Fetchtv Movie Box: Can’t Buy Me Love

Here I am again. The guy that pops up on this blog to help you find a good movie to watch by reviewing a handful of Movie Box movies currently sitting on your Fetch TV service. This week, the forgotten late 80s classic, Can’t Buy Me Love.

Released towards the end of the 80s teen film explosion, Can’t Buy Me Love is often forgotten. I first saw this film on VHS way back in the day, and remember enjoying it, so I thought I might give it another go.

A young Patrick Dempsey (McLovin in that hospital show I’ve never seen) plays Ronald Miller, nerd and neighbourhood lawn mower who tires of his bottom rung standing at school and dreams of being accepted by the cool kids. Ronald leaps at the opportunity to buy the affections of cheerleader Cindy (Amanda Peterson from the awesomely underrated Explorers) by taking the money he’d saved for a telescope (which costs exactly $1000) to buy her an awesome suede outfit to replace the one she stole from her mother and ruined (which costs exactly $1000). In exchange for the money, Cindy must hang out with him for one month, hoping to elevate himself from geek to chic.

And it works! Soon Ronald is the talk of the school, invited to parties and taking pride of place at the cool kids tables at the cafeteria. But will it last? Will Ronald’s new found fame help him shake the shackles of his past, and become the man he wants to be? Or will he alienate his true friends and end up alone? And will Cindy finally fall for the real Ronald? If you’ve ever seen an 80s romantic comedy, you’ll already know the answers to all of those questions. Can’t Buy Me Love doesn’t stray at all from the well worn path of its genre, but what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in charm. Or at least, in Patrick Dempsey. Plus Seth Green completists will enjoy his role as Ronald’s young, annoying brother.

I give this film three overly moused hairstyles out of five.

(Can’t Buy Me Love is available on Movie Box until January 20th)

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  1. Michael says:

    Actually that movie was a great movie in the late 80’s kind of brought Dr Mcdreamy as he is known these days aka Patrick Dempsey into the main stream of movies. He made a couple of other movies around that time. You should check them out. I still have them in the old VHS format somewhere in my old video connection. One of these day will need to convert them to dvd format. Btw do you know of any good software that can convert old videos to dvd?