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Facebook 101 courtesy of iiNet's Adam O'Grady

With over 800 million members, Facebook is all the rage with almost everyone. More people are discovering it every day but its interface and setup can be a bit of a handful when you first start out.

To combat this, we’ve held a few Learn with iiNet workshops to introduce people to Facebook but if you’re not able to get to one, we’re providing a handy online guide: Facebook 101.

Firstly, it’s probably good to cover how Facebook is useful. It can be easily summed up as the following:

  • Connecting with old friends
  • Chatting with like-minded people
  • Sharing ideas, news, interests, memories
  • Playing Games
  • Interacting with businesses

Getting started

With that covered, we need to look at how a person interacts with Facebook. When you first visit Facebook you’ll need to register a new account. Facebook should walk you through a few steps to creating account but keep in mind you will need access to an email address to register a new account. It may offer to scan your email for contacts on Facebook but this might not work with all email providers (and means you are providing your email password to Facebook which is not always recommended).

Once you’ve created account, there are a few major elements on Facebook to consider.

User Profile/Timeline

By clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page you can see what you’ve posted, check photos, profile information and friends. You can control your privacy settings to limit how much or how little of your profile you want users to see as well.

You can also jump onto a friend or relative’s profile (usually by clicking on their name) to check their birthday or the photos from last weekend they uploaded as well.

News Feed/Updates

To get a continuous feed of what’s happening with all your friends and favourite Facebook pages, you can check your News Feed by clicking on the Facebook logo in the top left corner of the page. If it shows you a “Welcome” page instead, click on News Feed in the menu to the left.

From here you can also update your status with what’s happening in your life, post a photo or ask your friends a question using the handy links up the top. Next to the post button there’s a small menu you can use if you want to limit posts to just friends, anyone who finds your profile or other custom limits.

If you agree with someone’s post, photo or comment, you can click the “Like” button to show your support. If you want to provide a more in depth reply, hit comment to leave your message!

Friends and Interests

It wouldn’t be social media without the social aspect, so adding friends, relatives and acquaintances is a bit part of the experience. At the very top of the Facebook page should be a search bar. You can use this to search for people you know. If you get too many results, you can use some of the provided filters (location, education or workplace) or search for their email address to try and narrow down the possibilities.

Following your interests online is also a pretty big thing, so look up your favourite movies, bands, activities and companies and Like them as well. Many post regular, relevant updates or provide a community of like-minded people to chat with.


Want a place online to share old memories or just have an online history of your albums? From your profile, click on the little Photos tab near the top and from here you can choose to add photos or videos that you have stored on your computer. You can collate photos into albums if you wanted to separate a daughter’s wedding photos from your last office party as well.

If a friend appears in a photo, you can click on the photo to open it and click “Tag Photo” to highlight them.

Courtesy and Security

Like anything online space, be polite and courteous. It’s also recommended not  to spam people. If you’ve just posted about the breakfast you’ve made, you might not need to provide a new update on each bite (even if each one redefines the term “delicious”).

If someone is acting abusive, asking for your password/information or otherwise violating Facebook’s terms and conditions, always click the report option (sometimes under an x symbol or menu) to have it dealt with by Facebook’s moderating team. You can find more information about staying safe online through our online safety portal.

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