iiNet TopGeek Crowned Following Knock Out Challenge

by Nikkita Dixon

iiNet’s Top Geek has been crowned. After three months of rallying for online support, completing challenges and being put under the scrutiny of our judges, one contestant emerged above all others.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce iiNet’s Top Geek – Cassandra James.

Tasmanian-born Cassandra entered the competition with a mission to break into the comic book industry. Having recently drawn for her favourite comic writer at DC – Gail Simone – and working with other Australian comic book companies, Cassandra was keen to show off her work on an international platform. Naturally the prize of an all expenses paid trip to Comic-Con in San Deigo was the draw card for her entry.

With two challenges down, the third and final challenge was to be the decider at the iiNet TopGeek Final last night. Big crowds converged at the BamBOO ampitheatre in Mount Lawley to watch what would soon be the final chapter in the iiNet TopGeek saga.

The final challenge kicked off with our finalists going head to head in a general ‘geek’ knowledge quiz. With questions spanning from Dr Who through to what the first ever Twitter post was, our geeks were put to the test.

In the end, The Quiz saw Jessica Watson and Andy Wells eliminated with the top four moving on to the Mastermind Round where they were quizzed on their own area of geeky expertise. At this point of the challenge it became evident how widespread the term ‘geek’ had become over time as areas of photography and film, comic books and computer operating systems all came into play. While all geeks put in their best efforts the finalists were whittled down to just Skaidris Gunsmith and Cassandra James.

The final two were to battle it out in the most technical challenge yet – a game of Pong. The two  balanced a single wireless keyboard between them and battled it out on the iconic arcade game. Shortly into the challenge Cassandra streaked ahead, defeating Skaidris and claiming the TopGeek crown.

After the crowning moment, iiNet’s Top Geek winner Cassandra James was immediately inundated by TopGeek finalists with their congratulations showing that a win for one geek is a win for all.

The iiNet TopGeek Final was broadcast live’ via online streaming across Australia. With more than 3000 viewers switched on and more than one Twitter post every minute referencing #TopGeek, the night’s events became the highest trending topic for the night. That said, no one could deny that for now at least, being a geek is cooler than anything else.

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