iiNet has a ball with Lifeline

LogoBy Anthony Fisk

As many of us do, someone close to me suffers from depression. A few years ago she went though a period of real crisis, but was fortunate to have a strong support network to get her through. Not everyone in crisis has this opportunity, and organisations like Lifeline are often the only way to get through the dark times.

Lifeline is charity that helps people in need, offering crisis support at any time of the day or night. They have helped thousands of Australians in crisis, many of whom are seriously contemplating suicide.

iiNet is committed to helping Australians connect better, and has a strong commitment to accessibility, innovation, and the community we operate in. These are values we are proud to share with Lifeline, and the main reason why we are strengthening our partnership with Lifeline WA.

Last year, we were one of the first telecommunications companies in Australia to provide free telephone calls for customers calling crisis and mental health support services. Always one to steal a good idea – we made these calls free based on a suggestion of one of our Twitter followers. We called on other telcos to follow our lead, and I am pleased to report that some of our more responsible competitors have joined the party. Its not often we agree, so thank you.

iiNet has a history of supporting the good people of Lifeline. Shortly after making crisis calls free, a group of intrepid staff and their friends climbed the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, raising more than $90,000 for Lifeline.

This year, we are supporting the iiNet Black Diamond Ball for Lifeline WA. Although this is a Perth-only event, we hope to extend our partnership nationally over the coming months.

If you live in Perth, check out the Black Diamond Ball website. It promises to be a great night!

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