Case study: iiNet BizPhone at Carter Dickens Lawyers


Wondering how upgrading to a hosted phone solution can improve operations at your business? Find out what one customer has to say in this case study of how iiNet BizPhone helped the team at Carter Dickens Lawyers work from home effectively.

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Carter Dickens Lawyers have been an iiNet customer since the firm was initially set up in the northern suburbs of Perth over 7 years ago. They use the internet for online research and electronic correspondence, such as email and online Court portals.

“Working in the legal profession, it is vitally important that we need to be able to provide assistance to clients and to correspond with relevant parties in a timely manner. As we specialize in Family, Criminal law and Estates law, our clients are often going through a very stressful time. We need to be able to contact our clients very quickly and effectively. We have been impressed by the fact that iiNet’s phones and internet simply never drops out. We have not once lost a day, or even a few hours to being offline over the last 7 years.” says Jamie Simcock, Office Administrator and Paralegal at Carter Dickens Lawyers.

More recently, the firm also switched to using iiNet BizPhone for telephone communications. BizPhone allowed them to be flexible with their operations and work from home when it mattered most, and the iiNet team were ready to help the transition go smoothly.

“In accordance with the government’s recommendations for the current COVID-19 pandemic, we moved our business to operating remotely, and transitioned our staff to working from home. We contacted iiNet, and their support staff were extremely helpful with being able to facilitate the transition, including helping to set up the BizPhone handsets at each of the staff’s home addresses.”

When one staff member had an issue getting their BizPhone to work with their home internet from another provider, their ISP said they couldn’t help. Fortunately, iiNet’s support team were able to troubleshoot the issue and find a workaround to get their BizPhone working at home.

For the team at Carter Dickens Lawyers, iiNet’s dedicated support team makes all the difference.

“What we like most about iiNet’s customer service is their eagerness to work with the client, and their ability to troubleshoot issues and find a work around,” says Jamie.

“iiNet provide an excellent quality of service, and their support team are able to work with clients to troubleshoot and find a work around, when other service providers cannot (or will not).”

To find out more about BizPhone and how it can improve your business operations, visit our website or call the iiNet Business Team on 13 86 89.



About the business

CD_Lawyers_Profile_Image1 CD_Lawyers_Profile_Image2Established in 2013 by Jarrod Carter and Benjamin Hamilton Dickens, Carter Dickens Lawyers is located in Joondalup and provides legal services to clients from all over the state of WA. They can assist with a range of different legal matters: such as family law, criminal law, and wills and estate matters.

“Jarrod and Ben are committed to assisting our local community members with their legal needs,” says Jamie.

Carter Dickens Lawyers pride themselves on their ability to provide clear and understandable solutions to all legal issues. They use modern technology including email, webcam meetings, and cloud data storage to represent remotely located clients throughout Western Australia.

For more information, visit Carter Dickens Lawyers’ website.


  1. Graham William CUNNINGHAM says:

    You are extremely fortunate that iiNet responded and looked after you like this.

    I have been a business customer for over 10 years and they forgot to provision my NBN connection as part of a relocation. This happened on 20/3/20 and lockdown commenced 21/3/20. So I went to the back of a very long queue of companies pivoting to remote working.

    The disappointing thing was iiNet would not even respond to my emails, take responsibility for their omission or engage in any discussion on compensation. I had to work remotely for nearly a month on a hotspot connection with Telstra. (Thank goodness for Telstra).

    The impact to my business from not having an NBN/internet connection was worrisome and there is no doubt I lost business opportunities because of iiNet not doing their job properly. Worst of all is that iiNet continued to bill me for a service they were not providing.

    The disconnection at my previous address was also delayed and prevented the new customer’s connection from being made also. This also took 4 weeks to achieve.

    I look forward to iiNet providing a reasonable amount of compensation for their woeful treatment of my business as a long term customer.

    I should also add that the VOIP ‘landline’ does not work and iiNet are being very tardy in how they will fix it.

    It worked at the previous address.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Graham,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we do appreciate it.

      We believe that we’ve been able to locate your account through a search and we have passed on your details to our Business Team, asking that you be contacted and your concerns addressed. Also, we noted that you posted multiple times about the same issue, so we’ve merged those posts into one, for continuity.

      We look forward to our team being able to lend a hand.

      – Leo

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