Living healthy and getting active with your phone

In a tech-savvy world we no longer want to lug a notebook around to jot down each meal for a food diary and log how many squats we did during the day. Now, with a number of apps available at our fingertips – we don’t have to!

With a number of health and fitness apps that cost next to nothing (yes – they cost less than your morning coffee!) you no longer have to worry about budgeting for a gym membership or a personal trainer. Better still, if you are worried about trying something new and looking silly – you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

I’ve put together a range of apps that I’ve personally used (or know people who have) to help you easily set your goals and reach them – maybe even in time for Christmas! With these apps at your fingertips, you can track your health and fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle from anywhere, anytime of the day or night.

Apps to help you clean up your menu

When it comes to living healthy balance is the key. These apps can help build a healthy lifestyle rather than following a diet – because what’s the fun in that?!

My Fitness Pal App


Apps including My Fitness Pal, allow you to track your daily calorie intake quickly and easily by allowing you to find nutritional information for each meal. You can even write up your own recipes, or simply scan the barcode to add an item – easy as! And yes, be prepared to start scanning each item on your shopping list when you start using this app!

My Fitness Pal is available for Android and iPhone users.


Clean Eating Recipes App


Don’t have the time to look up new and exciting recipes with so many other items on your to do list? Being surrounded by quick and convenient food options, it can be easy to grab something to eat on the go. The problem with this is it’s hard to know the exact nutrition value in each meal. But what if you had access to quick, easy and HEALTHY recipes? Queue the Clean Eating Recipes app!

Clean Eating Recipes is available for Android and iPhone users.


An app to get you moving!

Couch25K App


Perfectly named, Couch to 5K works with you (whether you are an energiser bunny or a couch potato) to get you out the house and running. With an interactive, motivational coach and a number of race training tools to help you set realistic goals and stay on track, you’ll be up and running in no time (pun intended).

Couch to 5K is available for iPhone and Android users.


Apps that work while you catch the ZZZ’s

Sleep Cycle App


Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as eating well and training right. While you sleep, this app graphs and analyses your sleep patterns, waking you up while you are in the lightest stage of your sleep cycle, leaving you feeling fresh as a daisy.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is available for iPhone and Android users.


Apps for your wellness

Yoga Studio App


Thinking of taking up yoga and want to do it without being the person who shakes and wobbles and hits the ground? Yoga Studio allows you to schedule your classes and practice your poses meaning you will rock up to that class and be one of the pros!

Yoga Studio is available for Android and iPhone users.


Calm App


Who doesn’t find it hard to relax in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? There are a tone of apps designed to help you regroup. Calm runs through a 7-day program guiding you through the basics of mindfulness meditation, allowing you to choose the sounds that help you relax (such as the pitter-patter of rain, the crackling of a fire, or if you’re a beach lover – the sound of waves against the sand).

Calm is available for Android and iPhone users.


If any of these apps jump out at you and you can’t wait to download it – head over to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store now!

If you have used any of the apps hand-picked above, or have a completely different app that is your go-to for all things health and fitness, let us know in the comments below – I will be the first one to try them!


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  1. Matt says:

    Try HealthEngine – find and book your next health appointment online.

  2. Paul Jones says:

    Unlike me, though, Erin is obviously not a fan of the Windows platform for mobiles. Not one app mentioned It might be dying but its not dead yet and it is a great platform that is under supported.

    • Erin Kavanagh says:

      Hi Paul, some of these apps can be found on windows platforms. It would also be great to hear if you have any apps for Windows users that you would like to suggest as well?

  3. Marthea says:

    Pzizz. Great app to get to sleep or power nap

  4. Rusty says:

    Here’s another couple that I use on a regular basis that are quite helpful:

    Yummly- recipe app that allows lots of filters so you can search a recipe that has or doesn’t have an ingredient. Good for gluten free diets, lactose intolerant etc.

    Strava- distance tracking app that can be used to measure walks, runs or cycles. Links to My Fitness Pal so you can see calories burned.

  5. Janu Zejdler says:

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