iiNet announce sponsorship of Miss Universe WA

At iiNet we like to get involved in local events, especially when they involve raising money for charity. Having said that, we’d like to announce our sponsorship of Miss Universe WA for 2010-2011.

In the few months since the Miss Universe WA contestants were selected, thousands have already been raised for their charity of choice, Toybox, a trust that raises funds for special needs children around Australia. These efforts are set to increase as the competition grows.

We are delighted for our staff to have the opportunity to work with the contestants to raise funds for people in need. On the flip side, the sponsorship also allows for some fun things like makeup sessions and hair styling workshops for the gals to get all girlie.

The Miss Universe contestants are eagerly involving themselves in some iiNet initiatives also. With the Miss Social Networker competition in full swing, the girls will be capturing every moment of their Miss Universe experience via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In their efforts to prove just how social media-savvy they are, our customers and followers will get a backstage glimpse of the contest.

If you would like to check out the iiNet backstage view of Miss Universe WA, head here.

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