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A number of Australians are getting ready for when the NBN™ comes-a-knockin’ on their door! We’ve found a way to do the waiting for you so that you can keep on livin’ your life in the meantime. That’s right, you can take the hassle out of moving to the NBN™ by pre-ordering!

If your address is expected to be ready for NBN™ in the next 3 months, you can pre-order your new NBN™ service now, then sit back and relax knowing you’ll be connected to superfast internet to suit your family’s needs as soon as possible.

Don’t know when the NBN™ will reach you? Head on over to our NBN™ Coverage Checker and enter your address in the box that looks like the one below.

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NBN™ Coverage Checker

If NBN™ is on the cards within the next 3 months, you’ll see the option to “Pre-order the NBN™“ to get your connection started as soon as the NBN™ arrives at your address (example below). Now that’s convenient!

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NBN Pre-order

To pre-order NBN™, simply fill in the form on-screen just like a regular broadband order. Then simply leave the rest to us – we’ll monitor NBN™’s availability at your address and spring into action as soon as NBN™ is available.

Make sure you stay up to date with the rollout as new premises continue to be connected to the NBN™ connection in 2017.

Want to keep an eye on the progress of the NBN™ rollout? Bookmark our NBN™ Coverage Checker – it lets you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built and where construction is currently underway. With so much progress planned for this year, start checking your options to ensure you get connected with the right NBN™ plan for your family.


  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    When my mum was notified that NBN was now ready to be connected, I spent sometime on the net checking out NBN plans.
    I realise we are in an era where simplification of offerings is the “go”, but it does lead to a square peg/round hole situation.
    For my family, the $99 NBN plan is a logical choice (despite living in a suburb not due to get NBN until 20??), but for my elderly mum, your plans do not fit with her needs.
    She’s currently on a grand-fathered plan that is ostensibly the $69 limitless. Given she uses iview, Netflix, FaceTime and VOIP, she does need a fair whack of data, so the smaller (250 gig) plan does not suffice.
    Your new $69 limitless is, frankly, a shocker on multiple fronts. First; speed. You have it at 12/mbps when a speed test at mums reveals she’s already getting above those (oddly slow for NBN) numbers on ADSL2.
    Second; pay as you go VOIP. So thats disaster as her call costs will send that above the next plan- the $79.(Leading me to ask why there even is a $69 plan if even low level phone calls will send it over the $79 VOIP included plan).
    In short, she will need to get the $79 plan (For twpo years) just to get reasonable speeds above ADSL2 and to make some calls. As a pensioner, that puts just enough strain on her budget to mean that I now need to look at churn options.

    In short: offer a $69 plan with 1 terrabyte/National VOIP/24Mbps plan and thank me later.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions – very interesting take on the plans and options that are being offered these days.

      – Leo.

  2. Tina says:

    Tried to get Nbn connected about six months ago but due to pitiful reception we were are unable to. What is happening with the satellite options? And no we don’t live in the middle of nowhere. I am talking 10km north of Coffs Harbour.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Tina,

      Initial checks show that NBN Fixed Wireless is the current product that will be ready for you to connect to, based on your location. We’re arranging contact for you, so this can be discussed if you’re interested.

      – Leo

  3. Brian says:

    I am an iinet customer already. I have naked DSL. Does it cost anything to get the NBN connected ?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Brian,

      You can connect to the NBN with us on a variety of plans, with the no contract setup cost being $79.95 (waived on a 24 month contract). We encourage all customers to have a look at:

      You can check what product is available to you and what you’ll need to take advantage of the service.

      We can see that you already have a pre-order in, so thank you! Please let us know how it goes.

      – Leo

  4. Anna Newbury says:

    Yes this is exactly my situation and problem, and why, though NBN is available to my address, I’m reluctant to connect! Better to stay with ADSL. Better speed and cheaper, especially with VOIP. iiNet did a similar drop in cheap mobile plans years ago, leaving the best middle option behind.

    We are not all “hardly users” or “super users” and the switch is not attractive to us.

    Glad this comment was posted on the advertisement page. I know we are not the only ones as I’ve had discussions with our friends and family too. We are all hanging back.

  5. Walter F Veit says:

    I would love to pre-order the NBN-connection but would like to have an indication of the cost additional to my present iiNet subscription. Any idea?
    Regards, Walter

  6. Hilary Hill says:

    Great, we have the Node across from our gate !

  7. Maggi says:

    I will take on NBN when I get speeds similiar to those advertised on Windscribe for USA 58.52 and Netherlands 34.42

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Maggi,

      Speeds will indeed match or exceed those quoted. Your area is in planning at the moment, so feel free to have a look at our NBN plans page if you’re curious.

      – Leo

  8. Michael Bertram says:

    I noted Tom Reynolds comments and I am afraid that my wife and I fall into the same category. I do not see NBN as a viable option for us. The proposed plans need a rethink or is this another way to gouge more money.
    The present plan we utilise is more than adequate for our needs. We are both retired and really do not need connection to NBN. Besides, we like Tom don’t need super fast ( ? ) speeds and from previous experience achievement of promulgated NBN speeds is questionable.

  9. craig says:

    our area already has nbn but are u lot up to date i wonder?mmm also the goverment said no increase in price . lets see sum prices and deals

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Craig,

      We can see that you’re in the process of connecting to the NBN. Feel free to let us know how you go!

      – Leo

  10. Julie says:

    I don’t wish to change anything, as I am perfectly happy with my current arrangements that suit my pocket as well. I haven’t bothered to look at the new plans yet, but I’ll bet my last dollar that it will prove heaps more expensive for far less and lots more hassle. Does the Australian customer not get a choice?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Julie,

      As this is new technology and a major communications rollout, there is likely to be some price variations. However, we want to ensure we can provide something that will suit your needs. Have a look at the NBN plans here:

      In your case, Fibre To The Node (FTTN) appears to be the technology for your impending service, going online in around a year from now.

      – Leo

  11. Nasim says:

    I am already with iinet and address checker showing 24th of March is when we are getting nbn in our area. My question is how an existing customer can pre order nbn upgrade. Also, how I am going to find out how far is the node from my place. There are 2 nodes at the same street.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Nasim,

      You can pre-order via the NBN page on our website:

      We can give you an idea of the distance to the nodes once the service is connected, but if there are two nodes in your street, you’re already at an advantage! If you have yet to lodge an order, feel free to get in touch – we’re more than happy to help.

      – Leo

  12. K D Nielsen says:

    Will there be a connection fee? Some charge $300 other don’t

    What are ALL your charges. Please specify leaving no hidden surprises. Be honest.

  13. Darryl Fry says:

    Our place is NBN ready. We are currently on a fairly expensive plan: Two mobile phones, one landline and internet for $110 a month. But the internet drops out 4 or 5 days a week and we run out of data even when we are away for a month.

    As two pensioners we don’t use it much, it’s all about Facebook and keeping up with our kids and grandkids, occasional twitter, yet still seem to use our data. Our speed is about 1500 KB per second, but sometimes feels like per minute.

    We used to watch netflix but since iiNet lost its partnership, with free download, we can’t afford to pay them and iiNet for extra data.

    What NBN service do you offer within or below our budget? 2 phones, landline and unlimited broadband?

    We need unlimited download for movies

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Darryl,

      We have a variety of plans available and we can see that you now have a pre-order in for NBN – congratulations! Please let us know how you get on.

      – Leo

  14. peter says:

    Would have to agree with Tom, already hear complaints of people hooking to the NBN but getting no benefits on either speed, capacity or price. Like the old days be a leader in those aspects and you will kill it as your service is world leading.

  15. Vicki says:

    Thank you Tom, for raising a very relevant point!

    I have written to iiNet more than once, pointing out that there are no plans which cater for single-person households with low usage. It looks like your mum is not such a low-usage customer, but there are many of us out there who do not need a huge quota, and do not use it! Even as a moderate user, she pays the same as a house full of users!

    There are no low-cost options for single people or single-income/ single-user households.
    If you look at it this way – I am currently paying $70 – 80 per month, which includes a home phone plan which it seems I an obligated to have, even though I don’t want it. I totally understand that I need an active phone line, but I don’t want/can’t afford to have a home phone number and the ability to make calls.

    For a single householder to be paying $70 – 80 per month is the equivalent of a household of 4 or 5 users paying around $300 – $400 per month, were they all to be charged on the same per-person rate I am paying.

    NBN has not yet arrived in my area, and I haven’t seen the rates. But unless there is a cheaper plan available, I will seriously be considering other options.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Vicki,

      We certainly understand your needs here – cost can be a sensitive issue, especially in a single person household. Our NBN plans start as low as $59.95, so you can remove some cost here:

      NBN is scheduled to be available in your area in around 3 months from now, so you can pre-order if you choose!

      – Leo

  16. Dennis Clark says:

    seeing as changing to NBN is compulsory unless you want to get cut off you shouldn’t be worse off. My NBN plan Ive chosen for when it comes is same cost as I pay now except phone calls are extra which sucks. The speed thing might or might not be iinet but I thought NBN was just a one speed service, its been advertised as fast but it seems will be same as broadband we have now and extra speed means extra dollars.

  17. Jacqui Dewey says:

    What will it cost me to go to NBB when it
    Arrives in my street compared to what plan I
    Am on now. I am on a $79.00 a month plan

  18. Richard says:

    I note Telstra is going to publish NBN speeds in April on their network as what NBN are promising is not occurring. Believe the ACCC is also getting in on the act against the NBN. Will iinet be publishing any of their NBN speeds so we can see what we are likely to get for connecting to the NBN and help us decide on what plan to have?

  19. Kerry Wright says:

    I am interesting in the NBN when it comes on in my area

  20. Pam Craig says:

    I agree with Tom above. I could already be on NBN but didn’t want to go to a more expensive plan and the low speed of the NBN plan that “equates” with my current plan means I’m putting it off as long as possible. Why would I switch to a plan that gives me SLOWER speeds. Hadn’t realised before I looked into changing my plan a few months ago that NBN would be provided in differing speeds. Very disappointed.

  21. Maurine Redenbach says:

    I feel rather scared about changing to NBN. Will I be able to afford it? All this change is just too much.

  22. David Buxton says:

    I am in a similar position but for different reasons, we are low volume users and never hit our 250GB limit, rarely use home phone but we have FetchTV, we currently pay $70 a month for everything as we don’t need limitless and again my speeds are regularly above 12mbps, so will effectively be downgrading my service to join the nbn, I believe we have 18 months to decide before we are force migrated so I will be waiting for a cheaper faster option to keep what I’ve got (with iiNet).

  23. David Chadderton says:

    We have been customers of Neighbourhood Cable and iiNet on your Fibre optic cable to our modem for over 15 years. I guess there is nothing for us to do with NBN, just continue using your excellent service?

  24. Joanne davidson says:

    How much will it costt

  25. Harry Hunter says:

    I am unable to decide which plan to use . The problem is the claimed speeds for the different plans are meaningless as we are either 450m from the nearest node or 900 m from the next nearest node which means that the claimed maximum speeds cannot be achieved.The latest Telstra plans based on 100Mbs are way better than anything that iinet have on offer

  26. ken lomas says:

    Naturally I am concerned at the cost which i consider will be larger until such times as i am supplied with full details I will wait for the real information top arrive

  27. Ronald Santen says:

    Yes, like Tom Reynolds, I would accept a $69/$79 plan with 1 Tb/ National VOIP/24 mbps plan happily. As iiNet’s longest serving customer I reckon such a plan would net you more customers.

  28. George Ciantar says:

    This ad you sent me has me confuse, because my application to be NBN is already being processed and I’ve received a router. Has something gone wrong with that, or is it that you don’t check before contacting people? And I’m already an iinet customer.

    • Gina Thompson says:

      Hi George – nothing’s wrong with your NBN application. If you’d like to stop receiving our monthly NBN newsletter which links to these blog articles, all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the email and click the ‘unsubscribe’ link. :)

  29. Marg Heath says:

    I agree, those who need high speed for work study or games have it. The rest of us dont need it it is just an expensive upgrade, most people dont need a mecedes or Jag.

  30. Jill says:

    Can you suggest what PLAN I should take. I was thinking of the $, as I am a pensioner, on my own, and except for watching some shows on Foxtel and free-to-air, and skype my family living in South Africa,so I do a lot of emailing to family and friends, please help me! Jill.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Jill,

      There are a variety of solutions for you, but we’re arranging to have staff give you a call to discuss your options.

      – Leo

  31. Tony R says:

    Im a longtime IInet customer, 10+ years.
    Ive been on an ADSL2+ plan for most of that time paying $50 a month plus the rest of the package. Because of the telstra owned infrastructure the fastest downloads Ive ever received is about 1.6Mbs that is extremely sub par and I have been paying for a service that is basically not provided. So whilst there will be no fibre to the premises there is no guarantee of NBN delivering ‘said’ speeds for increased fees. I would be interested in seeing however if IINet can finally deliver 8-12Mbs on my current plan tho?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Tony,

      Great question!

      Ideally, NBN connections should be much faster than your current Off-Net service, as the Node will be much closer to your premises. Your area shows as being in build for NBN, so we’ve arranged a call from our staff so they can have a chat to you about this.

      – Leo

  32. Bob Kavanagh says:

    Your blog or email to me states that my address should have NBN by 1st May 2017. We should have it now as it is on the NBN coverage map as available. For some reason they have connected Palmwoods and some houses in Chevallum Road but have stopped about 1km from my premises. The NBN have not stuck to their coverage map and have left a small pocket in Chevallum Road not connected. After contacting them they stated they have no plans to connect my house and others near by. To make it more ridiculous the Chevallum School which is next door to my house is connected to the NBN. By not connecting these few house while they were working in the Palmwoods area it is going to cost a lot more to connect them later. I would like to know where your information came from to state that I would be connected from 1st May 2017.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bob,

      Any information we’ve given comes directly from the NBN.

      Be aware that NBN have revised their rollout plans since we last discussed this with you and they have delayed plans for the rollout in your area until 2020.

      – Leo

  33. Helen Edwards says:

    I currently have my internet with iinet (Naked ADSL)and mobile with optus (monthly) if I were to combine them do you have any concession rates for pensioners

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Helen,

      iiNet does not offer Seniors discounts. We also have no incentives to bundle Mobile and internet services together.

      – Leo

  34. Nando says:

    I am actually quite fearful of NBN. Currently, I am on cable with a Super fast speed boost giving me a theoretical 90+MB/s. (Via speed test). Yes, yes I know actual download rates are much less; There is no way I will get that kind of speed with NBN. Further, a source very close to me says that their NBN is very slow and causes these ridiculous several second delays in the phone calls where real-time conversations on the landline with someone at the other end are virtually impossible. Their internet connection is about 6 MB/s or less and they are in an inner Perth suburb!
    Now I read that some cities in the US are being developed to receive Gbps of data by Google. Unbelievable.

  35. Ian Davies says:

    Yes like the above we cant afford a higher rate..why cant free phone calls be kept with the $59.99 plan as they are now?

  36. Hamish says:

    Tom Reynolds comment encapsulates the problems many of us see with your NBN Plans and subsequent contributors highlight these. I find your reply to Tom i.e. “very interesting take on the plans and options that are being offered these days” to be both dismissive and somewhat arrogant. Why not address the comments properly and advise those of us who have no need for super speeds to play games or veg out on movies 24 hrs per day and explain why we should sign up for an NBN THAT GIVES US SLOWER SPEEDS THAN WE CURRENTLY GET ON OUR BASIC $59.95 plan. That would actually be helpful

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Hamish,

      It really does come down to what plans suit individual customers best. In some circumstances, moving to NBN will allow some people to ditch services they no longer want or need, like landline phone, so it isn’t always all about speed or data limits.

      In your case, NBN HFC is going to be available to you in the next few months and we’re more than happy to have staff have a chat to you about this. The plans are available to check out here:

      – Leo

  37. Colin Dunkerley says:

    T P G informed me that nbn was available at my address. I called iiNet as I have had many years of good service with them, to be told nbn was not available…20 minutes later they found it is available. iiNet sent a technician who informed me I will require connection via satellite because of trees. I was given a number and phoned nbn who said that information appears to be incorrect and advised me to get a second opinion from iiNet. Iinet didn’t send anyone to check this, but decided satellite is the way to go and would send a technician within 4 days. Weeks later, nothing. No contact, no second opinion, no pros and cons regarding satellite. In short iiNet customer service seems to have disappeared. I am wondering if it is time to go to a new server, someone who wants business and will give me a genuine assessment regarding the best system.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Colin,

      This is unfortunate to hear.

      A clarification here: it does sound like you were trying for NBN Fixed Wireless. If trees are in the way (and if you aren’t handy with a chainsaw) then this will stop you from obtaining that service, requiring a need for NBN Satellite instead.

      Colin, we’re more than happy to still assist here. Feel free to e-mail myself directly ( and we’ll investigate.

      – Leo

  38. George says:

    I asked what it would cost in ‘extras’ other than the monthly payment. Basically quote me.
    I received a call telling me to order a plan then they will give the prices. I asked them again and no reply.
    Can i remain of NBN?

  39. TONY ANZELLINO says:

    Due to my town being totally destroyed by wildfire on 7 January 2016, I currently live with my son until my new home is completed. Recently NBN became available in Waroona, WA and he arranged to he connected. He received a modem through the mail and he set it up in under a hour. After weeks of using NBN, on multiple machines, we have noticed a drop in speed in comparison with ADSL2. When he complained to our internet provider he was told he would need to provide evidence when and how the NBN is slower than ADSL2. I find that comment totally mystifying. He later worked out that although fibre optic cable runs past his home, the connection from his home to the NBN network is still utilizing the old copper wire system.

  40. Bev Donnelly says:

    do we need to have NBN to use our computer,we are pensioners and dont think we will need the extra expence

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Bev,

      You will need the NBN (eventually) if you want to have an internet connection. There are lots of options available though!

      – Leo

  41. Isobel Hillier says:

    Great thinking Tom- I’m with you. I am also in the pensioner categry and while I would love to have the NBN the current range of prices and options that iiNet are offering are out of my price range. I would like to remain a customer of iiNet but this will probably drive me to one of its opposition companies or simply not invest in NBN.

  42. Mark Lynch says:

    I agree with Tom too. An NBN “upgrade” to pay $20 a month more for exactly the same level of speed/unlimited etc service – Makes no sense at all!!!! I’m surprised the ACCC hasn’t already started to take a look at the wholesale fee gouging going on with the NBN.

    I’m not interested in the NBN – but sadly it looks like we will all be forced to transfer across within 18 months or face disconnection from the existing ADSL network.

  43. Swilky says:

    I would like to know who is doing an inexpensive scheme for the low income people. I do not need or want the NBN nor can I afford it. I want my date halved the cost halved and my phone treated the same. My pockets are limited and I need Internet to contact Centre link. I would like to do that with some security, not from the library. We have a robot revolution to look forward to and heaps more unemployed with sky rocketing prices. You want loyalty give some in return. The old days are gone.

  44. Rod says:

    On the other hand we have had poor speeds (1.7) at best on ADSL and anything would be better. Unfortunately we are not scheduled to get NBN until 2018. Netflix and the like are out of the question until speeds are usable. A common you tube video buffers constantly and if I want resolution higher than 280 it is interminable.
    For those of you with speeds of 5Mbps or better you should be grateful, personally the NBN cannot come fast enough for me

  45. mark says:

    It maybe good in certain areas, especially if you are lucky to have FTTP, but I’m on what they call a “ring network” and it was impossible to get any decent Broad Band before the NBN arrived and since it has arrived it’s rubbish. Adam’s WiMax system is pretty close to matching it, infact my wife and a few people in my area reckon Wimax was better.. NBN, is a joke

  46. Trish says:

    I shall defer it as long s possible s I know that itis going to cost me more money for no additiional benefit

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Trish,

      Understandable sentiment to have and for some customers, their needs will be different than others. Having said that, there may be opportunities for improvement as some customers may see a benefit from no longer having a landline rental, for instance. The choice is yours!

      – Leo

  47. Stephen says:

    Have to agree with the tone of most of comments above. why not offer the NBN service to loyal customers at current rate…
    the service to date has been excellent and we are excellent customers in return. Be a leader in the industry and reward loyalty at the same time… IINet will be rewarded in the end….

  48. Dianne says:

    Can you tell me what happens if you don’t agree to go to NBN?
    What are the different charges as we only pay a low fee now why would we wan to go to $63 or $99?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dianne,

      In most cases, failing to switch to the NBN will result in any copper services being disconnected. This is dependent on the connection type available to you and the disconnection date of any copper services afterwards, so you do have some time to consider your options.

      We’ve arranged for staff to reach out to you anyway, just so you can be aware of your options.

      – Leo

  49. Daryl Saal says:

    Hi, I live within the Toowoomba city limits but they stuffed up the planning (FTTN on one side, fixed wireless on the other), so am only offered satellite. Despite being a retired couple we already use much more than that can offer, so I’m looking at fixed 4G plans. Optus has 250GB at 12mbs for $80, looks like no NBN for us unfortunately.

  50. Colin Fulton says:

    Don’t believe everything the NBN Co tell you. According to them we have NBN available but there is not a single node within coo-ee of here. they are just faking the numbers to make fizza look good, node = no nbn.

  51. English Please says:

    Allow me to be sarcastic for a sentence or so. The opening iiNet page listing the plans shows prospective customers will get nice email protection rather than free email protection. (complimentary instead of complementary). Now how could I rely on a service that does not fully check their page content?

  52. Chris Aitken says:

    Don’t bother with NBN. Service drops out 6 to 8 times per day. I no longer can work from home. IInet have shown no interest in solving the issue and takes up to 6 hrs to respond to support calls. Also make sure you are getting the speed you’re paying for. I certainly didn’t and no refund offered. Wait until the 5G comes

    • Chris May says:

      Hi Chris, sorry to hear that you’re having some issues with your connection. If you’re seeing repeated dropouts and troubleshooting with our support team has failed to resolve the issue then we would want to be lodging a fault with NBN to have this investigated further and the cause of the issue identified and resolved. We’d like to ensure that this is followed up and our support team, available on 13 22 58, will be more than happy to work towards getting this fixed. Should there be a call queue our callback system is active during the day allowing you to not need to stay on hold and a representative will give you a call when they are available. Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels:

      Facebook –
      Twitter – @iiNet

      – Chris

  53. Jean-Paul says:

    Hi there
    When is the NBN roll out going to start and which kind of connection will be available on the Tilligerry Peninsula Mallabula 2319 NSW ?
    Thank you