iiNet Labs Reveal Journey To BoB2

by Simon Watt

Now that the dust has settled on the announcement of the new BoB2TM, I thought it was a good time to pull back the curtain on iiNet Labs. It took a heap of research and a lot of coffee to create our latest hardware offering. As with all of our new products, we read a lot of discussion on social media channels, we trawled through all the customer feedback that came our way and we discussed new technologies with the iiNet staff. Then, we came up with a few things to make BoB2TM one that people could associate with iiNet Labs – one that we could call our own.

One of the fun parts to creating a new modem is conceptualising what it would look like. Between working on the technical aspects we worked with our design partners in Sydney and scribbled down all kinds of ideas and eventually came up with a handful of likely ones. While some of these might get used for future editions of BoB, on this occasion the form was a key factor. We took time to follow trends in the industry and work out what our modem users wanted. In the end, sleek and stylish with a form fitted handset provided the perfect balance of function and fashion. Of course we still had to make sure it worked well and the call quality was key!

On the more geeky side of things we are always looking for ways to improve our products. For the handset, we’ve been doing a lot of research on different models and styles to use with our new BoB family members. One technology that is getting a fair bit of attention in the handset space is CAT-iq – technology made specifically to bring together broadband and the telephone.  It’s actually my favourite part of the new iiNet BoB modem and gives us a chance to launch products in the future that take advantage of this technology at a minimal cost.

Another big shift in technology is the need to support IPv6. Just to clarify, we do plan to support v6 and, in conjunction with Broadcom (our ADSL chip provider) and our long haired, Coca Cola drinking brains trust (also known as iiNet network engineers), we will be testing our units on IPv6 real soon. Then when everyone is happy we will push a new firmware out to the user base.

So, apart from that, our work on BoB and his family is never complete. We’re already onto the next project, though you won’t hear about that just yet – the secret squirrels in iiNet land want to keep our competition guessing. Keep in mind though, while we like to take a minute to chat about what goes on behind the scenes, all of our research and development won’t necessarily make it past the drawing board!

If you’d like to check out what we’re up to in the iiNet Labs or offer suggestions for future productions head to the iiNet Labs website where you can also learn more on BoB2’S specifications and what he will look like.



  1. John Devereaux says:

    Hi – One of the things we don’t like about BoB is the lack of visual prompt or signal indicating a new voice mail message. To have to remember to check whether we have new messages by dialing etc is not convenient. Does BoB2 improve on this?


  2. Aramis Bel says:

    Actually, BoB1 already has visual and audio voicemail indicators.
    On the handset, there is an icon with a number next to it in the center of the screen that indicates the number of voicemails.
    Also, simply listening to the dialtone is an indicator, as when one has voicemail (as with most telcos, actually), having voicemail will change the dialtone to a short series of intermittent beeps.