New things for kids to try

It’s important to make a habit of trying new things. Not only will it expand your horizons (and maybe help you find your new favourite hobby) but it can also help you have a more positive outlook on life.  Trying new activities helps to build curiosity, creativity, and resilience for people of all ages – including kids.

So, where can you get some ideas for new things for kids to do? Right here! Whether you’ve got some kids complaining that they’re bored or you just want to switch up their screen time for some more active or social activities, we’ve rustled up some great ideas for kid-friendly activities. Have a read through and see if you get inspired.


Enjoy the simple things

If you’ve ever seen how much fun a child can get out of playing with a cardboard box, you’ll know that activities don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be fun. Kidspot has a great collection of ideas for all types of activities, both indoors and outdoors. With everything from paper craft and dress-ups through to pool games and gardening, you’re bound to find some fun new things to try. Why now make a short list and then set aside some time each weekend to try a new activity together?


Diversify the menu!

It’s not just activities that can be changed up; you can try new things with food, too! The type of foods marketed towards kids can often be overly processed or chock-full of sugar, and generally not as nutritious as we’d like. Having kids try lots of different types of food can help them make healthy eating habits for life, and they’ll love to get involved with the food prep. Kylie is a mum of two and the absolute champion behind Kidgredients, a blog that’s packed full of recipes for food that’s bright, fun and most importantly, yum! She’s got all the main meals covered plus school lunch boxes, party food, snacks and more. Some of our favourites include salami and zucchini pizzas, crunchy baked veggie wontons and toffee apple popcorn balls.


Use your imagination in new ways

Imagination play is crucial to a child’s development, but sometimes it takes hard work! Most children will take cues from the cartoons they watch, which is why you might find them playing “emergency rescue” after watching a show like PAW Patrol. If they’re getting a little tired of the same old scenarios, then Real Simple has 27 great ideas for low-cost, high-imagination games that could very well up being a new family favourite, especially if you have a long car journey to get through. Our go-to from the list is Doodle, where one person closes their eyes and makes a scribble on a piece of paper, then someone else uses their imagination to make a drawing out of it.


Do some science experiments!

Kids are never too young to start dabbling with science (although you may want to keep them away from a Bunsen burner until they’re older). The Science Buddies Blog is your one-stop shop for experiments, ideal for students from kindie all the way through to year 12. They feature a wide range of fun, hands-on projects including making stuff from recycled materials, breadboard circuits, and fizzy chemistry. Not only are these activities a fun way to spend an afternoon, they’re also educational! You can even browse projects by Grade Level to make sure you’re picking out something age-appropriate.


Do you have a great idea to expand kids’ horizons? Tell us about it in the comments.


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  1. Lyall says:

    some great ideas we are in our seventies and know a lot of things to do for our age group, main one is bush walking it’s great way to see birds and all sorts of things.have you other ideas for oldies also we love baking

  2. Kidspot is great, and so is Science Buddies! I check them regularly to find things to do with my grandchildren.

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