iiNet’s Fetchtv Service a Clear Leader

by Robert Buckler

Fetchtv has come a long way since we launched the IPTV service to the Australian market last July. As the first of its kind down under, it comes as no surprise that other ISPs are now following suit.

This week Internode announced the commercial launch of their service just days after Optus declared its intentions to launch their own IPTV service in partnership with fetchtv. This rapid growth in popularity shows fetchtv has become a clear leader in the industry and a real alternative to the old ‘Pay TV’ model.

While our competitors are just catching up with the latest trends in technology, we’ve been working hard to make the fetchtv service uniquely our own to have an edge over any future IPTV offerings.

We’ve signed a content deal with both Manchester City and Chelsea football clubs so our customers can tune into four football channels as part of their subscription. These channels are only available with other ISP’s as a paid service.

We’ve also introduced the ‘iiNet portal’ which allows access to live ABC news, sport and weather. We have exclusive ‘video on demand’ content – the best of Freezone, Earth Touch documentaries, our very own Geek Speak shows, kids shows, music and plenty more.

Our service also comes with applications like Tumblr and Online Vault so customers can view their photos on their television set. We also throw in ten games – single and multiplayer – accessible at any time.

In addition to this, we’ve been working very closely with fetchtv on their product portfolio. Just yesterday, fetchtv announced a new user interface aimed at giving the product a sleek new look to enhance the viewer experience.

To coincide with the facelift, more channels became available to provide even more viewing options. Ovation – Australia’s first arts and entertainment channel and Setanta Sports (live on the service soon) – a leading international sports channel providing live and exclusive coverage of more than 1,000 top soccer and rugby matches every season.

The movie service will see some improvements over the next few weeks. We will be doubling the number of pay per view movies to include titles from Disney, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Roadshow Entertainment, Universal, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros., Icon, Hopscotch, Madman Entertainment and WWE Studios.

Korean and Filipino language packages have also been added to the product suite.

As we work with fetchtv to ensure our products stays a head above the rest, it’s safe to say the landscape of Australian ‘Pay TV’ is changing, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


  1. gh says:

    I signed up for FetchTV on the day it was launched at iiNet and all these months later I have the same issue with it.


    While it’s cool Fetch are offering internation content, how about some English language content? Personally I signed up for the Sci-fi stuff, if I had have known it would be 4 really old TV shows I probably never would have bothered.

    More content please!

  2. john king says:

    i love my fetch tv. it was a bit rough in the beginning but now its great.
    the only improvement that i could recommend is maybe a space on the iinet site for a program guide for all of fetch channels.
    cheers gang keep up the good work