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Unveiling the new iiNet website

After many months of development, review, redevelopment, tweaking and testing, we’ve finally pushed the launch button on our new iiNet and Westnet websites.

Things are a little different this time around. In the past, our website redesigns were pretty much just that – redesigns. A lick of paint here, a bit of white-out there, some fresh ideas but keeping the same general ‘vibe’ of the site.

Our new site overhaul is a little more radical. We’ve taken some core areas of the site and given them a real working over: browsing and selecting our products is easier, signing up online is simpler and hitting the customer homepage is suddenly more useful.

Finding the right product

We’ve tried to make browsing and understanding our products a cleaner, more relevant process for new and existing customers. For example, when browsing for a broadband plan, you can now enter your street address and find out exactly what plans and products are available to you. Go on, give it a go (Westnet customers can click here).

Choose plans and products to view a running total of your expected monthly spend and your total upfront cost in the shopping cart to the right side of screen, plus contract information.

Signing up online

In the past, our online signup form has sometimes been a daunting prospect for customers: lots of pages and lots of questions was a bit of a challenge.

The new signup takes the hassle out of the process, remembering your browsing details, address, phone number – that sort of thing. What this means is a lot of the sign up process is completed before you even start.

We’ve also condensed things down so signup now happens on the one page. We provide a summary of your selected products and plans, a few brief questions, then it’s all go for launch. Just hit the ‘sign up’ button and you’re done.

A new home for customers

Over to the iiNet and Westnet customer homepages and you’ll see we’ve done away with the old structure in favour of good clean, useful content. Towards the top of the page we’re putting all your day-to-day stuff front and center: Toolbox (or MyAccount), Webmail, Google and social media.

A little further down and we get into the iiNet  and Westnet stuff – think support, products, blog articles, Freezone content – to round off the new homepage as a true launchpad for our customers. The main objective is to keep things light but accessible; not too much of one thing but enough of everything to get you started.

There’s a heap more on offer with the new site, so take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll be rolling out more changes in the coming months so expect a bit more noise on the blog as it comes about.



  1. Absolute rubbish! Nothing like the previos AAPT web site that gave a variety of click on hyperlinks and extremely user friendly. I will stick to which is my current homepage thank you.

  2. Mork says:

    Great job!

  3. Eric says:

    Mobile friendly site, auto authenicate to members based on ip records or even fb connect profile. Hate having to remember my credentials to every site.

  4. Eric says:

    Sorry my previous comment contains “would be nice to have” suggestions.

  5. Andrew Kruger says:

    I have just tried to login to iinet and have been declined. I was told existing aapt customers were transitioning to iinet on 30 June. Where do I go to log in as an aapt customer?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Andrew,

      If you are trying to log in, make sure you are using your full email address (including and password. If you have any questions, you can call us on 135 005 and our Support team can help with any problems there.


  6. Damian says:

    HATE the loss of the autofill/remember of my user name and password to check my web mail. MASSIVE PAIN! You left this off the other new site you put up last Dec too. Basic stuff fellas!!!!

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Damian,

      The autofill/remembering of form information is generally a web-browser specific trait. If the form names have changed (which they may have done during the redesign), it may take a bit of time until the web browser will remember the information for the new forms.


  7. Dr J N Mathur says:

    I do not like your new website. I liked your website which used to give the weather for the day and the whole week. Also daily news. It was the Ozemail times.

  8. j. coughlin says:

    Webmail not accessible directly from home page and password remember function not working

  9. angel says:

    Why am i receiving notices from iinet. We cannot recall joining your company as we are signed up with AAPT. Can you pleaae enlighten us asap.

    Thank you

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Angel,

      iiNet previously bought AAPT and this will likely be part of a migration to the iiNet billing system. You should receive some information with one of your recent invoices explaining what is happening and why.


  10. Jane Jones says:

    Could you please reinstate the weather bureau link on the Customer home page which used to give you the local information once it was set up with your post code. I’ve been really missing it lately!

  11. Ray Worthington says:

    I used your website as my homepage for some 13 years but not now. Once you took the news headlines away from the site I changed to using the ABC as my homepage.
    I want news everyday, other things on your website to do with iinet I only want occasionally.
    Are there others like me? Or am I just some old weirdo?
    Try my name with Steve Dalby and see if he remembers it.

  12. John Parsons says:

    1.Your new customer homepage has lots of different spots to log into webmail or toolbox. Why not just one obvious way as previously?
    2. Lots of advertising for non-iinet sites such as Youtube, Wikipedia etc. People who want these would already have bookmarks etc to find their way there.
    3. Most annoying! the Google search box does not have an ‘Aus’ option, and is set to iinet by default. Most searching is done for Australia. To do a search now you have to add ‘Australia’ to your searches. This was fixed up earlier this week, now has returned to your original setup.
    4. Lots of advertising for movies (eg Spiderman, Alvin & Chipmunks). Surely this space could be used for something more serious and useful. We are NOT all 10 year-olds!

  13. Louise Moran says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks to everyone who has posted their comments on what they do and don’t like about the new iiNet website.

    All this feedback has been noted and is being collated and shared with our web developers and design teams.

    We’ll keep you posted of any updates we make.

    Kind regards,

    Louise Moran
    Blog Editor

  14. Mirek says:

    With all these dissatisfied comments above, why then go to all the trouble spending `countless` hours, and equally mega bucks, to go backwards? Is it hubris or stupidity? For me give me the weather and news headlines any time!

  15. Lynda Manwaring says:

    YOU NEED A PROOFREADER! In the article “The sky isn’t falling after all”, the graphic showing World Box Office RECEIPTS has been typed incorrectly – your version has Reciepts instead of the correct form Receipts. Obviously your typist never learned the old rule “i before e, EXCEPT after C”(as it is in this instance).

    PLEASE FIX – it is spoiling your “new” website!

    (My email address was previously through Intas).

  16. Louise Moran says:

    Hello Lynda,

    How embarrassing – that would be my mistake! I can assure you it was an oversight on my part, we have a fantastic team of writers here and we know that misspelling and grammatical errors are annoying.

    Thanks for mentioning it, that’s been fixed and the blog updated.

    Kind regards,

    Louise Moran
    Blog editor

  17. Katy says:

    Im a AAPT customer and didnt recieve any info on coming over to iinet, i dont know how to log onto iinet for billing information??

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Katy,

      You should be able to go to and log in by using your AAPT username (with on the end) and your AAPT password. This is our version of Help Yourself and has a variety of accounts/billing related tools.

      If you have any queries regarding your account or the changes, you can also call us on 13 22 58 to discuss them at any time.


  18. Jill Elliot says:

    Can’t follow what you’re on about. In the past I was able to use it. All I want is a list of accounts/receipts going back to July 2016. I’m not going to phone because I’m charged Just email me an outline and I’ll be happy.