Can Instagram conquer video as well as photos?

If a picture tells a thousand words, a 15-second video must tell many more.

The popular photo filter application Instagram introduced video functionality to its latest 4.0 upgrade. Giving users the ability to shoot and share short videos, Instagram (owned by Facebook) steps up its competition with direct rival Vine (owned by Twitter), reminiscent to the Facebook/Myspace clash.

With a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 15 seconds, Instagram gives a little more shooting flexibility than Vine (6 second duration).

While some people may think 15 seconds is a little short for video, I think it promotes creativity as videos don’t have to be shot in one take. Users can think of interesting and unusual ways to share their stories in a different light.

Staying true to Instagram colours, you can also incorporate one of thirteen filters with your video content. Other features include ‘tap to focus’ and image stability in videos.

How to Instagram your own videos

Download the Instagram app to your mobile phone or tablet (available on Android and iOS). If you already have the app, make sure you have the latest software update.

You create a video by holding your finger on the red button. When you lift your finger the recording will stop, allowing you to cut away from previous shots.

Users are also given the ability to edit frames of their video, although at the moment you can only delete the last segment you shot.

While some people may not want their Instagram feed to be filled with mixed media, videos are displayed in your feed the same as photos (except a small arrow appearing in the top right corner of the cover frame) so it won’t break continuity and functionality is familiar.

Opportunities for creativity and play

One of the popular video styles created using Vine is stop motion animation (which was made easy with its short duration and looping facility). There is the option to auto play video clips in your Instagram feed, however they don’t loop.

A potential avenue for Instagram may lie in Vblogging, especially with its sharing capabilities. Perhaps it could develop into simple and mobile video editing program similar to iMovie/Final Cut. Regardless, it’s safe to say there’s a lot in store for the future.

What do you think of the new video feature in Instagram? Are video posts the way of the future for social networks?  Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

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