Learn with iiNet

Since mid-2012, iiNet has been hosting a series of workshops known as Learn with iiNet at our Subiaco headquarters in Western Australia. During these sessions, we teach interested people about our products and services, handy tips for using the web, troubleshooting advice for when things go wrong and how to get started on social media.

These sessions are open to the public and advertised on our Facebook and Twitter pages and in our regular newsletter. All you have to do is register before hand. There are usually about 15 to 30 spots available. So if you’re interested, get in early and tell any friends who are keen to learn some new skills or useful information.

If you find these sessions enjoyable or the idea of them intriguing, let us know. The more feedback we get  – the more sessions we can run. We’re especially interested to hear about any topics you’d like to know more about in the realms of technology, the web and social media. We’ve been thinking of opening them up to our offices in other cities as well, so we can bring our unique brand of training, discussion and information dissemination to more places in Australia.

Our most recent session focused on Facebook Privacy and Security including:

  • how to lock down your Facebook profile to prevent strangers from tracking you online,
  • setting up custom lists to limit your posts and content to the people you want. For example, so only your family members can see family event photos and being aware and protective about the level of access Facebook applications (and friends) have to your personal information.


We’ve also run in-depth sessions at in areas such as iiNet TV with Fetch, getting started on Facebook, advanced tips to use search engines more effectively and getting your home network set up right.

If any of these interest you, keep an eye out for upcoming sessions on the iiNet Facebook page, iiNet Twitter and iiNet Newsletter. If you’d like to suggest further topics, just let us know in the comments below.


  1. Keith Presnell says:

    Does IInet provide help to set up blogs please?

  2. Steve says:

    I used to have a facebook acc but deleted it about a year ago. All you facebook addicts do not realise whats going on in the background. Zukerburg sold all rights over to the American CIA. Everything that is shared on Facebook is recorded and kept for possible security breaches and other personal info is stored in databases and sold off to many other organizations. With increasing technology privacy is now history. I feel much better knowing I,m not being monitored 24/7. I am next looking at eradicating Visa transactions, because everyone’s purchases are monitored too.

    • Rod Pickett says:

      @Steve, I agree. In the 60s the movie Big Brother instilled in people the need to protect their privacy. There have been many attempts to invade peoples privacy such as the Australia Card and these have been stopped each time. I don’t understand why anyone would have a facebook account.

  3. Margaret Caroline Ford says:

    do you have the same learning possibilities on line?

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Margaret,

      We have created a few Learn With iiNet blogs similar to the workshops [1][2][3]. We have also bandied about a few ideas in the office on how we could bring these workshops more to the online sphere from recorded videos to live Google Hangouts/streams and others and we hope to bring some of these to our customers in the future.


  4. Graham Smith says:

    As a retiree trying to keep up with all the trends and balancing a fixed income with technology needs that are useful. In the push to have the latest, there a large volume of seniors that want to become part of this new way of life however there is not much leadership or informed choice without a vested interest. Hope you can suggest some ideas