17) team a buzz when you’re ready, David. A Customer Service Representative will be able to walk you through the options available. All residential broadband DSL plans come with 10 email addresses!

      – Brianna

  48. Robert jones says:

    I rang nathan to ask him to ajust my next bill to thr right amount $99 have nt got a reply why ! Please reply asap r jones

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Apologies for the delay in contact, Robert. We’ve managed to track down your account and can see the Customer Service Representative is currently awaiting an update from a Manager as discussed. According to the notes, he should be back in contact tomorrow. We’ll speak soon!

      – Brianna

  49. Peter says:

    Still no 50Mb/s plans.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We aim to provide a range of plans tailored to various needs, Peter. Keep an eye out for any changes!

      – Brianna

  50. Terry Barrett says:

    i PAY $39.95 PER MONTH only use the internet for emails, research, surfing and the odd utube cannot pay any more for this service as am on the age pension and seniors card.
    so no Interest in upgrading to NBN to pay double for the same service

  51. i would like to know when it’s coming to the area.

  52. Elizabeth Stewart says:

    If I choose option 1 for $69.99 month is this additional to the $55 a month I currently pay Telstra for free local calls, $3 capped STD’s,
    Family calls benefit and 50GB home broadband?

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Our $69.99 plan includes 200gb of broadband quota and all calls to local and standard national numbers are included at no extra charge. You won’t be required to keep both active services to take advantage of this. Have a chat with our sales team at 13 19 17 if you need to clarify this further :)

      – Reece

  53. Anonymous says:

    Have you noticed how many people use mobile phones now…why would I want a home phone They are fast becoming obsolete

  54. Anthony Stevens says:

    What’s the point? We’ll probably never get NBN here in Wyndham. We don’t even have mobile service

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Anthony,

      You could always check on to get an ETA, if available. Alternatively, contact with our Sales team (13 19 17) is encouraged for further assistance.
      Let us know if you have any queries or concerns, happy to help where possible.

      – Jade

  55. George says:

    Earlier this year, when we had no Internet and no phone for some 30 hours and you tried to get me operational again during a 90 minute phone call and you realised the problem was with the Bass Strait cable, you promised I would get compensation. This period without phone was critical for me in case I was in trouble due to my being a diabetic. To date I have not heard one peep from you about this matter. Some weeks ago we were again without phone and Internet for a few hours. I do not mind being without Internet, however it is unacceptable to have no phone. This never happened with the copper wire system. Obviously no one ever thought about this potential for a disaster, when there is no phone.

  56. Colin Stubbins says:

    I am a 92year old pensioner and my wife is a 91 year old pensioner so we are assesing whether we will have the financial capability to acces the NBN network so we will continue to follow the program to instal the service

  57. Peter says:

    This may sound like a basic question but will phone over the NBN require new handsets? Will installation work inside the house be necessary? NEN have installed a box outside mu home.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Peter,

      Any standard handset should work as a Netphone. The only difference being that it will plug into your router and require some configuration (which our team can definitely assist with!) instead of plugging into the wall socket. You will require an appointment with NBN to have the NTD box installed inside also to get online. Our sales team (13 19 17) will be able to discuss this further!

      – Reece

  58. Peter says:

    That should read “NBN has been installed outside my home.”

  59. louise jordan says:

    maybe if they would deal with ongoing issues eg 18 deal with it

  60. Mark Vincent says:

    I need moderate speed (12MBS) but don’t need phonecalls and would like to pay under 50$ per month.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Mark,

      Would be a good opportunity to get in touch with our friendly Sales team on 13 19 17 for assistance.
      Feel free to sing out should you have any other queries or concerns.

      – Jade

  61. Paul says:

    To expensive, to late and to slow.

  62. Clayton Cabral says:

    Hey if you included mobiles in your 79.99 plan it would then be great…in fact your current ADSL plan does include it, so why do I loose out even for NBN.

  63. Peter Goode says:

    Box and line already up to the house and nothing more! Iinet already informed of my intended package and yet still nothing. What is going on?

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Peter,

      Give our friendly sales team a buzz at 13 19 17 and they’ll be able to check this out and get the ball rolling if the process has stalled for whatever reason.

      – Reece

  64. Shaun says:

    What about increasing the quota for fixed wireless. 250 Gb is pathetic for Nbn, I could use it all in a week and be shaped for the rest of the month.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll pass it on for review for any potential refresh on the other technology plans.

      – Reece

  65. Vic says:

    What could be better? An unlimited plan like some of your competitors offer.

    1000Gb sounds a lot now but so did 100Gb not that long ago and I’ve nearly breached that a few times (and don’t reply with info about data packs please as it misses the point).

  66. Rob says:

    $69.99/month is better for the 25/5 NBN speed, but still nowhere near the $55/month on offer from Internode. To say 200GB per month is good value is complete bull, as I don’t even use 20GB/month now & never will. How much will it cost to preserve the 4 email addresses I use if I switch to Internode for their $55/month 25/5 speed with 50GB download, the perfect plan for me.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Rob,

      Sorry to hear we don’t have your perfect plan in our current line up. We’ll definitely take your feedback on board for any future refreshes of available plans.

      In regards to keeping your iiNet mailboxes, these incur a charge of $25 annually per mailbox.

      Hope this helps!

      – Reece

  67. Ross Litchfield says:

    When will we be able to get connected to the fibre in areas that are on the cable network, The fibre is to my house and when calling about connecting am told can not be connected by iinet to fibre, if I want fibre need to go to another provider, pretty amazing when have been a client for over 12 years

  68. Michael says:

    Never mind NBN, I’d like to get Naked DSL so I’m not having to pay for a phone line I hardly use. Not to mention the massive difference in download allowance. So sick of being on a Telstra RIM. Surely iiNet could do better for off-net customers.

    • Jade Smit says:

      Hey Michael,

      Thank-you for the feedback provided. Sorry to hear you’re unable to take advantage of our Naked DSL plans at this stage. Keep checking in with relevant teams (13 19 17) for changes or updates.

      – Jade

  69. Some interesting comments and views . It certainly
    seems that more and more people are finding it
    rewarding to Float the Net for answers to individual
    problems .
    All the best ……. Sam

  70. Kel says:

    NBN is due with FTTP soon where I live. However I live in a strata complex. Will FTTP bring it to my apartment or just to the basement?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Kel,

      If the area is to be serviced via FTTP, then you’ll have Fibre all the way into your premises. Be aware that NBN can change this though, so you ultimately won’t know until time of installation.

      – Leo.