Marketing… It’s Not What You Think

by Matt Dunstan

Explaining to my mum what I do every day at iiNet as a marketeer seems to be a hard thing to do at times.

That was a great new ad I saw on TV last night.  You came up with it right?
Yer, that wasn’t me specifically, a creative guy at the agency comes up with the idea.
So you make the ads then do you?
Well no, a production team do that.
Right, so you talk to the television stations to get your ad on TV?
Not exactly, we have a media buyer who takes care of that.”
“……you do have a job right?

The process of creating an ad campaign, to the naked eye, can seem little more than the combination of a witty one-liner and a good quality handycam. Without trying to sound too defensive (and in case the boss is reading) it’s actually a highly involved process.

This week sees the launch of our biggest national campaign to date.  The ‘New Number 2’ is the culmination of around six months worth of work by a wide range of people here at iiNet and our partners. It’s also been a pretty significant investment from the company in getting here.
In August last year we packed the camper-van and went on tour around Australia interviewing a wide range of people about their ISP experience (and by camper-van I mean – flying to Sydney staying in a hotel and running focus groups – but you get the idea).

Out of the groups came some really interesting insights like “I just choose a big one as I know it will work” and “iiNet sounds like they are doing things differently, I just didn’t know much about them”.

These insights are then turned into a brand communication strategy and then a TV idea. At this stage it is as simple as sitting down with the creative team and then drawing an idea on paper. Two people who deserve a mention are Ronnie Duncan and Mike Edmonds from our ad agency Meerkats. In my books, genius is often reserved for the likes of Shane Warne and Chevy Chase but Mike and Ronnie are as good as I get to meet on a regular basis.

Once we’ve got the idea it can still take up to two months to go through the process of determining the ‘who?’, ‘what?’, and ‘where?’ for the filming – not to mention up to a week sitting in a post production studio trying to get every  last image and sound just right.

Buying the spots for the TV ad is a science in itself but I’ll save that for another time.

I’m really proud of what everyone involved has come up with.  Truthfully you are only as good as the people you work with and I can claim responsibility for about 5 percent of the end result. But that won’t stop me telling mum that it was all my idea!

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