iiNet NBN™ has gone Turbo!

Go Turbo today!

We’ve got great news for our NBN™ customers – we’ve replaced our Boost plans with Turbo at no extra cost!

Our brand new Turbo NBN™ plans are available across NBN™ FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC & HFC technologies, with our most popular plan offering Liimitless NBN™ data for just $79.99 a month on a no lock-in contract (min charge $159.94).

Unlocking the potential of the NBN™

Turbo NBN™ plans are a great way to start the New Year as they allow more customers to reach the full potential of their NBN™ connections for the same monthly price. Customers whose connections were unable to achieve the speeds that would make upgrading to a MAX plan worthwhile will be please to know that Turbo plans can achieve faster speeds than the Boost plans allowed.

Customers whose connections are more suited to a Boost plan aren’t put at a financial disadvantage, either – our new Turbo plans cost exactly the same as our old Boost plans!

How fast is Turbo?

The release of our new plans coincide with new guidelines from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). iiNet is among the first Internet Service Providers to follow the ACCC’s guidelines on advertising NBN™ with typical evening speeds. Basically, this is a national measurement of download speeds between 7PM & 11PM, local time.

Please visit our website to see the current evening speeds for iiNet NBN™. You can also use our speed test tool to check your internet speed.

Measuring speeds during this busy period provides a realistic guide because performance issues are most likely to occur when the network is at its busiest. There are a number of factors which can affect NBN™ speeds, so be sure to check out our NBN™ Speeds Explained article for more information.

Going Turbo

If you’re getting iiNet NBN™ for the first time, you can select these great new plans when you sign up. If you’re already with us for the NBN™, you can upgrade your plan in Toolbox – it even has a handy video tutorial!

If you’ve pre-ordered one of our old Boost plans, you don’t have to worry about changing plans – we’ll take care of it for you! Keep your eye out for an email over the next fortnight advising that your pre-ordered NBN™ plan has been upgraded to the Turbo plan for exactly the same price.

If you’re ready to go Turbo or keen to find out more  about our NBN™ plans, hit the button below or give us a call on 13 19 17 and we’ll be happy to help!

Check out our NBN™ plans


  1. steven feltham says:

    Are there any plans to increase the wireless speeds in the near future?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Steven,

      We’re always reviewing our plans, so if we do make changes, we’ll be sure to announce it!

      – Leo

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey guys,
    Ive been with you since you started NBN and have not been notified or even offered to upgrade to one of your newer packages. Im on the OLD NBN Residential 11 and have noticed now that you offer better for the same price or a little more… Can I change??

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      That’s strange, Daniel! Normally you’ll receive an email with our new range of plans and options on how to make the switch. You definitely can move to our latest NBN range, this can be completed in Toolbox ( or with the assistance of our Support (13 22 58) team.

      – Brianna

  3. Greg Sloan says:

    FTTN was a terrible decision made by the government! Let us hope that they visit the problem areas with a better solution!

  4. David Longmuir says:

    Like Steven, I too am very much looking forward to Turbo speeds coming to NBN Fixed Wireless plans. Can’t wait!!

  5. Martin Kizur says:

    Recently we have upgraded our NBN 25 plan to NBN Fibre Liimitless Turbo Incl LN Calls Local & Standard National (nbn50) 42.8Mbps* $79.99 Liimitless.
    Today we have received invitation from iiNet: “we’ve started selling our new NBN50 plans at the same price as our old NBN25 plans! ” Our old plan was $69.99.
    Please explain!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Martin,

      We can’t go into customer specific details here (due to privacy concerns) but you can review this in Toolbox. The difference may be down to if you had call inclusions or not.

      – Leo

  6. Matt says:

    I already have 100mbit NBN, can you turbo mine up to 200?

  7. Harm Tuntler says:

    Yes true be good if the 25mb wireless worked like advertised even when i can see the tower in straight line of site been on an off since i have had it darn annoying wen u pay extra for so called speed lol.

  8. Pauly Hutton says:

    Wow, i have the nbn100 and i wish i got evening speeds of 70.8mbps!
    Much closer to 45mbps.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Encourage getting in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team so we can investigate the performance issues you’ve mentioned, Pauly. We’re confident our team will be able to assist!

      – Brianna

  9. Louise says:

    I am signed up with you through Internode. Is this the same and if so, why haven’t I been informed of the changes being an existing customer before this newsletter? Thanks.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Louise,

      Whilst we fall under the same group, iiNet and Internode operate as separate Internet Service Providers with a different range of products and services. It would be best to get in touch with Internode (1300 788 233) if you would like to discuss your current plan and alternate options.

      – Brianna

  10. Marco says:

    Great news for me as a current Boost plan user. Will there be any change (in either direction) to my upload speeds? I can’t find this information on the NBN Plans page.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Marco,

      Upload speeds will increase in line with the new speed tier. This means that 25Mbps customers had an up to 5Mbps upload speed, with customers now on the 50Mbps speed should see an upload speed of up to 20Mbps. Remember that there are various factors that do affect speed, so have a look at: – see the title for “Learn More About NBN Speeds”.

      – Leo

  11. Michael says:

    Why do you say, “Liimitless NBN™ data for just $79.99 a month on a no lock-in contract (min charge $159.94)”?
    What’s $79.99 got to do with it if you are really charging $159.94.
    Please explain?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the question! The minimum charge refers to the cost you pay when first connecting on no contract. You pay a once off setup cost as well as your first month of service. After that, its just $79.99 per month!

      – Leo

  12. Michael Fleming says:

    I would just like the NBN 25/5 you sold/contracted with me, seems the best download speed I get is <10 Mbps and sometimes/most of the time <10 Mbps and sometimes <1 Mbps. I have previously complained but you do not answer, so will this comment also go unanswered, or should I wait for a refund as seems Telstra and others are now having to pay ?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Those speeds are not what you should be receiving and quite frankly, we need to troubleshoot and fault this. Without this being completed, we won’t be able to pass this to NBN for you or have our engineers investigate.

      We have an article of speed troubleshooting here:

      Please, if you haven’t already, give it a go. We want ensure that we’re seeing these speeds reflected in your modem, especially with no Wi-Fi turned on. The more data we can obtain from you on your speeds, the more to helps us push this to NBN as a fault.

      – Leo

  13. Brian Bosley says:

    I am currently on NBN Limitless Max 100Mbps but the best speed I can achieve is 34Mbps. Reading the above, I am told that Turbo (NBN50) will give me an evening speed of 42.8Mbps. So if I drop down from Max 100Mbps to NBN50 I will experience a speed increase of 23% and save $30 per month. Have I got that right?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Brian,

      Sounds like you may see an improvement in speed. If you aren’t receiving the minimum we advise on your current plan, then we do suggest downgrading (we’ll waive the downgrade fee) to the NBN50 plan and then testing it.

      Remember, speeds on NBN are affected by various factors. We’ve outlined this on the NBN plans page, under the heading “Learn More About NBN Speeds”:

      If speeds still aren’t as expected, we can always check why, troubleshoot and fault with NBN.

      – Leo

  14. Warren says:

    Hi, I have been with Iinet for a many years and have never received offers of upgrade. I have only ever found out about them from toolbox or your website. It also applies to mobile phones. I feel it is a bit disappointing that this has never happened but the offset is the good service otherwise I would have left.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      That’s strange, Warren! It sounds like we may need to confirm your contact preferences – We’d recommend jumping on your Toolbox ( and checking what email address we have listed and what communications you are opted in/out of. You can also complete plan changes within Toolbox if you see something that better meets your needs.

      Let us know how you get on,

      – Brianna

  15. Rob says:

    Fixed wireless here too. Looking forward to the love.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ll let you know of any changes to the NBN Wireless range as available, Rob!

      – Brianna

  16. Tim Lewis says:

    I am also on $110 per month NBN plan, I don’t remember seeing an email to gfed a better deal.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Tim,

      It’s a good time to jump onto your Toolbox ( to make sure we have the correct email information and contact preferences for you. We want to make sure you’re kept updated also! While you’re there you can complete the switch to our current range of NBN plans if they better suit your needs.

      – Brianna

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Tim,

      It’s a good time to jump onto your Toolbox ( to make sure we have the correct email information and contact preferences for you. We want to make sure you’re kept updated also! While you’re there you can complete the switch to our current range of NBN plans if they better suit your needs.

      – Brianna

  17. Jack says:

    Fibre to the node (FTTN) is low cost cop-out solution but unfortunately it will be our only option in a few months. Some nutter recently cut all the fibre and copper wires on one of the node pillars resulting in hundreds of households being offline for nearly a week. Let’s get serious, the sooner we invest in Mobile 5G the better. Dump NBN!

  18. Phil says:

    Re Leo’s vague reply to Steven’s question about wireless upgrade plans. Can iiNet tell us if there are NBN plans to upgrade wireless bandwidth and/or speed and what are the timeframes?

  19. Gary Martin says:

    I am an original Iinet customer from the Ozemail change. My NBN plan was for 24mbs but typically this is more like 12 to 15mbs. Have not worried too much due to the unlimited download but would welcome 25mbs or better.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Thanks for sticking with us, Gary! Have you had the chance to raise the connection speed concerns with our Support (13 22 58) team? We’ll need to run through some troubleshooting to identify any factors or faults impacting the speeds attainable.

      – Brianna

  20. Paul says:

    What about satillite plans?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ll be sure to let you if there are any changes to the NBN Satellite range, Paul.

      – Brianna

  21. Rick Ottaway says:

    I live in Sulphur Creek, Tasmania. I am waiting to get the nbn, Freinds about 2 klms away have it but we still are putting up with no internet at all around 7:00 pm at night. It is strange, we still get charged FULL rate but get 75% service. That’s a ACCC issue!!!!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Rick,

      Whilst you wait for the NBN to arrive in your area, it would definitely be worth raising any existing connection performance issues with our Support (13 22 58) team so we can investigate. Best to get in touch toward the evening when you’re unable to get online so we can see the issue in action. Let us know how you get on!

      – Brianna

  22. Jacqui Parker says:

    Like David & Steven, I too am waiting for fixed wireless Turbo speeds.
    We haven’t bothered switching to NBN yet, because the wireless speed offered isn’t much better than what we are currently getting with our ADSL!

  23. Robert Pollnitz says:

    when can we expect NBN in Frew Street Fullarton 5063 ?

  24. Robyn says:

    I am on Turbo 50 now but still averaging 18-20, and iiNet now claim it is all NBN issue that they are working on. NBN guys have told me no they aren’t. Buck passing at it’s best. No point is changing ISP though because they are all have the same issue.

  25. W Spedding says:

    Hello iinet.
    When do you expect NBN to be connected to my area.
    Taloumbi Crs. Lake Cathie. NSW. 2445?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ve taken a look at the roll-out map and it looks like sections of Lake Cathie (NSW) are already connected to NBN, whilst others still have work required. There doesn’t appear to be a set date for your street – However we’d encourage reaching out to our Sales (13 19 17) team to verify availability.

      – Brianna

  26. Robin medrana says:

    I am supposed to have speed of 50mbps but have been told by NBN that I can only get max 29mbp

  27. I signed up for the NBN with you some time back and we are supposed to get the NBN this year in our area West Coast Tasmania.

  28. David says:

    Hi, I’ve been with ozemail/iinet for over 12 years now. For me it was a no-brainer to stick with iinet when we had to move onto the NBN so we took up a 500gb 25/5 NBN package, opted for the fibre phone instead of the unreliable wireless type and added Fetch TV to boot.
    I received an email yesterday spruiking the new turbo NBN packages of which the turbo 50 with limitless data and included local, national and calls to Australian mobiles and free Fetch TV sounded most suited to our needs.

    I went to upgrade to the turbo 50 plan today to be told that the included local, national and calls to Aussie mobiles is NOT APPLICABLE to our Fibre Phone service and we would also have to pay $59.95? up front for the Fetch mini setup which seems ridiculous when we already have Fetch TV and have done for more than 2 years now.

    Additionally I really don’t see what difference it makes whether we have the Fibre Phone or the wi fi phone to take advantage of the included calls on the Turbo 50 plan, the calls still go through the same NBN termination box and fibre optic cable.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Sorry to hear this!

      You’re always welcome to change plans in Toolbox ( There is no need to recontract, take a new Fetch service or change other services. This is just a straight plan upgrade. If you’re having difficulty with Toolbox, our teams on 132258 can help push through a plan change for you.

      – Leo

  29. IINET you are kidding yourself. I have been with you for 8 years and now on NBN i cant even watch a movie as it spools so often. And yes i emailed you and no response… hello wake up

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for letting us know. We’d like the chance to run through some troubleshooting to ensure your NBN connection is performing optimally. We have managed to locate your account and the email sent – We’ll ask that a Representative is in touch to get this sorted with you. Speak soon!

      – Brianna

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Greg,

      Looks like our team were able to reach you and assist in providing the means of troubleshooting the speeds along with monitoring the connectivity to help us get a fault lodged if needed. Please do let us know if there’s anything further we can help out with.

      – Tal

  30. Jim says:

    I’m on the Basic plan, which is generally OK for me. Can I try an upgrade to Turbo and switch back if I find it’s not worth the extra $20? Or is the a downgrade penalty if I do that?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jim!

      You can upgrade and downgrade plans as you need. If the new plan doesn’t meet the minimum requirements after the plan change, you can downgrade and we can waive the downgrade fee for you.

      – Leo

  31. Susan Appelbee says:

    Currently I am on a $60 plan with free local and nod national calls. Thus plan has suited my needs. Why now am I now required to pay as you go on the new plans and what.costs does 5hat entailed. Why pay the same for less

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Susan,

      This is a little unusual to hear, has we haven’t offered an NBN25 plan at the $60 price point. The closest to this is our Naked DSL plans. The plan change only affects customers on the nbn25 plans.

      – Leo

  32. Tim says:

    That’s great-for when NBN will be installed where I live. When will that be?

  33. Ian says:

    Wow, reading the majority of the comments above it seems that there is a big discrepancy between what you claim you can deliver and what customers are receiving. It looks like there are a lot of unresolved problems out there. I’m pretty concerned about the quality of service as a long standing customer of iiNet and about to be forced into changing over to NBN. From the comments it looks like I’m better off going for a cheaper plan as the high speed plans sound like they can’t deliver.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ian,

      We absolutely understand your concerns! The last thing we want is customers expectations to not be met and we do suggest starting on a lower speed plan and working your way up. There are many factors that can effect speeds on NBM, which we’ve covered, here:

      – Leo

  34. Francis Hallam says:

    still waiting for gigabit, but i doubt that will ever be possible thru placesVic’s crappy off-net that lags connections to sydney by 20 secs, how is that even possible with fibre?

  35. Peter says:


    Prior to moving about six months ago (I had the NBN then), I could stream HD movies. Since I’ve moved (with NBN) I can’t any more. It is like atop-motion. It plays for a few seconds then stops for several seconds. I grant that I’m on the lowest speed, but I was in the old place, as well.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Peter!

      We’re sorry to hear that your NBN connection isn’t meeting your expectations and you are right to be disappointed. We strongly suggest completing troubleshooting, as we do want to identify the cause of the performance issues!

      Have a look at at:

      This will walk you through the specific steps for your connection and will go a long way to pinning down what is happening!

      – Leo

  36. Turbo? Hahahaaa…..since getting NBN my speed is no better and watching movies stall!And my telephone has not worked since changing to nbn. and you want us to go turbo? Been a customer for over a decade and thinking of changing providers.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Elizabeth!

      This is very disappointing to hear and we are very concerned. The last thing we want is to lose a long term customer over an issue that can be resolved with some troubleshooting and fault lodgement.

      With the speed issues, we do suggest:

      We’re also unhappy to hear that your phone isn’t working? Have you had a chat to Support about why this is happening? We do suggest doing so!

      – Leo

  37. Francis says:

    Right now my parents NBN is in build, there is new ducting in the street and there are new pits. But it is of course FTTC. The NBN website links to iiNet as a provider for FFTC service, and says we should get in touch. Your site doesn’t even admit that FTTC is a thing. Yet here is it, a few months or so away, and the NBN guys will cut the wires for their ADSL service, cut off the phone line, and tell us to get a new service, and you provide no assurances or guidance on what is going to happen. In reality I know that FTTC is not yet a launched product, and the current expected availability date is 4 months – which is longer than you are allowing people to pre-order with, but you need to get the lawyers out of the way and provide guidance to your customers. It is beyond a joke, and you look stupid. It is pretty hard to explain to the non-technically literate that the pits and workmen in the street are all for an invisible NBN product that you don’t admits exits – even when the NBN itself says you are a provider for it.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Francis!

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts. FTTC will be joining us in the future as the newest addition to the NBN™ multi-technology mix, but as far as we are concerned, it is simply a component of the fixed-line NBN product we sell, as part of the Multi-Technology Mix (MTM):

      It sounds like you are worried for your parents and their current connection; this is absolutely understandable and we do appreciate your concerns. We want to reassure you that your parents service will not be disconnected right away. We’ve taken the time to cover this, as part of the following help guide:

      “More about the NBN™
      What will happen to my services when the legacy copper or cable network is disconnected?

      The copper network will be disconnected approximately 18 months after NBN™ Fibre (FTTP, FTTB or FTTN) is installed in an area. In NBN™ HFC areas, the existing cable/HFC network will also be disconnected. If you want to remain connected to the internet and/or continue to make telephone calls after this happens, you’ll need to upgrade to NBN™ broadband.”

      As you can see, your parents will have time to make a decision and select a provider of their choice (hopefully, us!) even after the NBN has become ready to use in their area. No changes are made to their line until the actual day of connection to the NBN, so there is no need to worry.

      We do hope this helps!

      – Leo

  38. Jodie says:

    I am on FTTH – will my speeds be fixed? I cannot get unlimited and currently some nights I am lucky to get 5mbps – a far cry for the 100 plan I am on! Feeling frustrated with IINET at present. I have given up calling support as I have to wait ages and they cannot help me most times 🙁

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jodie!

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us and we’re unhappy to hear about your connection speeds on your FTTH service. You should be connecting at a much faster speed, so we do apologise for this! We aren’t aware of any issues with FTTH services so we are concerned.

      We don’t blame you for feeling frustrated and we can help put this back on track, so we’ll give you some self help advice.

      There’s a few things we can do here:

      * Basic troubleshooting to rule out internal issues, then if the speeds are still poor;
      * Speed testing to obtain a record of the performance of the connection;
      * Using the test results to lodge a fault with engineers or to your FTTH wholesaler directly (either OptiComm or Places Victoria).

      The first step is very similar to the same steps for an NBN FTTP service:

      * Turn off Wi-Fi on the modem and devices;
      * Connect a computer directly to the modem wit the ethernet cable;
      * Test the connection, logging into the modem to see what speeds are displayed.

      If need be, we can even bypass the modem and connect directly to the FTTH box to rule out the modem as an issue too. If that fails, we then move to the Advanced steps:

      We know this is a lot to take in, so take your time and do this step by step!

      – Leo

  39. Michael Champion says:

    Hi, if people are being moved from 25Mbps to 50 Mbps, does that mean that those of us on the bottom rung (12) will eventually be moved up to 25 Mbps?
    Many thanks,

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Michael,

      At the moment, no. We are keeping the tiers as 12/50/100, but this may change in time as we look to continuously apply improvements to our plans.

      – Leo

  40. Amy Kersten says:

    Im interested to change from our current adsl plan to nbn but i dont want a home phone connected. What plans do u offer without phone?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Amy!

      Great question! Our NBN plans don’t come with a phone line rental but they do come with a built-in VoIP service. You don’t have to use the phone service if you don’t want to.

      – Leo

  41. Jeff Pettit says:

    What are the upload speeds for the NBN? No-one seems to mention this.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jeff!

      Upload speeds on NBN services are structured as follows:

      nbn12: This plan is configured on a wholesale nbn12 speed tier that has an upload speed of 1Mbps.
      nbn25: This plan is configured on a wholesale nbn25 speed tier that has an upload speed of 5Mbps.
      nbn50: This plan is configured on a wholesale nbn50 speed tier that has an upload speed of 20Mbps.
      nbn100: This plan is configured on a wholesale nbn100 speed tier that has an upload speed of 40Mbps.

      – Leo

  42. Graham Rooney says:

    I’m in Richmond, Victoria, and the NBN won’t be rolled-out here until close to the end of of 2018. Will I need to upgrade our Bob Lite router once we upgrade to an iinet NBN plan?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Graham,

      It does depend on what NBN type you connect to, but BoB Lite only supports NBN FTTP. If your connection is something other than this, you will need a new modem, which we can supply as part of the new service!

      – Leo

  43. Jenny says:

    Wondering if NBN Turbo will deliver at this speed
    We connected go Iinet NBN late last year and although it claims possible delivery speeds reality is still half the speed of ASDL2. Speeds promised and speeds received totally contradictory!!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jenny!

      Thanks for getting in touch! We’re sorry to hear that the speeds on your connection aren’t meeting your expectations, but we can help!

      There are a couple of steps that you can try first to find the root cause of your speed issues:

      * Disable Wi-Fi on the modem and devices;
      * Connect a computer directly to the modem via the supplied ethernet cable;
      * Reboot the computer and test the connection. Try the connection like this for a day or so, so you can see if there is any change in performance.

      If this doesn’t help, then something is clearly wrong and we may need to look at faulting your connection! Before we do though, take a look at:

      This has handy links to articles showing you how to troubleshoot your NBN connection and what to do if troubleshooting fails.

      – Leo

  44. Antony Carter says:

    Will my existing connection at Bongaree Bribie Island be automatically updated to the NBN50 speed? ?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Antony,

      As long as your connection is a Fixed Line NBN connection (NBN FTTN/B, NBN FTTP or NBN HFC) your plan, provided that it is on the NBN25 tier, will be upgraded.

      – Leo

  45. council says:

    Been on iinet NBN since 2013, from VIC to SA, except for a few months when it was not available in our area.

    Quite satisfied with the speeds, since I started out on 12/1 (VIC 3350) to 25/5 (VIC 3350 & SA 5043) and now at 50/20 (SA 5038).

    Just did a speed test at 4:30 PM today, 02 Feb – and the results are very good.

    DL – 45.08 Mbps
    UL – 16.43 Mbps

  46. council says:

    The best speed connection I’ve had was last 15 December on a 50/20 connection.

    Ping 9 ms
    DL 50.09 Mbps
    UL 17.77 Mbps

  47. Craig holton says:

    I have been with yo since before the nbn, a total of 11y 5mths. I am currently paying 69.90 a month for the nbn wireless 2 (12/1) plan for 250g downloads a month. I have never got a better download speed than about 1.5m at any time of the day and I was never informed of these new deals.
    If I switch can I keep the same email address and will the download speed actually come close to what i am supposedly payimg for?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Craig,

      The plan upgrade to NBN50 only applies to Fixed Line NBN services, like FTTP, FTTN/B and NBN HFC.

      However, we are very concerned to hear about the speed issues on your NBN Fixed Wireless, as you should be achieving faster speeds on a consistent basis. We can troubleshoot this with you and then either lodge an internal fault or pass this to NBN for them to investigate and attend.

      We’d recommend taking some basic steps to rule out this like Wi-Fi interference:

      * Plug the modem directly into a computer via the ethernet cable
      * Disable Wi-Fi on the modem then reboot the computer
      * Test the connection and browse to the modem configuration page to see what speeds are listed as there

      You can even bypass the modem is you need to, and connect directly to the NBN box.

      – Leo

  48. Craig holton says:

    have tried all these before and nothing worked. So, once again, the fixed wireless
    service misses out.

  49. David says:

    Leo Yarnold
    February 2, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Hi David,

    Sorry to hear this!

    You’re always welcome to change plans in Toolbox ( There is no need to recontract, take a new Fetch service or change other services. This is just a straight plan upgrade. If you’re having difficulty with Toolbox, our teams on 132258 can help push through a plan change for you.

    – Leo

    Hi Leo,
    I think you don’t quite understood what I was saying. Perhaps I should have worded it differently?

    I realise I can change my NBN plan whenever I want. That is not the problem. My issue is that I would like to take advantage of the free Fetch TV and the included Local, National and calls to Australian Mobile phones offered in the NBN Turbo 50 plan however I have been informed by one of your customer service officers that I must ditch my current Fetch TV and pay $59.95? for a new Fetch service to get free Fetch TV AND my Enhanced Fibre Phone service is NOT ELIGIBLE for the included calls offered in the TURBO 50 plan.


    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Thanks for the additional information, David. We do have a set of criteria required to be eligible for the Fetch TV offer as mentioned by our team – We’d encourage considering the options presented to determine what would best suit your needs.

      – Brianna

  50. Andy B says:

    Just noticed I’ve been upgraded from 25M to 50M. Thanks iiNet. Here’s the moment it happened:

  51. Peter Wilczek says:

    Turnbull’s idea of the NBN is an insult to Australians! I am an iinet customer for over 10 years. I switched to NBN FTTN about 6 weeks ago after i had my internal house wiring changed to Cat6, The maximum i can receive is 13.96Mbps thanks to 400 metre’s of the old corroded copper wire being used from the NBN node to our property. My maximum speed as informed by 2 technicians is 13.96Mbps.The NBN is a farce unless you have fibre to the premises (FTTP) like Turnbull & other chosen ones. Therefore why pay extra if it is not possible to receive even 14Mbps? This is another example of the traitors in Canberra destroying our nation.

  52. Lynn Trudgian says:

    We changed to NBN 5 days ago and have had continual dropping out of the Internet. Each time we chose another page/action, it tells us that our cable is disconnected, then it identifies our Internet, then reconnects. This is extremely frustrating to say the least. It also doesn’t seem to be any faster than our ADSL1 that we came off. We have phoned our problem in and am awaiting a return call that was going to be 30 minutes and has now been 1 1/2 days. Any advice on how to stop it dropping out hundreds of times a day would be helpful.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Apologies for the delay in return call. We’ve managed to locate your account and have asked a Representative to touch base to continue working toward a resolution with you. In the interim, don’t hesitate to get a head start on the troubleshooting via our iiHelp article:

      Speak soon,

      – Brianna

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi Lynn,

      It looks like the team were not able to reach you after trying to call several times yesterday. If there’s a more suitable date and time the team can try again, please do feel free to let us know here.

      – Tal

  53. David says:

    Brianna Burgess
    February 5, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    Thanks for the additional information, David. We do have a set of criteria required to be eligible for the Fetch TV offer as mentioned by our team – We’d encourage considering the options presented to determine what would best suit your needs.

    – Brianna

    Hi Brianna

    What about our Enhanced Fibre Phone? Is it eligible for the included local, national and mobile calls on the NBN Turbo 50 Limitless Plan? I was informed it is not, however, I have just read on iinet’s website that the Net Phone and the Fibre Phone are both NBN phones so that should mean they are both eligible for the included calls on the Turbo 50 Plan?


    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Good question, David. The Enhanced Fibre Phone is now a ‘grandfathered’ product which means we no longer sell this service. Consequently all of our new bundles (including the one you’re looking to switch to) include Netphone services instead. To be eligible you would need to move to a Netphone (VoIP) product.

      – Brianna

  54. Roger says:

    Hi I’m on an NBN12 plan and if I could get a speed of 11Mbytes, I would be in heaven!!. 6 is about the max. My case with iinet has been open since September and since that time I have carried out all sorts of troubleshooting test from ping to Oookla speed tests. I know the problem is in the original copper cabling that is located in my area (Bigpond customers have similar problems). An NBN guy was out this way the other week and informed me that iinet has not esculated their concerns to NBN. When is that goiung to happen!.It needs to be reported to NBN Co to get some action happening!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Roger,

      We’re sorry to hear you’ve had trouble reaching a resolution here. We have a set of troubleshooting steps that are required to be completed to escalate the matter with NBN. It sounds like you’ve started this process with our team – We’d encourage taking a look to check of the remaining steps:

      When complete resume contact with our team and we can look to log a fault with NBN. If you hit any obstacles or aren’t satisfied with how the fault is being handled, you can always request to speak with a Senior or Customer Service Manager.

      – Brianna

  55. Denis F says:

    “we’ve replaced our Boost NBN25 plans with Turbo NBN50 at no extra cost!”

    As per the competitor details that I provided your sales department a couple of weeks ago, this is merely a reflection that your NBN 25 plans were grossly overpriced.

    Rather than scrapping the NBN 25 plan (which your competitors sell), why don’t you just sell it at a “reasonable” price ?

    A customer wanting better than NBN12 speed has to pay an additional $20 a month – to get NBN50 speed – thus leaving you with a glaring product gap with no NBN25 plan – that would neatly sit at an extra $10 a month ($69.99) – and it would still be a reasonable value plan with a 500GB cap (as per your NBN12 plan).

    This strategy of yours is to say the least bizarre.If you offered it – as I have advised you – I would sign up for it immediately.

  56. Helen says:

    Were looking to upgrade our adsl to the turbo plan, just wondering if the phone line needs to be swapped to our name first? We have the permission of the line owner, my father inlaw, so switch it.
    Also what is the fetch tv entertainment pack that comes free on the 24 month plan? Judt the standard Fetch TV box or are some of the premium channels included? Thanks!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Helen,

      You’re able to make the switch to the ADSL Turbo plan without making any alterations to the Home Phone service. The plan change can be completed independently via Toolbox ( or with the assistance of our Sales (13 19 17) team. In regards to Fetch TV the standard Fetch TV subscription is included. However you can purchase packs for premium channels, more information is available here:

      Hope this helps!

      – Brianna

  57. Clive says:

    Until the last 2 years I was getting 11 to 12Mbps on my standard iinet ADSL however I note that I now have to ‘upgrade’ to a ‘basic’ NBN plan to get the same speeds. Something is radically wrong with this more expensive NBN?

  58. Muhammed Erdem says:

    I’m on the nbn 100mbs best speed test I got was 31mbs.

    Pls explain my case has been open for well over a year?? They down graded me to turbo 50 today…

    I can go on.

    Can someone helpful please give me a call as I’m really over the circle work that is going on from support to fibre team to following prompts..

    Good 1.5 hrs on the phone with absolutely no help.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Apologies for the delay getting this sorted, Muhammad. We’d recommend resuming contact with our team and requesting to speak with a Senior or Customer Service Manager as they will be able to case manage this for you. (Which will hopefully rule out any future circle work on your behalf)

      We’re confident they’ll be able to assist!

      – Brianna

  59. Shauna says:

    We have nbn max 100 and are lucky to get download speed of 10 during peak hours. I’ve called and called but nothings been done so might as well downgrade.
    Very disappointed

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Best to resume contact with our Support (13 22 58) team prior to downgrading your plan, Shauna. If you experience any difficulty reaching a resolution or again feel as if nothing is being done, we’d recommend asking to speak with a Senior or Customer Service Manager as they’ll be more experienced and be able to case manage this moving forward.

      Keep us posted,

      – Brianna

  60. Tony Fitzpatrick says:

    Great to see NBN50 options and reporting on actual speeds. But why don’t you offer a Pay as you Go option for your NBN 50 plans like your parent company TPG does and like you do for your other speeds? I don’t use my land line so why should I be forced to bundle calls into my plan?
    As a loyal customer of 18+ years I rang the call centre to ask if you would match the TPG offer and I got no respect.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Tony,

      Whilst we aren’t able to match the plans of alternate providers, we are frequently reviewing our range of NBN plans and will take your feedback on board. We hope there is a plan that suits your needs in the interim! Happy to answer any questions you may have.

      – Brianna

  61. Jamie Barton says:

    I have been a customer for 14 years 5 months and been very happy with the service and support up until about 2 years ago. Well since Netflix Australia launched. Before then I was always connecting at at least 12-13 mbps now its anywhere between 4-6 mbps on average. Whereas in the past, multiple people could stream and play MMO’s, now its next to impossible. I have fetch TV also but i Have not used it in over 1 1/2 years as its unwatchable. Although the box doesn’t even turn on anymore. No point in worrying about it as it wont stream anything anyway. I have had numerous jobs logged as well as techs come out. They have all stated the same thing that there is nothing wrong with the line in my house and the modem is fine.(I have tried 4) I logged a new case on the 22/1/18 and just saw this “[ETS 5644663] ULL-SPEE Fault Rejected” in toolbox. Great support there, no wonder I have not heard anything from you….

    Oh it does get better sometimes and in peak period’s as well. I have even resorted to taking photos of the connection speed as proof. If I didn’t know better I would swear I am being shaped. I have been in the IT industry for over 27 years so although I understand things can just happen, it doesn’t for normally for this long…..

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      We’re concerned to hear about the drop in performance of your connection, so we’ve been able to locate your account via the ETS and have requested that you be contacted to follow this up.

      – Leo

  62. Stephen says:

    I’m disappointed with iiNet’s NBN pricing structure.

    I don’t need a large data allowance. I’m not a gamer or an internet TV junkie or bit-torrenter or someone who otherwise ‘tries to download the whole internet’; my monthly data usage rarely goes over 50 GB.

    I just want speed. My NBNCO technician told me that my new NBN FTTN connection could support 125Mbps, and I’m sad that I would have to pay such a premium to even get a 100 Mbps connection when the cost of providing me with data is so small.

    It’s been a long time since ADSL connections were charged based on their speed tier. These days, customers expect an ADSL connection not to have any artificial speed restrictions on it; the connection speed is limited only by the physical limitations of their telephone line.

    I’m hoping that iiNet will be able to offer plans for people in my demographic – where it is the ‘speed’ which is unlimited, and plans are priced on data consumption.

  63. John Frayne says:

    I would love to sign up with iinet for the NBN. So far nobody can tell me when my street will be upgraded to allow my house to be connected. So I don’t sign up.

  64. Lynn Trudgian says:

    Thank you Brianna. Well we have discovered that we can get a better link using WiFi and not Ethernet…any ideas why this would be the case?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Lynn.

      This is unusual to say the least. Have you tried a different cable? Is it seating properly when its plugged in?

      – Leo

  65. Cindy says:

    We have been on the NBN now for 3 years and on the Turbo 25 wireless plan. Have found that the 12 or 25 plan has no effect on our speed as we still sit and wait for a page to upload despite having fast computers. We also have so many wireless dropouts that it is frustrating despite the tower being diagonally opposite our property. Very disappointing!

  66. Nilo says:

    I’m on NBN FTTP 25/5 (4 years). I am still waiting on this to happen.

    “Just noticed I’ve been upgraded from 25M to 50M. Thanks iiNet. Here’s the moment it happened:

    Am i getting upgraded at “no extra cost”, too? Nothing on my e-mail and nothing on my Toolbox which also btw, does not give me the option to upgrade. Keeps saying ring iiNet to discuss.

  67. David says:

    Hi Brianna
    So you don’t offer the “Grand Fathered” Fibre Phone anymore????
    Looks to me like iinet still have the service available. Therefore the Fibre Phone should enjoy the same call charges an/or benefits at the VOIP Phone.

    The following extract from the iinet website clearly states there are two types of NBN Phone currently on offer.

    What is NBN™ Phone?

    NBN™ Phone comes in two flavours; Netphone & Fibre Phone.

    Netphone uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology and works just like a normal phone. To get your Netphone up and running, you’ll need in your home:

    A phone handset
    Netphone works just like a normal phone. To start using it, all you need is a standard phone plugged into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem.
    Which means you also need…

    A VoIP enabled broadband modem
    Time for a shameless plug: we recommend using our available modems because they’re easy to set up and play well with NBN™. Unless you use…

    a VoIP adapter (ATA)
    If you’re not ready for a VoIP-enabled modem, an ATA device will let you plug in your phone handset for Netphone calls.

    You may require an iiNet-provided modem to support the type of iiNet NBN™ phone and broadband available in your area. This requirement is confirmed in your signup cart
    Fibre Phone

    Fibre Phone acts like a normal phone and may be provided as a substitute for Netphone with some of our NBN™ Fibre (FTTP) services.

    To use Fibre Phone, you plug in a standard phone handset (approved for use in Australia) via phone cable to a voice port on your NBN™ Connection Box.

    Learn more about setting up Fibre Phone.


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

      We retired Fibre Phone in August 2017, so the Netphone is the only voice service available on NBN services.

      – Leo

  68. Robyn says:

    I am confused .. Your ad at the top of this page states you have replaced BOOST NBN25 plans with TURBO NBN50 at no extra cost. I went into Toolbox and TURBO is $79.99. I am currently on BOOST which I am only paying $64.90. I have like others on this page had problems with speeds being only approx. 11mbps and not 25mbps most of the time and sent emails to try to resolve this but never received any answers and this dragged on for many months. I was about to change providers when suddenly my speeds increased and I am now getting 22 – 23mbps. Please advise on your conflicting advertising.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Robyn!

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out. This is interesting to hear as it sounds like you’re on a grandfathered plan, so we’d recommend logging in to Toolbox and checking the plan there. Please also remember that these changes only apply to Fixed Line NBN services, like NBN FTTN/B, NBN FTTP and NBN HFC, with plans like NBN Fixed Wireless not changing.

      – Leo

  69. Robyn says:

    Hi Leo
    Thanks for replying.
    Yes I may be on a grandfathered plan as I have had my NBN plan with you for several years now. My area has had the NBN for quite a while it was one of the earliest to get it. Prior to NBN I had Adam WiMax wireless as I couldn’t get ADSL. I do have a Fixed Line and it is FTTP. I have been into Toolbox and checked plans and the only difference I can see to what I have now is that you are offering unlimited usage in the NBN50 plan where I have a 50GB limit. As I only use about 5GB per month I don’t need unlimited so am not really prepared to pay an extra $15 per month for a bit faster speed at this stage. Please advise me if I have this wrong!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      It’s difficult to say without reviewing the account, Robyn. We’d encourage giving out Support (13 22 58) team a buzz so we can double check for you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

      – Brianna

  70. Helen says:

    Sorry Briana I meant changing to NBN turbo. Will we need control of the phone line to do That?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Thanks for the additional information. The only difficulty you may have is cancelling the service – When the NBN service is connected and we’re ready to process the cancellation, we may need to speak with the legal lessee to gain permission to cancel the Home Phone.

      – Brianna

  71. John Frayne says:

    Hi Leo, I have the NBN available in our street but the NBN tell me an upgrade is needed to connect my house. I have previously signed up with you only to have NBN techs arrive and advise that they cannot connect my house. I am not going to waste my time staying home anymore until somebody can tell me when the upgrade can be done.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi John,

      Based on the information provided it sounds like there is a Network Shortfall required to be rectified by NBN before we can submit an application. As this has been brought to their attention, we should receive updates on the status and will relay this information as available.

      – Brianna

  72. David says:

    Leo Yarnold
    February 9, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Hi David,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    We retired Fibre Phone in August 2017, so the Netphone is the only voice service available on NBN services.

    – Leo

    Hi Leo
    I suggest you should read what is advertised as being available on your website.

    Anyway, at the end of the day I have a Fibre Phone service(NBN Phone)and if I upgrade to a new NBN plan the included phone calls deal that is being offered with that plan should apply to my existing NBN phone.


  73. Eric Budworth says:

    Are there any plans to prevent the constant disconnection that I’m having on a regular basis. for example tonight I lost internet connection for more than 8 minutes at 4.19pm and then again at 6.50pm for more than 5 minutes. No point in getting faster downloads if the bloody internet drops out.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Eric,

      We’d recommend getting in contact with our Support (13 22 58) team so we can investigate what is causing the drop outs you’re experiencing. From what you’ve said it sounds more likely to be a single user fault – We’ll be able to narrow this down via running through some troubleshooting.

      – Brianna

  74. John says:

    I have 25/5 64.99 inc phone what do I need to do??

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      Simply login to Toolbox with your details and you’ll be able to upgrade there.

      – Leo

  75. John says:

    I am in same situation as Robyn so I would have to pay more,your speel is factually wrong….as I won’t get 50 upgrade for same price I have now 64.90, I have FTTP by the way

  76. Paul says:


    I am already upgraded to turbo 50mbits plan and speed is still only 19mbits. Very disappointed considering ADSL2+ was exactly the same speed. I was told it was maximum speed from steeet node which is only 50m away……..

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Paul,

      If you didn’t notice any improvement when the upgrade was processed, we’d recommend getting in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team so we can investigate. Considering your distance from the local exchange we would think your service would be be performing a little better than the speeds currently attainable.

      Let us know how you get on,

      – Brianna

  77. A Davey says:

    How do I get compensation for the last two years of paying for *up to 100mbps but rarely, if ever getting above 30 mbps on my FTTP connection ?

  78. Michael says:

    Hi ,

    You guys used to upgrade automatically when a new plan or data amount became available at the same price point. I have just logged into my toolbox and see mine is still lagging behind on and old plan. So do we have to keep and eye on you guys and regularly log into our toolboxes to make sure we are getting the best deal.
    I would have to say in the last 3-5 years unfortunately the super company you were once renoun for being has slipped and now other are on par or past you iinet. Little disappointing for a long time customer.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Michael,

      We are still automatically upgrading people over the span of a couple weeks – A confirmation email will be sent when your upgrade has been processed. However if you would prefer not to wait you can process the upgrade yourself in Toolbox:

      – Brianna

  79. Eric Budworth says:

    Hi Brianna I’ve already contacted your support team still awaiting some results. BTW I noticed today after returning home that I had no internet connectionat 12:25pm andit wasn’t restored until 1:45pm. During this disconnection I contacted my nextdoor neighbour who has a Telstra connection and theirs was still connected !! Perhaps I should change ! just a thought.

  80. Chris Adams says:

    So, where are these new plans? I have clicked on all the different links in these comments, even (horror horror) went directly to the site. Still showing the old plans guys. When will marketing and website admins start talking to each other?

    Chris. Perth.

  81. John says:

    I’ve been with iinet for nearly 13 years and since you started NBN and have not been notified or even offered to upgrade to one of your newer packages. Why??
    My contact details haven’t changed.
    I’m on the OLD NBN Fibre2 (50/20) 250Mb Quota, but I have noticed now that you offer better plan (Turbo NBN50) for $10 less with phone calls and a limitless quota. It would of been good to know of this before I stumbled across an ad for the new plans.
    Anyway, I have FTTP and get 49Mb Dn/19Mb Up which I’m very happy with, Will changing to a Turbo NBN50 plan effect the Dn/Up speeds I currently get?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi John,

      We’ll usually send emails with any updates to our NBN range. You can make the switch to the new plan via your Toolbox:
      We wouldn’t expect there to be any impact to your speeds – Simply admin/any changes to the terms and conditions mentioned in Toolbox when you complete the plan change.

      – Brianna

  82. Kim says:

    Aren’t all providers giving households the same thing? I have FTTN and am on a NBN50 plan with someone else. It’s terrible at night time. I want to switch but how do I know another person doesn’t just give the same thing? I don’t know how it can be faster with someone else? Can someone please explain that in laymens terms for me please?

  83. Wayne says:

    We’ve been with iinet for nearly 15 years and cannot recall ever being offered any “same price” upgrade offers?

    Our plan is “NBN Fibre 1.5 (Boost)” which doesn’t appear anywhere on the toolbox.
    I think we pay $69.99.

    Does that mean we have to pay extra for faster speeds?

    It would be interesting to see how many other people have been with you for 14+ years??

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Wayne,

      You’re able to change plans at any time in Toolbox, so login and have a look at the plan change options compared to your current plan.

      – Leo

  84. Marcello says:

    Would love to,but the nbn is not even in my area 🙁

  85. Glenys says:

    So if I signed up to the 12Mbps deal, and usually get 3Mbps, you can do something about that? Unfortunately I can’t go back to ADSL which was much faster and more stable.

  86. Lyn Broadhurst says:

    Do you know what is bad about the NBN. ?
    It is out of the client’s control what system went to their home.
    I see all these advantages and offers, and although I’ve been a client of Westnet/iiNet for the last 14 years, I can’t take advantage of any of it., because NBN fixed wireless is never included.

  87. Peter says:

    Any word on when we can expect decent quotas on satellite, I am talking peak times when people actually want to use the net, off peak is a waste of time.

  88. Roldan Discaya says:

    I’m suppose to have a very fast plan with 100/40 speed upload and download. You can check my calls and emails for two years and nothing happens. Will I be included or do I have to apply to upgrade my connection on this so called faster nbn connection.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Roldan,

      Your speeds should be reaching the typical figures mentioned here:

      If this isn’t the case, then you are able to discuss this with Support – there must be a reason for this! Alternatively, you are able to downgrade to a lower plan at any time and we’ll waive the downgrade fee.

      – Leo

  89. Rodney says:

    NBN is not available in our estate. NBNCO cannot locate us. The copper network is to be turned off this month. What are your intentions?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Rodney,

      Usually an estate will make arrangements with a service provider regarding what broadband will be provided to the residents. We’d recommend reaching out to the estate to see what options are available!

      – Brianna

  90. Leslie T Whittet says:

    Like Steven I am waiting to see some better plans for fixed wireless NBN – we are always the poor relations and it really gives one the sh… to see frequent better offers for other NBN users.
    I don’t want to shop around I want you guys to give us a fair go!

  91. Daniel H says:

    Lol “Turbo Plans” ay.. Clicked on this email link hoping to finally see 1Gbps FTTP speeds… Nope just the standard normal NBN speeds nearly every ISP offers that’s been out for many years 🙁

  92. daniel says:

    I have heard all of the promises on speed and all the horror stories on how many subscribers you cram into the pipe.

    Forget the promises on peak speeds. What guarantees to you offer on speed minima?

  93. John Dixon says:

    I have the 100 plan with fiber to my house, for a long time was brilliant didn’t need turbo. but the last 6 months or so Its hardly been practical to bother with.

    At times at night Ive had stupid results make me wish to be back with Optus Cable. at time down to 18 for a little while
    please fix what we have before new plans

  94. Marts says:

    A little underwhelmed with the speed of nbn fttn. After trying for speed, received email from iinet saying..

    NBNCo estimates that your current NBN™ line speed is: 10.18 Mbps
    NBNCo is investigating ways to improve the line speeds in your local area.

    So downgraded to slowest plan (was compensated)
    Would pay for faster if it ever became available. Is it possible to find put if the line speeds will ever be upgraded in my locale?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Marts,

      Thanks for getting in touch! We’re disappointed to hear this, as it sounds like there is a physical limitation on your connection that NBN has identified. We aren’t in a position to speak for NBN here, as network upgrades are up to them.

      This notes that your connection may be subject to the co-existence period until legacy services in your area are removed, so this may stop further changes until this time period passes.

      – Leo

  95. Ryan says:

    Hi iinet, so will this stop my internet from constantly dropping in and out, does that u can actually constantly.

  96. Rob smith says:

    My modem has been stuffed for 7 months now . Each time I call I get the turn it off /on routine .. then when I tell them that the modem takes 24 hours to reboot they use other excuses. Like a reset from wherever they are. Then say good night and I’m with out a connection for 24 hours. The 2nd last call got the tech to get NBN to check the cables. They were OK. The last call told me to unplug the modem and plug it into somebody else’s computer to see if it would work then…HUH ??? I don’t think so. That time they gave me a reference number 313667226.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Your modem shouldn’t be taking this long to reboot and asking to test it at another location to rule out local issues is a time tested method for modem diagnosis. If this fails, or if you aren’t able to do so, then we can ask for this to be replaced if it is still under warranty. Have a chat to Support as you have done previously and you’re welcome to use the Complaints Escalation Process should you need further assistance:

      – Leo

  97. Phil says:

    Ha ha – turbo! – I am getting about 50% of the advertised speeds on FTTN. That’s for both upload and download. I was on the 25Mb plan and now on the 50Mb plan (which you upgraded for nothing – thanks) and getting 25Mb speeds at best. FTTN sucks and the NBN should be ashamed of telling you that you can advertise those speeds on the copper network.

  98. Brian says:

    Looking at many of the cooments here and going by my experience it would appear that most of the issues are caused by the old copper phone lines out in the street.

    I am about 800m from the node and am reliably getting 43-47Mbits download and 10-11 upload.

    A friend who lives about 150 to 200m away in the same street is flat out getting 10-15 download and 3-5 upload.

    When I check my modem stats I see that maximum line rate is 52.96Mbps download and 11.82Mbps upload (this what my copper is capable of. Actual rate is 49.3Mbps download and 11.82Mbps upload.

    My friend is with optus and I am withh iinet, I checked his line with my modem, the line at his place is poor.

  99. Danny says:

    Given the new speeds why is it that NBN100 only has 70? why not 85-90, or better still a nbn75 at 68-72 with a better price? Nbn100 in this country is a joke and a rip off.

  100. Chris W says:

    What about changes to plans running fibre connected communities done by Opticomm. I’m still paying $120 for 1TB and a phone line that we don’t even use.

    Changes to these plans are well overdue and should be in unlimited data with the option of VOIP.

  101. Phil says:

    So thos is excellent news for people on the 25MB plan. Faster speeds at no extra cost. But what about the poor people on 50MB plans paying the original 50MB plan cost? Do they get a price reduction or better speeds? Or how about the 100MB plans? Any benefit to these people of which I am one. Maybe we need a price drop too?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Phil,

      You’re always able to change your plan in Toolbox, as we do want you to be able to take advantage of the current plan ranges and speed tiers.

      – Leo

  102. Ken Gilmore says:

    NBN still in the never never.
    For the last 8 days my landline has been systematically switched off between the hours of 3pm to 9pm. My phone is dead and my download speed reduced from 8.8Mbps to 2.8Mbps. I have contacted iiNet on four occasions and still it is faulty. Twice you phoned me to tell me the line checks ok in the morning. Of course it does.
    Something fishy is going on here and no one will front up.
    Fix it please. I’m a 11 year customer and I am not happy !

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re unhappy that this has happened!

      We can see that staff have lodged a fault for you to have this fixed and that action is now underway. Fingers crossed this is fixed quickly for you!

      – Leo

  103. Phil Dear says:

    I’ve been with iiNet for quite a while. Does anyone remember Ozemail? My question is “Why does iiNet keep sending me promotional material for NBN plans?”. We can’t even get nbnco to provide an ADSL connection. We first applied in July last year, about the time that the node was installed just down the road. We’re now on our 3rd application and were advised that a decision (with costing) would be made in 10 days. That was in December 2017. The nbn development plan tracker doesn’t find our latest application and the nbn helpdesk can’t help because they’re limited to looking at the same nbn site information as us. What an absolute mess. Forget FTTP, we seem unlikely to even get half a ‘twisted pair’ to run our business.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      We’re sorry to hear that successive attempts at obtaining an NBN connection have failed. We’ve located your details via information listed and we’ve lodged an internal ticket with NBN to have your address added to their records so it can be properly assessed for availability.

      – Leo

  104. james Burke says:

    I am on the 25mbps unlimited at the moment. I tried downloading one of your test files and got 3.0Mbps download speed. When I switched over to NBN I spent hours with your support staff but to no avail. I eventually got fed up with being pushed form pillar to post. Some of your friends from the sub continent would promise a call back and not return the call. Not nice. I was always polite and patient and I expect that others would treat me the same. Very Disappointing. If I switch to the 50mbps can I expect to get a download speed of 6mbps. If we got that we might be able to have two people use the internet at the same time. Wow!!
    OK, Sorry about the sarcasm.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for reaching out. We understand the sarcasm given the issues your facing and do apologise.

      This does ultimately come down to troubleshooting as you are connecting at a much lower speed that what we want for you. We’d suggest:

      * Isolating the modem down to a single computer, connected to the modem via ethernet.
      * Make sure Wi-Fi is completely disabled and the reboot the computer.
      * Login to the modem and check the speeds listed there – are they the same as before? If so then we need to lodge a fault with NBN.

      – Leo

  105. Simon says:

    What about a turbo satellite plan .. the limits on satellite are absolutely terrible !!

  106. David Fluellen says:

    I’ve got the base NBN plan because I don’t use the internet that much, I was just hoping for something faster than glacial speed. Unfortunately there has been no real discernible difference to my old plan, even getting onto the iinet web site was painfully slow.
    I’ve used the ookla speed test and it “appears” fast on downloads, showing 11mps. Reality is different.
    So far NBN has been a massive disappointment and a ruinous impost on taxpayers. What guarantees are there for the “better” NBN plans?
    Is it worth it with 5G coming soon?


    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      It sounds like you’re on the 12/1 tier but if you’re having speed issues, we do suggest ensuring that troubleshooting is done to diagnose any performance issues. We’ve located your account via your details and can suggest the following article:

      Give this a look – it might be something as simple as a Wi-Fi issue!

      – Leo

  107. Taj James says:

    I don’t think it will make any improvement over my ADSL turbo speed given that NBN is fixed wireless here, and many report how patchy it is.

    Currently get 10.4 Mbps download and 0.8 Mbps upload, and I’m scared about the forced move to fixed wireless. I honestly don’t trust any of the PRBS either.

  108. Lou says:

    Hi – I just read this announcement because it was mentioned in an email newsletter sent to me today… Of course I’m thrilled if it means I can now get 50 instead of 25 for the same price (thank you, government regulators!). But it says the change happened early Jan. Wondering why you didn’t just automatically upgrade all boost 25 customers to the turbo 50 plan, a month ago? Why make it that every user has to go activate the upgrade themself and only if they read about it?

  109. Susanto says:

    Really ?
    I was on NBN50 and complained then they put me on NBN100
    Still …Top speed Less than 20mbps :-(:-(

  110. Paul says:

    Will NBN satellite service have any turbo at some stage?
    6km from exchange and no NBN surface coming to my region so had to get satellite.

  111. Phil Dear says:

    Thanks Leo

    It will be interesting to see if you can successfully navigate the nbnco ‘system’. nbnco acknowledged last year that we met the requirements for connection. All the street infrastructure has been in place for years and I personally managed the installation of access conduits and cabling within my house. A big part of the problem is that nbnco’s processes are not transparent, even to applicants. It’s just one big black hole and it’s no wonder that people give up.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Happy to help, Phil!

      We’ve lodged a request within NBN’s systems for you, asking that your address be added to their systems so then we can get the ball rolling on this. Fingers crossed we can make some progress!

      – Leo

  112. Im on NBN Satellite 200 Boost plan. Will you be increasing DATA limits as they are DISMAL to say the least!!

  113. Rob smith says:

    Leo Yarnold
    February 16, 2018 at 12:43 pm
    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for getting in touch!
    Your modem shouldn’t be taking this long to reboot and asking to test it at another location to rule out local issues is a time tested method for modem diagnosis. If this fails, or if you aren’t able to do so, then we can ask for this to be replaced if it is still under warranty. Have a chat to Support as you have done previously and you’re welcome to use the Complaints Escalation Process should you need further assistance:
    – Leo The lines were tested by a nbn contractor and proved correct. I’ve been put off and put off until the warranty has expired .. I still want a replacement.

  114. Don says:

    I also received an email from IInet stating I could be upgraded from NBN 25 to Turbo NBN50 at no extra cost. I checked the tool box options and I was on the $69.99 plan and there was no option to change to the Turbo NBN50 at that price. I rang them up and their response was you have to select the $79.99 plan and pay more. I’m confused and feeling a little mislead here.

  115. Paul says:

    iiNet are a company based on complete and utter false narratives and misleading ambiguous statements. I refer to it as lies. The iiNet ceo must be aware of the marketing ploys. I have not once got the stated speeds. I have a log to prove that under the original marketing the product I purchased has never once been as stated well over 24 months. My voip hasn’t worked for over a year etc and I’m just sick of listening to diversionary bullshit on the phone, therefore I don’t call customer service anymore. My modem drops wifi signal when it gets hot under streaming load and I need a new one but I can’t be bothered talking to these goofs. I recently took a marketing survey and made sure that iiNet was represented in the appropriate manner as a 1 star.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Paul,

      We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your connection performance. We’d recommend getting in contact with our Support (13 22 58) to supply the logs mentioned so we’re able to investigate. The Customer Service Representative will be able to assist with getting the Netphone (VoIP) service up and running.

      We also have an online guide available if you would like to get a head start:

      – Brianna

  116. Dean says:

    I would like to say something positive in this forum. I have been with iiNet, NBN TURBO 50 for at least 8 months now, and I am very happy with the speeds, and if I encounter any problems customer support is friendly and will diagnose any issues promptly.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Fantastic to hear, Dean. We appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience!

      – Brianna

  117. Phil Ryan says:

    So, you’ve gone Turbo. But how do I, as a loyal customer of Iinet, take advantage of this?

    Do I have to DO ANYTHING? Or do we just get moved over to 50 as a matter of course?

    This page does not explain it. And my current speed has not changed from 17.8Mbps down/ 1.7 Mbps up.

  118. Bob Jenneson says:

    I see you have given your NBN25 customers a boost up to NBN50 at no cost. As a customer of 12 plus years loyalty, (previously with Adam Internet, a great company) and I have now also migrated two mobile phones across to you, how about rewarding your loyal customers that are on the NBN 12 plans up to NBN 25 at a similar cost, ie $0.00 as a reward. I see you do not include the NBN25 any more so I would be happy to receive the NBN 50 if I had too
    Thanks Bob J.

  119. tyson laws says:

    i upgraded to nbn50 a few weeks ago and I’m only getting my nbn25 speeds. this is ridiculous! wheres my upgraded speeds??

    • Josh McKenzie says:

      Hi Tyson,

      Cheers for letting us know of the troubles! Have been able to locate the account and confirm that speed change should have gone through at this time. Might be beneficial to give the modem a restart to force a fresh connection. If you have any further troubles, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on our social media pages or reach out to the team on 13 22 58.

      – Josh