Meet The New BoB2

by Nikkita Dixon

iiNet fans are in a frenzy with news the iiNet Labs has released a new modem to the market. This has come much sooner than we expected with the last edition, BoB LiteTM, making itself a permanent device in the homes of Australians only months ago.

So with the new Bob2TM release date yet to be announced, anticipation is high. We caught up with BoB2TM recently to discuss what he plans to bring to Australian homes and what makes him different to anything else you’ve seen so far.

So how have you ended up in Australia? It must have been quite a journey!
Well this is my first time here. I’ve come from this cool place called iiNet Labs, or more specifically the brains of anyone who has used my previous model. Making a modem is a little like making a baby. When iiNet and innovation love each other very much… No really, it’s been a rollercoaster alright. My innards were taken from more than 3000 customer emails and suggestions. Then the guys at iiNet Labs put me together and here I am!

Do you think you’ll make many friends here?
Without a doubt. Especially with my new colour screen and my competitive pricing, who wouldn’t want a piece of this? *laughs* I’ve also got my little brother BoB LiteTM to hang out with until the rest of my family rocks up.

What would you say is your best feature?
It depends.  Some people like the fact that I can be wall mounted but some are really into geeky things like my having the latest 802.11n standards in wireless technology. They all seem to be into my sleek new look – streamlined baby!

So they say you’re all-in-one, what exactly does that mean?
Well I don’t come fitted with a pair of tweezers but I can do all of those cool internet things people are going nuts for lately. IPTV (fetchtv), USB ports, powered by DECT and the latest cordless telephony CAT-iq for VOIP… is that enough acronyms for you? But really I do whatever iiNet needs me to do. Just like a good pair of jeans, I go with everything – the full suite of products.

Things are changing in Australia, aren’t you worried you might find yourself homeless when the NBN rolls in?
Not at all! You wouldn’t think I’d set up home in Australia and not be prepared for the future do you? I’m completely NBN ready. I wouldn’t expect anything less from my makers who are big fans of the new network.

Well it’s been great chatting with you, is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we wrap up?

Yeah definitely. Hey guys! Really looking forward to meeting you all. I hope I go with your furniture! Oh, and did I mention I have a voicemail function now? See you real soon.

BoB2TM will make its way to Australia for customer purchase in April this year. Purchasing price is yet to be set.  For more information head to the iiNet Labs website or check out the press release.


  1. Gordon says:

    Wish you’d asked whether the new BoB handset heats up like the old ones do; whether you still get the “this number is not in service” message for numbers that in service; whether there’s a voicemail service that actually tells you when you have messages; whether you can hear people at the other end of the line without them sounding like they’re in a tunnel far, far away …

  2. Jason says:

    Can I switch to BoB2 while I am renting BoB1? As what “Gordon said @ 9:30am” Does the new BoB2 handset heats up; whether you can hear people at the other end of the line or if they can hear you?

  3. Jack Cola says:

    Does the new BoB have IPv6 – because that’s the future.

    Also, in the second paragraph it says “So with the new iiNet Bob release date yet to be announced”, but in the last paragraph it says “iiNet BoB will make its way to Australia for customer purchase in April this year”

    Is this BoB forgetful too?

  4. Stu says:

    while knowing that it still has n class wireless is useful, i would not have expected it to have been downgraded to g class anyway, as everyone else said, do the handsets get hot, does the phone work properly (and not ring for the other person when the wireless handset has run out of battery) and will it work with ipv6? also, will there be that delay that cuts off the first thing i say when i answer the phone, and if i type a number at a reasonable speed will it miss random numbers until i slow down?

  5. jeloz says:

    Gigabit router?????

  6. Mick says:

    +1 on the upgrade question. I’d also like to know if Bob 2 can maintain a VoIP connection for more than 5 minutes and if it can make PSTN calls without a very loud buzzing on the line?

  7. John Ferlito says:

    To reiterate what I said on twitter, it is unfortunate that Bob is perpetuating gender stereotypes in his latest interview.

  8. Geoff Searle says:

    In response to Gordon & Jason:

    We did take a lot of customer feedback on the original bob into consideration. So we have worked to resolve previous issues including the handset heating problem of some units.

    In response to Jack:

    iiNet Bob supports IPV6 and though a specific release date is yet to be announced, availability around April is the expectation.

  9. James says:

    I think you should make the iiNet logo monotone. The full colour logo clashes with sleekness of the rest of the devices, cheapening it.

  10. steve says:

    no gigabit?? for a flagship product gigabit shoulda been standard to
    a) help differentiate it from bob lite and
    b) cause ppl that want this level of product probably have nas’s etc and gigabit is the way to go.

    saves having multiple devices and multiple plug packs. one of the reasons i didnt like the original bob because even tho i was mildly interested in fetchtv i didnt want to go back to having bob and a seperate gigabit switch :/

  11. Cameron says:

    Will owners of the original BoB be able to trade in their original BoB units, given the problems that occur with BoB?

  12. Kirsten says:

    ^^ Good question Cameron, will i be able to trade in my Bob for one that lets me make phone calls properly? Cause i haven’t heard of even one person that has an old Bob that works properly. Mine has hot handsets always, is randomly uncallable sometimes, sometimes wont make calls, and doesn’t let the person on the other end of the line hear me for 3 seconds when i answer the phone.

  13. Gary says:

    No gigaibit = NoBob