Makeovers with Miss Universe WA

by Nikkita Dixon

Our office has some new faces wandering the floors. No, we haven’t had any new recruits but some of our staff members have been sporting a new look lately after winning the chance to have a free makeover as part of our sponsorship with Miss Universe and their partnership with Savoir Faire.

As many will be familiar, the daily grind can see you running short of time in the morning and falling into the habit of wearing the same look day in, day out, or even worse, just doing away with makeup completely. While the makeup someone wears doesn’t necessarily define them, we think it can go a long to increasing self confidence. So we got our girls, and a couple of our guys in with our makeup artists and two lovely Miss Universe WA contestants to learn some new tricks.

As per usual we took things a step further to make it one of the best Friday’s on the job possible. As our makeover winners were having their makeup done they were treated to snacks, drinks and chick flicks to really set the mood for a girly afternoon.

While we’re stoked to be inspiring confidence among our staff but even more excited that we’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the contestants vying for Miss Universe WA. As the competition heats up we’ll be keeping you up to date with our involvement on Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye out.

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