Moving Up In The Business

by Dean Bailey

Moving up in your career can be tricky when you don’t have that piece of paper, but it’s certainly not impossible.

I began my journey with iiNet in the call centre three and a half years ago. I worked on the phones 9 to 5 and now I’m an Associate Programmer. My progression didn’t happen without plenty of support though, which you can find in huge supply within the walls of ii.

In January last year, I arrived at work, made my morning coffee and decided to start writing some web code. It turned to be easier than I thought and I started making websites and small tools – nothing too serious.

My first project started when I was trying to check the status of a Bonded DSL application – the tracking system really needed a bit of work so I spent some time designing a better system for it. I then sent it through to a programmer I’d made friends with over a few Friday drinks for some pointers. He became my mentor over the following months, explaining why things do what they do and showing me easier and better ways to do things.

Not long after, I applied for a job as a programmer… I didn’t get it. Turns out my technical knowledge wasn’t quite up to scratch. On the bright side, the iiNet Human Resources team and my Manager could see some potential. Soon enough, I was in the team on a temporary basis, learning anything and everything that was thrown my way. It was a huge learning curve, but I like to think I rose to the challenge.

Four months later I got promoted to Associate Programmer. I’m going to continue to learn and focus on getting more experience while settling into my new role.


  1. Will says:

    “4th dan ju-jitsu black belt”
    Will still kick ya butt!

  2. Tony Green says:

    I like this article, congratulations, there should be more of this as it is GOOD news not BAD news.

  3. Ariel says:

    that is a behaviour of a winner. That’s not me. But I would like to ask you; are you from the beautiful city of Perth, or, from anywhere in the great WA?

    • Nikkita Dixon says:

      He most certainly is. He works a couple of floors up from me at our headquarters in Perth :).


      Nikkita Dixon

  4. graeme says:

    congratulations. Good to see hard work gets rewarded.

  5. Josh says:

    watch out, he is a corporate raider!
    1980s style 😉