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Why are iiNet NBN™ customers the most satisfied? We set ourselves apart from our competitors with industry-leading customer service and by offering unlimited data at affordable prices.  At iiNet, we’ve been working with the internet since the dialup days and our experience has shaped us into the NBN™ experts. To date, the iiNet Group has connected over 250,000 NBN™ customers who, according to two major nationwide surveys, are the most satisfied NBN™ customers in Australia.

iiNet came out on top receiving high scores for connection reliability, connection speed, value for money, technical support, customer support, bill clarity, and ease of setup.

On top of this, our customers get the flexibility of no lock-in contract, value for money and a 24/7 technical support team. Any time of the day or night: you need us, we’ll be there!

As the NBN™ experts, we’re constantly staying ahead of the curve with all things NBN™ so we’re here to help you get set up on the NBN™ plan that fits your family. You can experience our Liimitless NBN™ data plans from just $69.99 per month (min charge $248.94*).

If you’re eager to get movin’ and your address is expected to be NBN™- ready within the next 3 months, you can pre-order iiNet NBN™ for a hassle-free switch and we’ll get your order rolling as soon as NBN™ reaches your door. Just pre-order your preferred plan now, then sit back, put your feet up and relax knowing you’ll be connected with a truly satisfying NBN™ internet service provider.

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Join Australia’s most satisfied NBN™ customers!


*Min charge incl $79.95 setup fee + $99 hardware cost (HFC only). Available in selected coverage areas.




  1. Vic Holyoak says:

    southern Phone sent me a flyer offering NBN satellite and home phone bundle ,do you have this type of bundle>?

  2. Arvid says:

    Interesting result.

    Dropout once a day +.
    Fixed IP which “forgets” my ip and needs DHCP renew to get it back.
    Speed Variable at netflix time (even with no-one else in the house.
    Connection speed to FTTN (88mb-98mb/28mb/41mb)

    Would love to run it as a bridge and automate extra admin rubbish in linux (auto reboot to chase higher speed connection, noip fix etc) from linux.

    Hate to furnish the data on a win PC for NBN error reporting. (all logged automatically here)

    Service from IINet very good.
    Service from NBN, Ordinary!

  3. Ed says:

    I want to know if I can have fibre to the house and avoid the use of copper wire.

  4. Keith Jarvis says:

    Been with iinet around fifteen years now and overall have been very good. But this NBN has me confused. I pre-ordered when I was asked a few months ago and was told I would be one of the first connected when it arrived. It has been available for over a week now and I’ve heard nothing…?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Keith,

      There are times when we may not have our own infrastructure in the area concerned, but staff should be contacting you. If you haven’t heard anything, please let us know so we can give you a hand.

      – Leo

  5. Don says:

    Have to admit, whilst I was sceptical about the alleged speeds I was supposed to get, I do manage 47MBS with fibre to the node and I am some 800 meters from it.

    The connection process was painless with iiNet transferring the connection and my VOIP, with no issues, that’s why I have been with them for 18 years.

    Thanks team


  6. I have been connected to the NBN since late May/Early June, here in Tweed Heads NSW/Queensland border, and I have NOT noticed any difference to my Internet experience. NONE WHATSOEVER.
    Is this all a huge hoax on the Australian people?????

  7. Ian C. Purdie says:

    In reality, there is very little control Iinet have over the NBN and what is delivered.

    Personally I regret switching over from ADSL, in exchange for a barely noticeable increase in speed – which is quite unimportant to me – I lost my land line in exchange for a Voip which now dies regularly about once a month necessitating me to contact support with a mobile phone which barely works in my area.

  8. Albert Abel says:

    In the past 2 years I have NOT experienced any improvement, increased speed or reliabilty.
    I question whether the nbn hookup is, in fact, a reality.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Albert,

      We’re always able to help with this, as we want you to have the best experience possible. Have you been able to have a chat to our Support team on 132258 about your concerns?

      – Leo

  9. Doug Bissell says:

    I have preorded on a business plan but I no longer have a business, Can I change that to a personal plan at the highest speed,

    Also is it possible to go to a FTTC (Fibre to the curb set-up with the NBN rather than a FTTN – if so at what extra cost?

  10. Anonymous says:

    i am a customer of iinet

  11. Michael Staindl says:

    iiNet may have the most satisfied NBN customers, but from everything I’ve heard most NBN customers are much less satisfied with their NBN connection than with their prior connection. SO I want to hear are they more satisfied now they’ve gone NBN than before – including price / value-for-money?

  12. Neville Ellis says:

    If ever the NBN is available in my area, let me know. Don’t use it as an excuse for charging any more. Until then don’t bother to send me any of your junk mail. Thank you.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Neville,

      We’ll be sure to let you know when NBN is available in your area! If you’re an existing iiNet customer, you can also update your contact preferences in Toolbox, so you can turn on or off paper mail.

      – Leo

  13. Lyn Page says:

    I am sorry, I am not satisfied. I have an ongoing problem with Facetime using wi-fi. I was supposed to have a person Rashied helping to resolve this problem in early August but have heard nothing since approx 8th August. Not happy!

  14. David C Bunton says:

    IF NBN is to cost me more than my present setup I am not interested at all. Especially if the new modem is to be charged against me, My present Modem is not that old and is working perfectly, it seems to me that we are being forced into something that is not required by all of us. We are pensioners and do not have excess monies to throw around. Besides my present setup is adequate to my needs. David C Bunton.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      You’ve raised some good points here, thank you!

      NBN will be the same or a little more expensive than current connections, due to wholesale costs that the NBN charge. Regarding the modem, even if it is relatively new, it must be NBN compatible and approved to work on the NBN network – otherwise NBN will lock your service if they see an unapproved device trying to connect. The Whirlpool forums have a a knowledge base article on what modems will work with the NBN. If your modem isn’t on this list, its likely that you will need a new one:

      – Leo

  15. Joseph Wong says:

    Can’t be a satisfied NBN customer as I’m still waiting indefinitely for the NBN coverage in my area, can I?

  16. Glenice Metcalf says:

    I am told that NBN is not available at my address. I am a unit within a retirement complex, the main Office/Building has NBN My neighbours around me have NBN possibly with other providers.
    Any ideas when I may get NBN? I do not want to change providers!!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Glenice,

      It sounds like the NBN should be available to you, considering that the front office, as well as your neighbors already have access! Have you had a chat to Sales on 13 19 17? They’ll be able to take care of this for you.

      – Leo

  17. Milan Udall says:

    Does that mean fibre to my house or still
    using old copper wires from my local telephone exchange?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where is it!!!!!

    Neighbors got it we don’t.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Anonymous,

      Have you lodged an application with us for NBN? Spoken to our NBN team via 1300 455 806? We can give you a hand.

      – Leo

  19. Andrew Bishop says:

    I am not sure I would recommend the 12/1 plan to anyone. I had real problems with speed every day at about 4 through to 9 pm. Same time every day. After several frustrating, fruitless calls to iiNet, I upgraded to 25/5. It is now pretty much perfect; now that I am paying more…

  20. David Hames says:

    We have HFC cable going past our house but not connected.
    Will the installing iiNET technician connect and bring the HFC cable to the house?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi David,

      Installs are completed as part of an application. Have you lodged an application with us so we can get the ball rolling? We want you connected too.

      – Leo

  21. Peter says:

    How exactly do I join NBNs most satisfied customers when there is no NBN in my suburb and nor is there likely to be for years? 🙁

  22. Margot Maurice & John Gallagher says:

    We have had our name down now twice previously so stating it again will be our third go.
    This however is the first time anyone has mentioned the above fees. We had previously been told what plan was the most suitable for us but no mention of those fees. Were you keeping the bad news of the fees as a surprise?

  23. Renatè says:

    I’m on satellite and wondering if and when u are going to pass on the data increase the NBN has just released? Other providers have already passed it on most with no price increase. The current plans are an absolute joke!

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Thanks for your interest, Renatè. We’ll announce any changes as soon as they are available!

      – Brianna

  24. Alex Elliot says:

    Sent an email to Westnet Support on Sunday asking if my current email addresses could be retained when moving to another NBN provider and if so at what cost.
    No reply to date.
    Absolutely pathetic service.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry to see that you haven’t received a reply – to answer your question, you can retain your Westnet e-mail address for $25 per year.

      – Leo

  25. Alex Elliot says:

    Thanks Leo, is that for both email addresses or is it $25 each.

  26. Rick says:

    I have been an iiNet customer for many years now and am very happy with the service over all. I currently have a Huawei HG 658 modem and consistently achieve a download speed between 50and 60 MBPS, not on the NBN. If I change to a NBN plan where is the advantage in paying more money for a slower speed and an unreliable service?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Based on your connection speeds its sounds like you already be on a VDSL2 plan, Rick. If this is the case, you will not need to make the switch to NBN. Happy to answer any further questions you may have!

      – Brianna

  27. Kerry Tucker says:

    So we satellite customers were told that when NBN released all the extra band width double)we were told this would allow users in the bush to have internet plans that allow us to be comparable to those you offer to city based customers. What I got was an upgrade from a maximum 40 gig during the day to 45 gig and an extra 75 gig after midnight. Thanks for nothing this is hardly what was expected by your sat customers or I am sure the NBN. WHAT A CON!!!

  28. Margaret Grawich
    I have been a very satisfied customer of iiNet.
    I have no complaints about NBN or any thing else keep up the good work I will never change servers.
    Cheers Margaret