Fetchtv Movie Box: Jeepers Creepers

With some time off during the weekend for the public holiday, it might be time to rifle through your fetchtv Movie Box for some low key entertainment. Before it expires on Saturday it would be worth checking out 2001 thriller/horror flick Jeepers Creepers starring Justin Long and Gina Philips.

Jeepers Creepers is a tricky one to rate. On the one hand it develops some very likeable characters in the brother sister duo. Where the film goes wrong is its lack of direction and sense in general.

We start with Darry (Long) and Trish (Philips) as they road trip home from college. The atmosphere grows tense to frightening when they are run off the road by an irate van driver shortly after they spot him throwing bodies down the drainpipe of an old church.

In typical horror movie fashion, instead of alerting police the siblings swing their car around to investigate. Things really get ugly when brother Darry falls down said drainpipe and finds all sorts of horrible experiments in progress while the van driver is out.

The film takes a strange detour when the van driver turns out to be some kind of supernatural winged gremlin that emerges only once every 20 years to steal body parts from people – a far cry from the deranged backwater hick (reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) we were expecting. Anyway, a blood-thirsty hunt for the brother and sister ensues after the gremlin realises they have paid his pad a visit.

Jeepers Creepers probably wouldn’t make the top 10 or even top 20 of horror movies, but does bring something different to the table. Without giving anything away, the final scene is fabulous in its composition and will have you feeling chills next time you turn up your 50s easy listening CD. Quite apart from that it is worth a watch purely for seeing some of Long’s younger work before falling into the abyss of his recent rom-com effort.

I give this film two gouged out eyeballs out of five.

(Jeepers Creepers is available on Movie Box until January 29th)

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