The best motivational apps

So how are those New Year’s Resolutions working out? Fallen off the healthy eating, better habits, self-improvement band wagon already?

Yeah, us too… but luckily for us there are a wide range of apps out there to help see you through until the end of January, whatever your 2013 goals are.


If you’re driven by games, rewards and point scoring then SuperBetter is for you. This San Francisco start-up aims to help you eliminate stress, stay focused and reach your goals. Users turn to SuperBetter for everything from getting back on track after a rocky relationship patch, developing better habits and recovering from illness. It’s easy to use and ties in nicely with social networks, as you can enlist the support of friends, family and online communities to shout from the rooftops about meeting your SuperBetter challenges.

43 Things

This website and free app helps you work on a list of life goals, managing your progress from your iPhone.

It’s beautifully designed and allows you to curate, share and report on your progress. To keep you focused you only get 43 goals, so choose wisely!


We all need a cheerleader to help us keep on track. When that helpful friend or gym buddy is not available to give that motivational push, turn to Bloom for inspiration.

You can rely on Bloom’s default inspirational messages to pop up on your phone during the day or customize with your own pictures, messages and reminders to keep you pepped during the day.

Whether you need a reminder of how good you’ll feel after slogging it out in the gym or a reminder to step away from the lolly jar come tea break time, Bloom can help you achieve your goals and stay positive during the day.


Be honest. How many times have you gone to the gym this year after renewing your membership? If tough love is what you need to get you off the sofa and on to the treadmill Gym-Pact is the app for you.

The premise is simple: check in at the gym and you get cash rewards or skip your workout and you’re bank account takes a hit. You commit to a set number of workouts and a cash penalty for missing your gym session. If you go, you get the money redistributed from the lazy lot who didn’t bother.

You could of course just pay yourself for hitting the gym with a cash donation to the fun fund, but where’s the fun in that?

My QuitBuddy

The Australian Government’s National Tobacco Campaign saw the launch of a free My QuitBuddy app.

Like other motivational apps, My QuitBuddy combines personal images and positive words of encouragement to keep smokers on the straight and narrow. Whether you want to save your lungs or save money, this app can help make 2013 a healthier and happier year.

Have you found any inspiring apps to keep your resolutions this year?

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