Michael Malone featured on ABC News 24

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Our CEO and founder, Michael Malone, was recently featured on ABC News 24.

He discusses a range of topics including iiNet being taken to court in 2010 by major Hollywood studios over allegations of copyright infringement:

“The studios were alleging that our customers were downloading movies and television shows. And they were asking us on the basis of those allegations to disconnect customers or to otherwise sanction them… But for consumers I think it would have been a really bad precedent that on the basis of an unproven allegation with no independent review, no judicial oversight that we would have then had to move to disconnect customers from the internet. I think that’s ludicrous now at a time when the Internet is as vital as electricity…

I’d never been through something like this beforehand but it was actually really interesting from that side of the bench. I spent nearly four days sitting in a witness stand, under what was referred to by the judge later as ‘unnecessarily hostile cross-examination’… The outcome of course was that we did win it. But it was a battle worth fighting for regardless.”

And the National Broadband Network:

“There’s part of Asia, like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand, which are rolling out their own National Broadband Networks so customers have access to faster speeds today. Australia, I think, is starting to lag behind. Part of that is both sides of politics fighting with each other over what the right outcome is here. One of the positives coming into this election is that both the Coalition and Labor are now saying that a National Broadband Network with high speed access, affordable prices for all Australians is now a critical part of both platforms.

There are some good statistics that link broadband penetration directly with  productivity and GDP growth. So I think making sure that everyone can get access to broadband is really important and needs to be a national priority. This is building the national road network of tomorrow. That’s the level of importance we should put on it.”

Check out the full interview below.




  1. D Burgess says:

    NBN is all very well but for those of us still waiting for ADSL2 upgrades to our local exchange, its meaningless. I doubt NBN or ADSL2 will be available in our area (and we are officially part of the metro area of Perth) any time soon. Some other local exchanges don’t even have ADSL1.

    • Tal Waterhouse says:

      Hi D,

      You can always keep up to date with any time frames for NBN roll-outs on our website.

      It’s always good to speak with our support team on 13 22 58 about any new developments or other means of improving your connection.


    • Paul T says:

      I agree with D Burgess – Having been with iinet continuously for more that 10 years we cant even get ADSL 2 – I live in Rockhampton a large regional town – you would think that some effort would be spent on assisting the many loyal iinet customers here.

      • Tal Waterhouse says:

        Hi Paul,

        In certain areas, exchanges just don’t have the capacity to support our own ADSL2+ equipment. It may be best to speak with our support team about anything we can do to help.

        We’re always trying to improve the quality of the services we offer to all our customers across Australia and there are a lot of factors that determine just what we can feasibly do.

        We also welcome any feedback as this helps immensely in identifying areas of improvement.


  2. Bob Snoke says:

    Don’t worry about their service as they do not have any to give. I submitted a relocation application on 24 July and as of 19 August I have been told that they have no idea when or IF they will be able to supply a phone connection. This is not the way to do business. They should realise that some people actually rely on phones for business and paying bills. I would definitely not recommend iinet to any of my friends or colleagues as they can not and do not deliver on what they put in writing that they will have your phone connected in 3-5 business days.

    • Adam O'grady says:

      Hi Bob,

      If there are difficulties with a relocation, we recommend getting in contact with our Provisioning team on 1300 634 515 (8am-8pm local time). They should be able to look into any delays, fixing up any problems and letting you know the timeframes and details of what’s happening. If you feel an issue is being mishandled (especially given the time period it’s taken), you can also escalate a complaint to a senior representative or manager as per our escalations process.

      You can also email me (adam.ogrady (AT) with a username/task reference number and a description of the events and I can look into it for you as well.


  3. Ted says:

    Joined about a month ago on the promise of a 10 day connection from Adam Internet having been purchased in August by iinet. The deal was a $50.00 bonus to be taken off the first bill, the first bill did not include this offer the 10 day deal was eventually 15 days with the customer (me) spending time writing email’s and phoning iinet to resolve issues that should never have happened. Estimated time spent 8 hours @ $35.00 per hour to whom do I send the bill ?.