Liimitless Data Plans have Landed

Naked DSL and ADSL2+ is no longer sold as of 23 September 2020.

Some may say “the sky’s the limit”, but at iiNet, we believe there are no limits. That’s why we’ve released our new Liimitless Broadband Data Plans, so you never have to worry about how much data you’re using ever again. Kick back, relax and download and stream to your heart’s content with one of our great value limitless plans! Let’s take a look at the limitless potential of our latest plans.

Liimitless Broadband Data

If your address is eligible for On-Net ADSL2+, then you can get liimitless broadband data! We have two liimitless data ADSL2+ plans. The first is liimitless data and pay-as-you-go calls for $79.99 a month (min cost $159.94). If you love a good chinwag you can also opt for the $89.99 per month liimitless data plan (min cost $169.94) which includes local and standard national calls and standard Australian mobile calls.

When you’re ready to move to the nbn™, you can enjoy limitless data on that too! We have 3 new plans offering liimitless broadband data on the nbn™, which you can learn more about here.

Liimitless Naked

Want limitless data without old fashioned phone line rental? No problem! You can go naked and still enjoy all of that limitless downloading action from just $69.99 per month (min cost $169.94). This plan is pay as you go for calls, but for $10 extra a month you can have liimitless Naked with included local and standard national calls and standard Australian mobile calls.


  1. Steve says:

    I’ve been with iiNet for quite some time, ever since they took over Nettrek quite a number of years ago.

    I’m happy to say that over the last year or so, my download quota has gone from 600GB, to 1.2TB and just recently (a week or so back) I got an e-mail saying that my download quota is now UNLIMITED!!

    All without spending an extra dollar or upgrading my current plan, which puts me out around $99 a month.

    Now all I’m waiting for is the NBN to be made active where I am for the extra speed!

  2. Vickie says:

    Good luck to users In The cities. Try getting unlimited in rural areas. 10 gb I if we are lucky for a month! Huge joke! Gone in a week.

  3. Ro says:

    My experience is similar. I have been with Ozemail/iiNet for 10 years and they have upgraded my download limit without prompting multiple times.

    Once or twice over the year I check my rates versus changing and what I was paying was reasonable. IiNet have proven to be a trustworthy supplier and they have a lot of client loyalty with me.

  4. Brian Hockey says:

    Limitless data at the momemnt is like being able to have unlimted water from the local supply but only having a thimble to get it to your house.

  5. Travers says:

    Yes limitless will be available on all plans expect yet again as per normal FTTH

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Travers,

      You never know – plans are always being reviewed, especially where we have opportunities to improve offerings.

      – Leo.

  6. S.J. says:

    When (if?) will we get unlimited mobile broadband? I am a long-time happy customer of iiNet – but if a competitor offered affordable unlimited for the same price I’m paying now ($60 a month) or slightly higher (say, around $30 higher) – I’d switch. Probably a pipe dream given how terrible the mobile tower service is around here, used to get 4G all the time but for the last 6 months they’ve been ‘upgrading’ the towers anytime I ask. >:[

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi S.J.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we no longer retail Mobile Broadband. 🙁

      Having said that, why not jump on the phone to Sales, call 131917 ask them about alternatives? You never know. We might be able to do something for you and its a good opportunity to take a look at your service too.


  7. Adrian Shielk says:

    Wish that was the same here..Im on NBN and no offer of an increase even though I have paid twice now for an extra data pack. Just wait to you get NBN and then feel your choices massively restricted

  8. Andrew J Alexander says:

    It’s a pity that nothing is being done about iiNets pathetic data! Why?

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ve recently released a series of Liimitless data plans, Andrew. Which should cover all of your usage needs!

      – Brianna

  9. Diane Bailey says:

    Please upgrade me to unlimited broadband.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Diane,

      If you’re an eligible service you can upgrade right away by completing a plan change in Toolbox!

      – Leo.

  10. josephAzzopardi says:

    I am still waiting for my free tablet promised to me for being with iinet for over 12 years

  11. Jodie says:

    If only unlimited was offered to wireless customers since wireless is the only option I have. Way to go iinet. It’s time I moved my business elsewhere!

  12. Noeleen Wood says:

    I would like to know more about a phone that I can use on the go. I see many people consulting their phones for convenience without a router. Can you send me some information about this device.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We have a range of mobile plans that would act as both a phone and source of internet on the go, Noeleen. More information is available here:

      Don’t hesitate to give our Sales (13 19 17) team a buzz if you would like to explore this option further. We’re confident a Customer Service Representative will be able to assist with answering any questions and submitting an application should you decide a mobile plan is right for you.

      – Brianna

  13. Michael says:

    Been with iinet for many years and unlimited is fine but how about some better upload speeds?? Less than 1Megabit/s is very poor. 🙁

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Michael,

      Just to clarify, were you referring to ADSL services? If so, 1Mbps is the fastest that ADSL services can physically upload at.

      – Leo.

  14. Geoff Piggott says:

    I long for the day I am not having to pay for phone service I never use.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Geoff,

      We hear you! It sounds like you’re an Off-Net customer with an ADSL service and in that case we are limited here. The wholesaler has mandated that an active line be attached to any ADSL service connected to their equipment, hence why we have to charge line rental. Sorry that we can’t get around this!

      – Leo.

  15. Carl says:

    We love iiNet’s customer service. Unlike most banks, insurance companies, and other telephone companies, when a better deal becomes available, iiNet offers it to their existing customers. The others treat us like mushrooms and leave us on the old deal, hoping we won’t realise that we are being ripped off.

    Well done iiNet.

  16. JOHN says:

    Delighted to read that Steve is happy with his iiNet plan.

    I joined them recently hoping for the same.

    Instead I am thoroughly DISAPPINTED with my iiNet NBN service which is deathly slow, eclipsed only by their even slower customer service support.

    Oh what a mistake I’ve made moving from the other mob.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      Sorry to hear about your issues with your service. Have Support given you any pointers on what the issue may be? It is unusual for an NBN service to be slow, so we’d like to know more.

      – Leo.

  17. Elizabeth Morris says:

    Would I be considered for a better deal than the one
    I am presently on ?
    Best wishes
    Elizabeth Morris

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      You’re certainly able to upgrade via Toolbox if you like! Alternatively, why not give our Sales team a call on 131917? They’ll welcome the opportunity to conduct a thorough health check on your service.

      – Leo.

  18. julie says:

    Does this mean current plan holders will get the unlimited? Paying the $79.99 already??

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Julie,

      Customers on eligible services will be upgraded, however you can always action a plan change yourself by jumping into Toolbox and actioning a change there. Why wait? 🙂

      – Leo.

  19. glenda greene says:

    I’ve been with with this company even though it has changed hands several times ,for years,,although i do not need extra data,,I’m wondering why I’m still after all this time still locked into .20G DAY 20G NIGHT.When it would be great to be able to access 40Gs anytime,especially when grand kids come around.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Glenda,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve having issues with your service. Have you been able to look at your service in Toolbox and upgrade to a higher plan at all?

      – Leo.

  20. JB says:

    Why have unlimited NBN and not include the fibre to the home unlimited plans! It seems kinda odd and silly to do unlimited on NBN and not include FTTH which is pretty much the same as the NBN!!

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hey JB,

      Can completely understand the frustration here! While nbn and FTTH plans utilise similar technology, the wholesaler and some technology behind them does differ and we can’t always offer the same plans across the board. We’ll be sure to pass the feedback onto our product team for future plan review however!

      – Reece

  21. Shirley Watson says:

    Will this cost me more than I am paying now? I never use all that I pay for.

  22. Darrell says:

    Do these plans include the satellite version as well?

  23. Hans Geerdink says:

    It is great to see iinet catching up with the rest of the developed world.
    Now when will fixed wireless customers get a fair go?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Hans,

      New NBN Fixed Wireless plans are in the pipeline and we’ll have more info soon!

      – Leo.

  24. MPJoan Symons says:

    I have been with iinet on $109 but my home phone has never worked however appreciate my iphone arranged by my son. In Australia Post booklet received in my letter box iinet adv.Broadband Data $69.99 month Liimitless Broadband Data Have had other providers ringing me wanting me to switch.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Joan,

      You’ve raised a really good point here. You can change plans at any time by logging into Toolbox. However, our Sales teams are always happy to assist and in your case i’d strongly recommend giving them a call on 13 19 17. Ask them to do a full health check on your account and they’ll be able to suggest the best plan for you.

      – Leo.

  25. months ago I sent an email complaining about the slow speed of IInet slowness but nobody bother to reply to me. I have been with Iinet since the take over of AAPT, a number of years now. I pay every month for:
    Internet $49.95
    Land Line $29.95
    Home chat family $39.00
    calling number display $6.00
    Mobile plan $10.00
    Total per month $134.90
    Checking with other providers I believe the charges are excessive. Can you offer me a
    better deal?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi George,

      We can absolutely offer you a better deal here! Most of our current plans will be able to give you a significant saving on your services, especially as things like the Home Chat family aren’t offered. Why not give Sales a call on 131917 at your leisure? Ask them to take a look at your account as we’ll be able to complete a health check for you and move you to a better plan.

      – Leo.

  26. Hi

    Could you let me know if I am in the area to access this offer?


    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hey Heather,

      It looks like unfortunately you do not fall within in the footprint of our iiNetwork or nbn, meaning we can not offer the liimitless plans. While we can’t offer these, we do still have options available and did recently refresh our off-net too! Check out for the plans that should be available in your area, or give our friendly sales team a call at 13 19 17 to chat about this further and confirm availability!

      – Reece

  27. Trevor D says:

    Awesome. iiNet have always provided me with good service and product options and customer help. Just switched to unlimited. It was as easy as pressing a button and it didn’t change from what I am already paying per month. Never quite used the 1000g that I was on, But now I am studying again, I don’t have to worry if I do. Good value iiNet. Very happy and loyal customer.

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Glad to hear you’re happy with the service, Trevor! Those lecture recordings can definitely creep up on the usage sometimes, so it’s always nice to not have further problems to worry about outside of watching them!

      – Reece

  28. Roldan says:

    Im on 1000gb plan is it possible to upgrade it to limitless plan?

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hi Roldan,

      Definitely should be able, and in most cases this will be as simple as logging into and requesting the plan changed. This will usually go through immediately. Otherwise, if you run into any issues, feel free to give our sales team a call at 13 19 17 and they’ll be happy to investigate and facilitate this.

      – Reece

  29. Craig Waller says:

    why dont you offer a deal on NBN wireless ?
    Telstra and others do .
    Having kids looking for more and more data do i swap ISP’ s to get what others are offering ?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Craig,

      We have new NBN Fixed Wireless plans coming down the road soon with great bang for your buck.

      – Leo.

  30. Brent says:

    Like Steve, we have been a supporter of AAPT and more recently their parent iiNet for many years.

    During that time we have had increases to our broadband quota at no cost.

    We too are on the ‘UNLIMITED’ quota at no cost.

    Cheers iiNet

    • Reece Hatton says:

      Hey Brent,

      Thanks for being our customer for so long and glad to hear you’re happy with the service and the upgrades!

      – Reece

  31. Mark says:

    Waiting on unlimited wireless NBN plans.
    TPG has then.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Mark,

      We have new NBN Fixed Wireless plans and they aren’t far off. No ETA yet, but keep an eye on your e-mails.

      – Leo.

  32. Jutta Guenther says:

    We have changed over to iiNet Fixed Wireless Broadband, as cable NBN is not available in our area. Unfortunately, iiNet limit the download quota to 250GB for fixed wireless services. I do really hope that this will change soon, as I am sure to move over to another provider who already offer limitless download for our “fixed wireless”area.

  33. Colin says:

    Steve, like you, I have been with iinet for a long time, since they ‘took over’ networx in the late 1990s.
    Unlike you, I am extremely disappointed with iinet’s FAILURE to match its wireless plans to its NBN based ones in terms of both quotas and service delivery. NBN is NOT the answer for every iinet customer, yet the packages offered for those of us who wish to ‘go wifi’ are hugely unattractive compared with what is available to those wanting to keep using (fib-opt) cables.
    I would LOVE to have continued to enjoy an equally high level of internet access thru iinet on a wifi plan where the monthly cost and download limits were exactly the same as they charge for a comparable NBN ‘offering’. Alas, no such ‘luck’. So, now I have to ‘rely’ on Optus for a 4G wireless connection, although ‘fortunately’ iinet was ‘kind enough’ to sell me a ‘package’ which enables me to keep my email addy of 20 years for a reasonably low cost.
    Sorry to cast aspertions, but what iinet ‘offers’ is not always ‘a bed of roses’ (or the best possible outcome) for every customer. Again, NBN is NOT the best ‘package’ for many a long-term iinet customer, so why does the company focus so heavily on NBN, to the detriment of those who prefer wifi??

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Colin,

      New NBN Fixed Wireless plans are on the way, so this may well assist with your needs.

      – Leo.

  34. Chris says:

    Ha! just had my download quota boosted from 100 to 250GB I’m on a 2.4Mbps download speed so struggle to use 100GB a month. NBN says 2019 for my area. Sure I’m not in the minority, so thanks IInet but….

  35. Teresa Maisano says:

    Do not update my plan I’m happy with the plan I have.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Teresa,

      Don’t worry, even if we do upgrade your plan, we only upgrade customers where we believe they will not have a negative effect or outcome on their service.

      – Leo.

  36. Shahar says:

    Help what is the difference between the monthly fee and the higher minimum cost? What do the two figures mean?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Shahar,

      The monthly fee is what you would pay per month, the minimum cost is the total minimum cost for the service over a set time period, i.e. 24 months.

      – Leo

  37. Dominic says:

    Why doesn’t iinet allow cable users to apply a mobile call pack to their plans?

    Until they do a third party VOIP provider will be getting $12.95 per month from me…instead of iinet receiving $10 per month from me for the call pack!

    Make sense?!?

  38. Daniela Giles says:

    The Limitless broadband usage for home is woderful. We have been iinet customers for approx 4 years and are happy. We also have a mobile plan with you and it would be incredibly wonderful if basic data use was increased…1.5 Gb is not much and I go away interstate on a regular basis and always run out or run over. Would love to see this increase to what many other providers offer.

  39. Terry says:

    How i wish i could go back from NBN to an ADSL plan. NBN is terrible. Always dropping out and in the evening i sometimes think i am back on Dial up. It is that bad for me and i hear similar complaints all the time. ADSL was perfect but the government brings out the big stick and it is just about compulsory to go over to NBN.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Terry,

      That sounds absolutely horrible! If you haven’t already, have a word to Support – there may be an issue happening or a fault condition affecting your service and we’d love to try and resolve that for you.

      – Leo.

  40. George says:

    I have been an iinet customer for four years now and very happy with the service. I Live in the country Tasmania and have NBN satellite because I do not have ADSL available to me. My issue is I have a 20g download limit with no option to buy extra data blocks. Currently I have run out of data and my download is shaped to 125k – very annoying. I wouldn’t mind paying for extra data but I can’t even do that.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi George,

      We do have new Sky Muster NBN Satellite plans on the way! They’ve been in the works for some time now and we’re much closer to launch. Keep an eye out on your e-mails as we’ll make contact to organise a changeover to the new Sky Muster-spec dish for you as well.

      – Leo.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey George,

      More data is on its way, now that our Sky Muster plans have launched. Feel free to shoot me a message with your contact details ([email protected]) and we;ll have a staff member give you a call.

      – Leo.

  41. John Wilson says:

    Limitless sounds good and all, but if I’m barely scratching 50GB/m how about a $49.99 plan for under 100GB. 1TB plan seemed absurd to me, let alone the now “limitless”. I want to save money, not be conned by all this nonsense.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi John,

      Solid feedback here and we absolutely see where you’re coming from! With the trend for data use on the rise, you’re going to see companies offering much more data, but your suggestion is very solid and something for us to consider. Thanks for your input!

      – Leo.

  42. Adrienne Costanzo says:

    Since joining the NBN we’ve had problems with our VOIP service (calls are often unclear or drop out, or the service simply doesn’t work). And there are times when we have no internet; it occasionally drops out too. When we first switched to the NBN, I rang iinet about this several times, all to no avail. I have been with iinet since 2008 and their service now is in stark contrast to the excellent service I received when I first joined. Our internet and phone coverage on ADSL was much better. I wouldn’t be in a rush to join the NBN if I had a choice.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      Sorry to hear of your VoIP issues, as this should be working exceedingly well, especially on NBN. VoIP issues can be linked to the quality of the connection, which makes this even more puzzling as you’re on an NBN connection. This is an ideal chance to revisit the issue and really dig in with the troubleshooting; surely we must be able to get on top of this one for you! Feel free to drop me an e-mail: [email protected] and i’ll be more than happy to arrange a Support Senior to get in touch with you.

      – Leo.

  43. russell bailey-brooks says:

    Does the unlimited broadband access apply to long suffering regional users stuck with a satellite service. If so please ungrade me a.s.a.p. After years of choking and restricted access via the satellite service – which has been as slow as snail mail , I am looking forward to an upgrade!!!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Russell,

      We have new NBN Satellite plans on the way! You’ll be e-mailed sure to be advised of this, as we’re also going to arrange to switch you over to a new Sky Muster satellite dish at no cost to you. Therefore, we’ll need to setup a technician appointment to have this completed.

      – Leo.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Russell,

      You should receive contact shortly about upgrading your service. If you haven’t, feel free to send me an e-mail ([email protected]) with your details and we’ll arrange for you to be called.

      – Leo.

  44. Shelley says:

    Hi – I too am a long time ozemail/iinet customer who has hung on through the changes – and the latest one to tpg!! Unfortunately I am awaiting to reconnect my services after relocating. I put my order in early July but no port available until 12 September !!! It is coming up two months……just hoping to get a good plan as I have had in the past….then happy to stay with iinet/tpg parent company….hurry up September 12!!!!

  45. Andre Reginato says:

    How about giving us satellite users more usage. I only get 20 gigs a month and pay $50.00. Do your sums….it sucks big time…

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Andre,

      We’re working on it, with new Sky Muster NBN Satellite plans in the mix!

      – Leo.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Andre,

      Our NBN Sky Muster plans are now up, so we can double the data for the same cost. Why not shoot me a message (e-mail is in my profile) and we’ll arrange for a staff member to give you a call.

      – Leo.

  46. Tiffany says:

    I am really over these headlines of unlimited data. People living in satellite areas don’t get good plans options. Sick of ringing to be told not in your area yet and don’t know when, No there’s nothing we can do. I’ve offered to pay for another plan on top just to get more data because once we run out we can’t run our farm business and my teenagers can’t do their homework effectively, but am told there is no more data for that to even be an option. Seriously, no solution at all for existing customers? Perhaps you should be trying to look after the clients you have instead of chasing new ones.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      We feel your frustration here! If we could’ve offered more data on the Satellite plans when we retailed them, we would’ve. However, we were bound by the strict guidelines NBN set at the time which limited the data available to customers and service providers, due to concerns over capacity.

      The new Sky Muster services will really improve this situation and we’re very keen to roll these out. As you’re already an NBN Satellite customer, you will be contacted in the coming weeks to arrange a changeover to a new dish and that will kick off the process.

      – Leo.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Tiffany,

      Since posting, has your situation changed? We do have new NBN Sky Muster plans now available which should be able to help. Feel free to shoot me a message with your contact details and we’ll arrange a call to be made to chat to you about this.

      – Leo.

  47. Lillian says:

    So when will limitless broadband be available to Satellite customers?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Lillian,

      New NBN Satellite plans are coming! They won’t be Liimitless as NBN has set strict limits on data use to safeguard the available capacity through the current satellite in orbit and the network. Once the second satellite is launched in October and made operational next year, this will then allow further improvements. Keep an eye out!

      – Leo.

  48. Regina says:

    I’m on the South Brisbane exchange paying for a $30 pm for telephone line I don’t want. I only get 10GB peak and 10 GB off peak. Any option to get a plan for unlimited download here or at least a better download quota for my money? I’ve been with iinet for more than 10 years and I have found iinet to provide excellent customer service during this time.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Regina,

      South Brisbane Fibre is tricky as its a specialized, niche product with unique circumstances and restrictions. For instance, the wholesaler has mandated that a landline must be active on these plans. Having said that, whilst we aren’t aware of any impending changes at the moment, we do review our plans on a regular basis to try and find improvements where possible.

      – Leo.

  49. Murray says:

    Well I have just got caught with the new off net plans where they don’t give netflix free download.
    I was told by the consultant when I changed that it would not effect my netflix . Well that was rubbish.
    I am very disappointed with iinet with this. I have been with them 15 years looks like a change is coming.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Murray,

      Its concerning to hear that you’ve had this issue and we do apologise here. Indeed, Freezone isn’t included on the new plans, however for most customers, moving to the new plans won’t affect them due to the increase in quota. One thing we’d suggest is to have a look at your previous months usage and look at how much Freezone data you used and combine it with the regular data. If it less than your new limit, then you’re in front.

      – Leo.

  50. van leeuwen says:

    I agree with some of the comments. Like with all sort of other services, country customers are totally overlooked. NBN should be one price for all. I have never had a better offer from iinet. That does not mean that I don’t like iinet. I challenge iinet to come with a better plan for its rural customers. What can you do for us?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Van Leeuwen,

      Thanks for your comments and you’ve raised some great points here.

      We are always review plans and we do have some plan improvements on the way, for instance NBN Fixed Wireless and NBN Sky Muster Satellite.

      With the comment regarding NBN pricing, whilst we wish it was possible to offer a single price, its simply not possible for various reasons, most relating to the NBN itself and the different connection types.

      – Leo.

  51. Travers says:


    re: your reply on: August 20, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Being apart of FTTH we have always been separated and refused options to bundle including after the government confirming that FTTH will never get the NBN rollout and from Oct 2015 are considered NBN or equivalent the same. I have been battling with iinet with this debate ever since

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Travers,

      Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

      Fibre To The Home networks are completely separate to the NBN, as they’re setup by private companies like OptiComm or Places Victoria. Therefore, they set their own pricing structures and wholesale conditions, which is why they’re treated differently.

      – Leo.

  52. Craig holton says:

    when is unlimited data for fixed wireless nbn available? I’ve been with westnet for more than 10 years and am more than happy with the service,but i’m seriously thinking of moving when other providers have unlimited dat for @$70 a month.

  53. Garry says:

    I was an AAPT customer when iiNet took them over. At that time I found iiNet to have fantastic customer service. Always got someone who spoke and understood the English language so communication was clear and concise. Since TPG has taken over iiNet customer service has gone way downhill. On the occasions I have recently contacted customer service we spend most of our time trying to understand each other and get a message across. It is all very well to be able to speak English but you also need to have an understanding of the meaning of what is being said. I have on occasion just hung up in frustration.

    My recent communication with iiNet/TPG has been as a result of the recent installation of the NBN. In short, the NBN is crap. No faster than the ADSL2 we were connected to previously. The NBN continually freezes or drops out. Because our landline answering machine is connected to our computer and therefore the NBN, it no longer works properly. You can leave a message but we can’t retrieve it. A online local community forum we are part of is full of comments from others experiencing the same issues. No one seems happy with the NBN.

  54. Pete says:

    HI Leo,

    You’ve been dropping hints about these new fixed wireless plans for at least a month now. When exactly are they coming? Can you give any details on what’s in them?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Pete,

      They new NBN Fixed Wireless plans are on their way, but I can’t give you a firm date (yet). They are much more closely aligned to our current NBN plans, so will represent great value.

      – Leo.

  55. Mitch says:

    How about limitless satellite NBN, first month hooked up and in 8 days gone… Thanks to the good old PS4 console updates which you can’t set to off-peak hours like ps3. Or even a purchase pack to keep you going until the next month in case of issues like this. Doubtful on any change but it’s a killer and irritating to not have a solution. Hopefully iiNet listens to its users.