iiNet and Variety – helping kids connect better


We’re proud of our involvement in the community at iiNet, and in October we were lucky to be the presenting sponsor of the 2014 Variety Motor Mouth Camp.

Communicating when you can’t speak can be a big challenge, but a group of sixteen school-aged children were given a huge helping hand when they attended this year’s Motor Mouth Camp at Perth’s Point Walter Reserve from 1-5 October.

The five-day camp provided intensive assistance for young people using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aids and voice output devices, and their families. The children and their families were assisted throughout the week by over 30 volunteers, including speech therapists and allied professionals, many of whom were taking annual leave from their workplace to give their time and expertise.


  1. E Bart Forger says:

    Good to know and admirable re the support you give the disabled.
    It is of the utmost urgency that the National Disability Insurance Scheme, commenced by Julia Gillard when in power, is continued forthwith by the T abbott government. It’s their plan to pay the University education costs for priests and for chaplaincy in schools.
    Irrespective their Christian attitude(?) to date conveniently have overlooked the welfare of some 500.000 disabled Australian Citizens.
    Hopefully you can help using the slogan “EVERY AUSTRALIAN COUNT”
    Thank you for your future help.

  2. Margot says:

    Good to hear, makes up for some of the frustrations experienced through iinets incompetence

  3. I am more than delighted to see this initiative. BUT, what of a 10 year old in farming Tasmania, who can hear but not communicate orally. How can he get the equipment and the training, in such isolation?
    Love to hear from you.

  4. Lynette Payne says:


  5. Dean Pusell says:

    I respect the Iinet company deeply with their selfless intentions for supporting these children with their brave challenges.
    Much love to the lovely children, family and Iinet volunteers :))).