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A lot of Australians are becoming hoarders without even realising it. With all the improvements in tech options today, everyone upgrades eventually. Unless it was because the old thing broke, you’re usually left with an old but working device that you may not know what to do with. Be honest – when was the last time you checked out that one draw or cupboard where you just stash stuff to deal with later?

If you want to clear out some of the clutter while you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, here’s some advice on what to do with your leftover gadgets.

Smartphones – Sell

Not everyone needs the latest gizmo, so once you’re done with your smartphone that’s only a few years old, why not sell it on a site like Gumtree? All handsets sold by iiNet aren’t locked to a specific service provider, so you’re safe to recoup some of your purchase price by selling it second-hand. Although you may have to drop your price if the phone is cracked, which is another reason you should always invest in a decent case.

Smartphones – Give

Even though you might be ready for an upgrade, you may have family members or friends who are more than happy to take your smartphone. If you’re a younger sibling you’re probably familiar with the concept of “hand me downs” inheriting clothing or toys.

But in this day and age the idea of “hand me ups” is more common when it comes to tech. This is when a younger member of the family gives their smartphone to an older person (usually their parents) because they have upgraded to the latest technology.

Smartphones, broken beyond repair – Dispose responsibly

If your phone is busted and can’t be repaired, don’t chuck it in landfill! MobileMuster will tell you where you can drop off your phone for recycling, or you can even post it in for free. For more info on e-waste and what you can do to avoid it, read our other article “We need to talk about e-waste”.

‘Dumb’ phones – Sell

The traditional ‘brick’ mobile kept us connected with good old fashioned calls, and texts that actually just contained text. Nostalgia aside (Snake, anyone?) most people would crinkle their nose at the thought of owning one today, but a lot of seniors disagree. There’s still a niche demand for the simple, no-frills models which are getting harder to find as the years go on. A Nokia 3310 can fetch a fair price on Gumtree, provided you still have the all-important charger cable. If not, look up your local MobileMuster drop-off point.

Modems – Save

If you’ve upgraded your modem but the old one still works, you should keep it tucked away somewhere along with its power cable. When it comes to troubleshooting a hiccup in your home network, the possibility of a problem with the modem is a touchy subject because they’re expensive to replace. Testing a spare modem can help you figure this out – if both modems get the same problem, it’s not a modem fault. If one modem won’t work but the spare one will, then the first modem either has incorrect settings or a technical fault. Simple.

Best of all, you can keep a connection going on your spare until you get the time or funds to replace your ‘main’ modem.

Home Phone handsets – Save

Similar to modems, it’s always handy to have a home phone saved somewhere if your internet services are still on the copper network. A lot of homes are mobile-only these days, but when it comes to an ADSL service issue, you still need to troubleshoot the phone line whether you use it or not. If everything else is unplugged from your telephone wall sockets and then you plug in a phone that’s picking up line noise or no dial tone, it’s likely that you need to call us up to lodge a fault.

If you’re already on the NBN, you don’t need a handset if it can’t be used for Netphone (VoIP) or NBN Fibre phone.

VHS player – Recycle

VHS is well and truly dead. Unless you’re some kind of collector, it’s time to get rid of it and get on board with one of the many ways to enjoy video that doesn’t require stacks of physical cases.

Why not get yourself a Netflix membership, which gives you access to a digital library of TV shows and movies? Better still, iiNet Group customers can enjoy Netflix quota-free – head to our website to check eligibility requirements. Or you could make a slick new addition to your home with the iiNet TV with Fetch set top box, which can handle digital TV, movie rentals, the Netflix app and record up to 2 Fetch channels while you watch another.

You can check out your recycling options for electrical goods like old VHS players at Planet Ark’s

Do you have any tips on how to tidy up your tech this winter? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Al in Perth says:

    I would never give up my Nokia 2110i. It can be used as a hammer, as a Post-hole driver and many other applications! My wife once used hers against an attacker instead of her mace spray….
    And after any of these activities, it still works! Don’t make ‘phones like they used to!

  2. Craig Beasy says:


    Just like to say that the blog articles provided by Gina, Jayden, & others are in such an informative, no fuss or mind-bending jargon, easy read format.

    Also much appreciated is the font size used is much larger than most blog sites I’ve read over the years, it really helps the info provided to stand out for old codgers like me who need new glasses every 4 or 5 years.

    Great work, all of you.



  3. Alan in Sydney says:

    My two 16 year old Nokia 5110i mobiles have survived more abuse than you can think of and they still keep working unlike most smartphones. They make phone calls with great sound quality and send SMS which is all I want. I guess the day will come when GSM will be switched off, but until that time comes I will be hanging on to these reliable little beauties.