Lose the Christmas weight online

by Rebecca Moonen

Of all the things about the holidays to love, food is definitely high up on the list (along with presents, although presents don’t go nearly as well with cranberry sauce.) Alas, the festive season brings with it a barrage of Christmas parties (nine in a row? Don’t mind if I do!) with the “just one more glass of champagne” and the obligatory (yet highly complementary) canapé of all things fried. If you’re anything like me, the guilt kicks in by the New Year and the food baby needs to go.

To help you pour yourself back into your jeans before anyone can say “oh my god are Hot Cross Buns back in stores?”, we turn to the Internet. Here are a few of my favourite websites and smartphone apps to get you back in shape:

Mix my muesli
No longer turning to the faithful bacon and egg toasty for the most important meal of the day, this super cool site allows you to mix your own cereal, complete with the things you love (and sans those you don’t). The nutritional content specific to your blend is available at all times through the selection process, along with helpful information (what does phyllium do anyway?) for each ingredient that you pick. Not only was it healthy, ‘Beck’s Mega Mix’- turned out to be pretty darn tasty.

Pounding the pavement with RunKeeper is an awesome way to track your distance (via GPS), workout time and calories you’ve burnt.  As if that’s not motivating enough, the robot voice pipes up every five minutes, loudly broadcasting your running speed and the distance thus far. At the end of the session, you can post the stats to Facebook to brag to your friends about how diligent you’ve been, and how many beers you’ve earned.

Calorie King
If you’re one for calorie counting, check out Calorie King. You can pre-set meals that you eat often, keep track of your water intake and watch the calorie bar deplete after submitting your exercise for the day. For those on the run, smart phone apps My Fitness Pal or My Net Diary do the same thing.

So cheers to a Happy New Year, saying good-bye (and thanks for the ham) to excess kilos and hello to a healthier you.


  1. If only it was as easy as that !!!

  2. No New Years resolution from me .