Keeping up with the Top Geeks

by Nikkita Dixon

Top Geek 2.0 is gearing up for 2012 and soon enough we’ll be on the hunt for the most talented geeks in Australia. These geeks are wise to all sorts of acronyms, long words and strange terms not often used in casual conversation. To help any non-geeks out, we have started to put together a geeky glossary full of all of the terms you might have scratched your head over in the past.

This year we will be getting our Top Geeks to compete against those with similar interests – including arty geeks, tech-heads, fandom fanatics, Internet lovers and gamers. The terms we look at today provide an insight into their worlds.

LARPing – Otherwise known as live action role playing, sees people dressing up in costume to physically play out a game like they would online. These cool kids meet up regularly in their various elf, dwarf, villager or knight costumes to mingle in character, carry out quests and follow rules set out by a nominated ‘gamemaster’. All of this generally takes place in an outdoor area that adheres to the illusion of the game.

Meme – pronounced “meem”, not “mimi” or “meymey”, is a piece of content, a behaviour or style that is passed on and duplicated by hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of people. Often these memes end up being quite culturally significant. Memes really kicked into gear with the rising popularity of the Internet, allowing someone to upload, say, a video of a sneezing panda and see it passed right around the world. If you’ve ever seen the ‘orly? owl’, the ‘dancing baby’, the ‘invisible sandwich cat’ or the ‘all your base are belong to us’ cartoon, you’ve become a part of meme. Nice one.

Cosplay – short for “costume play” is, in my opinion, the coolest part about being a little bit geeky. You may have stumbled across a few cosplayers dressed in their best Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings outfits at the cinemas over the past few years. While tame in comparison to some of our serious cosplay geeks, the idea is the same. Cosplay is considered a type of performance art which sees people donning costumes and accessories to represent popular fictional characters. In other words, next time you see Darth Vader taking a stroll through the city centre – fear not, the end isn’t nigh.

Now that you’ve added these terms to your vocabulary, you’re one step closer to being in the know on geeky culture. Keep an eye out on the iiNet Blog as we add more terms to our Top Geek glossary. If you’d like to get in on the Top Geek 2.0 action early, head to our Top Geek 2.0 webpage.

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