iiNet Labs Get a Voice – The BoB LiteTM Aftermath

By Anthony Malone

It’s been more than a month since we introduced BoB LiteTM to the market and the response from our customers has been very positive.

At the time we were very excited to have our first modem developed in house and give our new iiNet Labs team something to put our names to. We threw ourselves a small party, which by iiNet standards wasn’t small by any definition. The next day the realisation sank in that this was only the beginning. When our heads were feeling slightly clearer (thanks to some well-timed Panadol and Gatorade) we sat down and discussed among ourselves the next steps to make bigger and brighter things in the coming six-12 months.

We asked ourselves what it is that our customers want from us. Unfortunately the best way to find out was by burying our heads in multiple forums and emails (literally thousands) to see what it was that our consumers were asking for.  We collected all relevant information we put these ideas to focus groups. After numerous bits of butchers paper and magic markers and we had come up with some new potential ideas to be put through the process of qualifying to see if they were viable – this is where the fun begins.

It’s an exciting and busy time ahead for the iiNet Labs team; watch this space for the next upcoming hot device from the team.
If you’d like a say on the new things we develop in our iiNet Labs, we’ve got our ears open and we value customers’ feedback on product enhancements and future product offerings. Feel free to email your suggestions to


  1. John Couani says:

    Here’s my suggestions
    VOIP box
    Along the lines of BoB, I’d like a VOIP box which I can connect to my existing modem/router, one which is easily configurable, and instructions to match. AND Mac-friendly.
    My modem/router is setup the way I like it but my 3rd party VOIP box is the weak point.

    Facilities for hearing-impaired
    When setting up things in Freezone, please arrange to include captions on ALL programming!

    And what about SBS? ABC is there [captions are on iView!]


  2. Richard says:

    Can you make a website for iiNet Labs so we can see what you are working on sort of like Google Labs.

  3. Ian says:

    Great work with Bob-Lite but clearly in the rush to get it out to us customers, a few things need to be tidied up.
    First the Manuals only cover the essential, in fact the manual had little more than the Quick Start guide. I would like to use a few more features but there are not enough details as to what a few settings are about (ie Dynamic DNS) and using VOIP (how to make a call on PSTN without turning Bob off!.
    Second, there are some bugs, that access point check box on Wireless is one (or does the Manual need more. Also my Bob resets itself every few days, yes back online in a few minutes but not good if in the middle of a phone call! I also still have an issue with one computer not liking bob. COnnect OK through a router, but not to Bob’s ethernet port.
    Otherwise great job Bob