The man behind our social media

by Nikkita Dixon

The importance of Social Media has grown at a rapid rate over the past five years when iiNet’s Social Media manager, Matthew Jones, set up the first of iiNet’s social networking accounts. Myspace fell to the popularity of Facebook; a new phenomenon known as Twitter spread like wildfire; and business’ have been falling over themselves to catch up.

We catch Matthew between tweets and other postings to talk about the man behind iiNet’s Social Media Team.

What does it mean to be the Social Media Manager at iiNet? (for those who don’t know)

On an average work day I’ll spend time interacting with customers on Whirlpool, Facebook, Twitter and the iiNet blog; keeping up to date with tech journals and news articles; liaising with other departments in the business that are planning on launching things into the social media sphere; looking for opportunities to share cool stuff with our readership and making sure my team is happy and supported. It’s a communications, marketing and customer service job all rolled into one and it hasn’t stopped evolving yet.

What’s your iiNet highlight?

Definitely getting approval on the business plan I’d proposed to make calls to mental health services free for iiNet customers. Another mental health advocate I was following on Twitter asked why no telco offered this. It felt like such a simple “win” for both the business and for customers. Nearly twelve months on and other major telcos have followed suit, which is a really positive outcome.

Do you have a goal for the future?

Once I’ve finished up my studies in Games Technology and Ludology I hope to finally bring the game design I’ve been working on for nearly six years to life. After that, I’d love to continue making games for a living if it’s feasible. It might be long hours, hard work and little pay – unless you’re lucky or talented enough to create a monster like Minecraft – but I have this overwhelming desire to give something back to the industry that has given me nearly thirty years of fun.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m notoriously shy. This usually surprises people because I’ve got the proverbial “gift of the gab”, but it’s all game face. Oddly enough, in a work or professional situation I’m just fine and I have no issues with public speaking or presenting. The moment it becomes personal I’m in ‘Anxiety City’. I think it’s often mistaken for snobbishness or being standoffish, but it’s just plain old terror.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

While “no man is an island”, you are the only person who is 100 percent guaranteed to be around in your life forever. If you can’t love yourself, you need to learn how.

What would you say is your most annoying habit?

I’m the kind of person who won’t commit to attending a party because I have no idea how I’ll feel on the day. But if you call me and ask if I want to go do something on the spur of the moment, I’ll probably say yes.

If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?

I wouldn’t mind having a glimpse at the future. I wonder to what extent the Internet is going to stay free and neutral and if #occupywallst is really the start of a people’s revolution in the West.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How big is your hair in real life?

    • Matthew Jones says:

      Much, much bigger than it is in that photo. It’s getting to the point where I no longer control the hair, the hair controls me.

  2. felixmeister says:

    Dear Mr ‘so called social media manager’ (scsmm)

    I find it quite disappointed that your phone background & ring tone didn’t rate at least a mention in your favourite moment.
    Secondly, ‘Don’t leave your computer unlocked’ is a far more valuable piece of advice than “Be yourself”

    Your’s sincerely

    Someone not at associated with iiNet in any way shape or form.

    • Matthew Jones says:

      Dear IT person who may or may not sit at the desk next to mine,

      My “Why Can’t I Be You” ringtone by the Cure combined with a Robert Smith background on the Cisco IP Phone is a highlight of my working day.

      If you’re looking to utilise social media to help spread the messages in iiNet’s Acceptable Use Policy, you know where I sit. I wouldn’t want to tread on your toes by giving out advice related to your department – I’m courteous like that. ;P


  3. fael says:

    Matt once stole my dog and gave me pink eye.

  4. Jack Cola says:

    I currently do what you do for fun as a hobby. Getting paid for it would be even better!