iiNet staff go greener for a good cause

by Nikkita Dixon

During the month of July, iiNet shelved its traditional red and orange and chose to grow greener as we celebrated our cause of the month – Carbon Conscious.

Our staff were busy collecting donations for carbon off-setting during July. We’ve since rounded up our collection buckets and will be putting around $2,300 in pocket change towards offsetting our business’ carbon footprint through Carbon Conscious. On top of this, iiNet has donated $1 to Carbon Conscious for every customer who signed up to a residential broadband plan during July 2011.

Of course ‘growing greener’ isn’t just about our efforts around the office; our staff ventured outside to volunteer their time to green initiatives. Last Sunday, staff teams in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne rolled up their sleeves and got their thumbs dirty planting trees for National Tree Day. While earlier in the month, a handful of staff (including our iiNet Environmental Committee Chair, Travis McIntyre) accompanied the Carbon Conscious crew for a tree planting in the wheat belt town of Coorow.

Since pledging our support to the green cause last year, we’ve planted more than 6,600 new trees around the country. We’ll be implementing many more environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives in the coming months. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our very first annual Corporate Responsibility report which is currently in the works.

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