Meet iiNet face to face at Westfield Innaloo

iiNet has taken another big step forward and planted an iiNet kiosk in the middle of Westfield Innaloo, WA.

For a company that has primarily dealt with customers over the phone, we were excited to be getting out into the thick of things and meeting our customers in the flesh.

Day one of our stand was met with great enthusiasm from customers. We started to meet a lot of new people at the kiosk, particularly those who didn’t know who iiNet was (is it possible?)

The shoppers didn’t just hear about our products, they got to see and touch them as well. We have BoB units on display as well as a screen showcasing Fetch TV. On top of that, in the case of mobile broadband, they could walk away with their modem – no waiting for the mailman.

We’re here until the 31st December. Come down and say hello (if you are in the neighbourhood). With any luck we’ll have a kiosk in every state soon enough.


  1. saudukar says:

    Sometimes I like a big fruity ADSL muffin. Will this store sell ADSL muffins?

    Dalby has the recipe if you need it.

  2. Kim says:

    Saying iiNet “only ever dealt with customers over the phone” is a bit much. iiNet used to have a store in Karrinyup Shopping Centre, so it is a bit of a stretch to say this is a first. (see for example) Even if you ignore previous retail forays, while its undoubtedly true most customer contact is by phone, iiNet staff have interacted with customers in person for a long time.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the feedback, you’re absolutely correct and we’ve edited the article to reflect this.

    For those following along at home, we also handled walk-ins in our reception area in Durack (Perth, WA) for a period of time – with customers coming in to pay bills or to have hardware checked out.

    Matt Jones

  4. Andrew says:

    Would love to see more of these kiosks both NOR and SOR in Perth, as well as some in Melbourne and Sydney. Many customers prefer to deal with someone in person (hence the success of the mobile phone telco kiosks and shops)

    What about a shop that showcases iiNet products and services in the Perth CBD?

  5. Don Wishart says:

    Hi Guys As a ex sandgoper I’m rapped with BoB and iinet and even though i dont have any problems How about a kiosk in westfield Gardsn City on this side (Qld) of Aussie as personal touch means alot to some people