Kickstart your new year resolutions with these apps

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In the world of happy hours and supersize, it is near impossible to keep on track with those resolutions you made 10 minutes before downing your last champagne of 2013.

The ball drops, you feel inspired and ready to take on the world and your waist, then 10am on January 1st hits. You wake up a bit hazy, roll out of bed to the sound of sizzling bacon or, “Maccas run!” and it’s all over.

Never fear, the three F’s of resolution is here! Fitness, Finance and Friends!


Do you want to lose the festive season belly or just be able to chase Mr Whippy without falling to your knees at the end of the street?

  • Couch to 5k – Also known as C25K, is like a tiny personal trainer in your phone. The idea behind it is to get you from a novice to a 5k runner in just 9 weeks! Some features of C25K are it runs in the background, plays music of your choosing from your media and is completely customisable for pace and distance. Get it from iTunes App Store here or Android Play Store here.
  • Jawbone Up – It’s a wristband and app worn at all times to track how you sleep, move and eat, then provides you with feedback for you to feel your best. Read about the Up story here and get your Up wristband while you’re there!


I think we can all do with a few extra dollars after Christmas, and while we think we are spending the best we can, a little help with a budget can’t hurt.

  • Toshl Finance – With this handy app you can pre-set expenses for each pay cycle so you know where your money is going. You can then enter changes and reminders with a few simple taps. Not only is this app available for Android and iPhone, you can also grab it on Symbian and Windows Phone! So hurry up and get saving!!
  • Google Drive – An oldie but a goodie. Keep all your budgets, resolutions and bills in the one secure place. G-Drive (for the cool kids) can be accessed anywhere from any Computer, iOS and Android device in seconds and can be shared between you and your partner or you and your housemates. All you need is a Google/Gmail account. Simple! 


Who doesn’t want to be a bit more social? Meet some new friends, reconnect with some old?

Between work and kids and study, when was the last time you had drinks with the boys or lunch with the girls or even hit up that new spot you’ve seen on the bus ride home?

  • Sonar – This is a fantastic tool for impromptu meet-ups. The app shows the location of your friends and people with similar interests, nearby via social media. Don’t miss another coffee connoisseur catch up or a small tapas bar you’d have otherwise walked past. Sonar integrates Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare so you’ll never miss a thing! Download the iPhone app or Android app.

What apps are you planning on using this year? What apps worked for you(or didn’t) last year? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Jason A. Howie

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  1. Patrick Mc says:

    Are you sure Sonar for Android is still a goer? Comments in Google Play suggest that it is no longer supported by the developers…