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Getting Fibre1000 has drastically improved our business’s ability to deliver consistently for our clients as we are no longer experiencing any connection disruption. Fibre1000 will future proof Gordon Digital online.” – Jessica Gordon, Director and Web Designer at Gordon Digital.

Internet requirements for Australian businesses are rapidly changing and as a high performing business it’s important that you have an internet connection that delivers. Modern enterprises need high-powered internet solutions – it’s as simple as that. That’s where iiNet’s Business Fibre1000 plans come in, with 1000Mbps of flexible, symmetrical bandwidth available at competitive prices.

What can adding a gigabit of internet connection do for your business operations? In today’s digital world, a high-speed connection to cloud-based “as a service” solutions are vital to business success.  Whether you want to streamline your operations by saving time on high volume downloads and uploads, or start taking advantage of the benefits of switching to cloud-based applications (or both!) Fibre1000 is a sound investment for any business. Fibre1000 is also the type of broadband you need to confidently move to hosted phone/SIP solutions.

Features and benefits of Fibre1000

Prior to engaging iiNet for Fibre 1000 we were experiencing connection disruptions and extremely low speeds. Our phone systems are VoIP and they just couldn’t handle such low speeds. Since moving to Fibre1000 we have not had any connection issues and productivity has increased due to overall speed improvements on the web.” – Jessica Gordon, Director and Web Designer at Gordon Digital.

All iiNet Business Fibre1000 plans include UNLIMITED data and a powerful set of features and benefits to optimise your business performance and make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Symmetrical uploads and downloads
  • Flexibility: allocate your 1000Mbps bandwidth as desired between 1 to 4 iiNet services (additional costs may apply)
  • 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Account Manager and Project Case Officer
  • 24/7 enterprise-grade support from our local team

In addition to Fibre1000, we also have a range of business products including BizPhone, SIP and VPN, so we can get you set up with a solution that’s tailored to meet the needs of your business. If you’d like to know more about these products and how they can benefit your business, give our Business Sales Team a call on 1300 681 828.

Our leading iiNet Business Fibre1000 plan and special offer


Fibre1000 already offers competitive pricing but for a limited time, you can also get up to five Standard BizPhone services on a $0 monthly fee for the first 12 months*. That’s a saving of up to $1797!

Ready to take your operations to the next level?

As a digital marketing agency that relies 100% on our connection to the internet, it is of utmost importance that we have a reliable and steady connection with decent speeds. We rated this highly alongside strong customer service when choosing our technology partner as iiNet” – Jessica Gordon, Director and Web Designer at Gordon Digital.

Our friendly, professional Corporate Sales Team is ready to help you get the best broadband available for your business. To receive a quote, just visit our website or give us a call on 1300 681 828 and we’ll be happy to help.

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^Only available in selected on-net buildings. All addresses must be qualified and confirmed before a formal quotation is provided.
*Min cost of $138.95 per handset ($129.00 setup + $9.95 delivery). This offer may be withdrawn at any time and is not available to existing Fibre400, Fibre1000 or BizPhone customers. Not available for telemarketing, call centre function and similar uses. Standard BizPhone monthly pricing reverts to $29.95/month after first 12 months.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I am awaiting somone coming Saturday to connect
    NBN as I can’t do it. Thank you.

  2. Jess Harris says:

    Will there ever be a similar connection for households?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jess,

      Unlikely, but, if anything changes, we’ll be sure to make some noise about it.

      – Leo

  3. Is this available if you run a business from home?

  4. wayne moule says:

    I would like to see this speed for house holds that would be amazing

  5. Eddie Walker says:

    i am currently waiting for my nbn to roll through at the end of the month. i have noticed the nbn cabinet is 400 mtrs from my house what affect will that have on my nbn speed?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Eddie!

      If this is an NBN FTTN service, be aware that the speed will change, depending on the distance from the node and the infrastructure the line goes through. Its worth taking this into account when the connection goes active.

      – Leo

  6. Peter says:

    After a year of your NBN we are still stuck at 18 Mbit per sec. Although we a paying for 45. What would it take to get what I pay for?

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for reaching out! Attainable speeds of NBN services have a lot of factors. Things like technology that has been installed by wholesale play a big factor. Second to this in instances of NBN Fibre to the Node the cable length from your home to the node will play the largest factor.

      Upon activation, we will be provided with a maximum attainable speed indication by NBN which we’ll always send through to our customers to provide transparency. This will be the highest speed that the line itself can carry. If your speeds during testing are significantly less than the attainable speed advised, this is certainly something that we want to take a look into and address. If the attainable speeds are significantly closer to that of our NBN Basic plans, it may be beneficial in downgrading the plan to a speed profile that the Wholesale infrastructure is capable of carrying.

      – Josh

  7. Richard says:

    I am happy with what I have. The old Grapevine cable still going strong.

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