iiNet Labs Gets Set To Unleash Wireless Bridge

by Anthony Malone

While our followers are keeping an ear out for word on the release date for BoB2TM, we’ve been busy putting together another product to satiate the appetites of our gadget hungry customers. Introducing…  iiNet Lab’s Wireless Bridge.

Since the release of our fetchtv service, it’s seen some huge successes and is increasing in popularity. The Wireless Bridge will essentially bridge the gap (pun definitely intended) between your modem and fetchtv set top box – not all of us are lucky enough to have a telephone port next to the television. In fact most people tend to have them in the kitchen or in the study, where your phone would normally live.

To avoid running a long cable through the house, Wireless Bridge offers a dedicated and flawless connection between your modem at one end of your home and your fetchtv service, Xbox or any Ethernet enabled device that requires an internet connection at the other end with its robust secure point-to-point wireless signal. I could go into details and tell you that it allows for high definition content to be streamed at 5Ghz  but it’s probably just easier to say the Wireless Bridge is in a lot less crowded wireless space than your standard wireless modem and therefore able to provide a much clearer traffic stream to your television.

We kicked off this project about two months ago while the BoB2TM project was well underway. Since then we’ve been managing both and we’re looking forward to delivering not one, but two outstanding products to our customers later this year. Our aim for the Wireless Bridge was to have it fit in with our existing products in every way possible, from perfecting the firmware, right through to making sure its aesthetics match the sleek black BoBTM and fetchtv set top boxes already living in people’s homes – hey, we all like our appliances to match don’t we?

We look at this as closing a chapter in a way. We created the modem, then we brought out the set top box, now we have a bridge between the two to complete the Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) product suite. However we’re far from finished with our ideas on IPTV. I can’t mention much now but we’re well aware we’ve only scratched the surface on this new breed of subscription television. With the National Broadband Network on its way, the pipe will only become bigger and there is no limit to the services we could offer in the future.

In the meantime, stay tuned – expect Wireless Bridge, BoB2TM and loads more from iiNet Labs soon.


  1. Luke says:

    Great innovative idea to ensure services work with ease. 1 question I do have, not just for me but other gamers. Will this unit have greater connection stability for PS3’s and XboX 360’s. With just BoB alone, the constant drop outs on wireless networking is a headache, trying to stream freezone kids content via ps3 to tv for me was a nitemare, the contant network errors …. Mind you the tech support was really helpful, but in the end if I put a media pc with the kids tv thats the only way for it to work efficiently, costly to a degree, but would work.
    Also whats the power consumption like for us energy savers?

  2. anon says:

    Any comment on expected pricing for this product?

  3. Steve says:

    Things like fetchTV and even digital FTA are regarded as a figment of imagination here in the Riverina. To watch anything decent we are stuck with the cost of Austar. Let us country folk know when you decide to get serious and cover the whole of Australia and not just the cities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my Bob and the fast internet but …..