Moving house? Relocate your internet with iiNet and save!


If you’re moving home, don’t leave your internet behind! When it comes to moving, there’s a lot to do but thanks to the iiNet movers team it’s now easier, cheaper and more flexible for you to change your address and relocate your internet connection.

The good news is because you’re an iiNet customer, wherever you move in Australia, iiNet has a plan for you! While we can’t move your couch and the TV for you, our award-winning customer service team can make connecting the phone and internet at your new address easy and hassle-free.

Moving made easier

When it comes to moving our awesome specialised movers team makes it easier for you, making sure you get settled in with the best broadband plan to suit your needs. You can even keep your current phone number* and email address!

Save money

Refresh your contract at your new address and there’ll be no contract break fees on your existing broadband service, and if applicable, you’ll also receive discounts on new line connections.


Give our friendly movers team a call and you can decide your disconnection date and the connection date at your new address. Easy peasy!

So if you’re on the move soon, grab the boxes and the packing tape but leave the ‘net to us – wherever you’re moving, just let us know and we’ll arrange for your internet to move too!

iiNet Moving2

Got your hands full with packing? Check out our Movers FAQ page for some handy info, including the details you’ll need when you call and connection time frames or give our movers team a call today on 1300 541 714.

Help me relocate my ‘net!


*Not available for all carriers.


  1. Paina Needham says:

    How long will it take for NBN to be set up at a new development area that’s NBN ready? Do we have a time or date until it can be installed in that area?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Paina,

      The timeframes for this is variable, as it does depend on what works need to be completed to complete a connection to you, as well as what connection type you have. Allow around 7-10 working days from time of application, but this will likely be longer as this is a new development and there will be some demand to connect. We’d estimate doubling the standard timeframes, just in case.

      – Leo

  2. SANDRA SYMONS says:

    if i ever moved house I would leave the nbn behind it would be the worse thing that was ever thrusted on use.we are $377 OUT OF POCKET AND AS PENSIONERS THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY.WE HAVE BEEN FORCED TO HAVE A MOBILE WHICH WE DID’NE NEED,BUT BECAUSE MY HUSBAND IS NOT WELL WE HAVE TO HAVE A PHONE. THE OLD SAYING”IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT”

  3. Alexander Josephs says:

    When are we moving on to the next step. 1. A Co-axial cable has been installed between the ‘pit’ in the street in front of our duplex Unit and an NBN termination box installed above a Telstra termination box on the external wall. That was late in December 2017. I understand that you are busy but when is the next link between Termination point and the internal Internet Modem to be started? Cheers
    Alexander Josephs IINET

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Alexander,

      It sounds like you have the makings of an NBN HFC connection. NBN has placed the rollout on hold for now but they will be resuming this in a few months. We’ll provide more information as soon as NBN passes it along.

      – Leo

  4. sheryl Hart says:

    luv iinet… always happy and reliable. Great value for money and always great service. I would recommend your business to everyone . Thanks for many years of wonderful service. Looking forward to many more…

  5. Ruth Scott says:

    Oh dear moved less than 2 months ago and cost us! Story of our lives but at 72 you’d think we would be used to that by now. Congrats anyway on your new deal for movers. Ours was made easy by the iiNet team even though we had to pay the nbn fee of ? $79. Good on you Team Folk. Cheers Ruth

  6. Helen Davis says:

    After 2years at my new address and several phone calls i notice that my new address has still not been updated in the phone book or in the white pages on the internet. I would appreciate it if this could be rectified before the new addition is released,

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Helen,

      We’ve managed to locate your account and appears we have accurate and up to date information for you. We expect this will also be reflected within the new addition. Please don’t hesitate to jump onto your Toolbox ( or reach out to our Support team on 13 22 58 if you would like to confirm.

      – Brianna

  7. Karen Chapman says:

    I’m not sure how much usage I have every month, I’m moving end of April to my own house. I am renting at the moment so what do I have byo do. Regards, Karen

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Karen,

      If you have a connection with iiNet at the moment, you can check your monthly usage within your Toolbox area:

      This will give you a good idea of how much quota you will need when you move house. When you are looking to relocate, give us a buzz on 13 22 58 and we can help you sign up and make sure it is a smooth transition.

      – Brianna

  8. Luke Craig says:

    I have been with iinet for years and I still can’t stop recommending iinet to everyone. Friendly and helpful service when and if you ever need to contact them. I’ve moved a few times over the years and they’ve made it easy to keep my internet with me wherever and whenever I need it.

  9. Matt says:

    Too much of a coincidence, I search the internet for a new home and now iiNet send me an email saying I can move and relocate my internet. So much for privacy.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hey Matt,

      No need to be alarmed – this is purely a co-incidence. We don’t have that sort of access to your details and if we did there would be severe ramifications from the relevant governing bodies.

      – Leo

  10. Deb Harris says:

    I Can only say great things about this corporation. Always great support and sales help and excellent an carrier.

  11. Cass says:

    Love iinet! Always helpful when I have an issue. I appreciate the callback feature when callcentre queues are long, and the clear explanations, directions, politeness and patience of staff as well.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Nice to hear, Cass. We’re glad you are happy with the service so far!

      – Brianna

  12. pietro marchello says:

    Dear Briana

    further to your reply to Helen Davis 2nd march can one have a white pages entry with a mobile number. We don’t have a landline only mobile phones and mobile Internet all with iinet and are all cost effective using your great plans

  13. Dan says:

    I agree with Matt – I’ve just been searching for a new apartment and now iiNet starts sending me emails about my move. Definitely a privacy issue here, not a coincidence, sorry Leo.

  14. Pietro Marchello says:

    Brianna Burgess re your reply to Helen Davis March 5th, I wonder if mobile phone numbers and addresses can be used in white pages. Because of iinet great plans we have no reason to have a landline, only mobiles and mobile Internet but it would be great to have a white pages entry

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Pietro,

      To give you some good news, it is indeed possible to have your mobile listed in the White Pages directory. We can do this via a request to the wholesaler as an opt-in for you.

      – Leo

  15. Sara says:

    Just moved house 4 weeks ago & changing our internet was the most stressful experience. Rang iinet to get the internet changed & told we had to pay $79 to move. Mentioned that 2 other big companies would do our connection for nothing & was then reminded several times that if we change companies we need to pay about $380 for breaking our contract by moving addresses. So we go ahead with iinet since moving is already an expensive process & not wanting to get slugged with the large breaking the contract fee. Finally got our internet connection installed a week ago through iinet.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Sara,

      Thanks for replaying this experience and our apologies for the stress caused. We do indeed charge relocation costs, as we do need to cover the costs of connecting you at the new premises. If you’re already in a contract, it means we’ve already absorbed the cost of connecting you the first time around and need to make these costs back during the contract period.

      The timeframe here is a concern as 4 weeks is too long – we’d anticipate that the process would take around 2 weeks, so there may have well been an issue that contributed to the delay.

      – Leo

  16. Dee Mullane says:

    Moving to a newly built home in an older suburb and trying to arrange internet transfer with iinet has been a disaster. I hate Philipino call centre, most staff difficult to understand. They all said ‘no problem’ but final response ‘Telstra unable to install line, so not able to move with iinet!!! :-( Been with iinet over 15 years, this is our 1st move. We are very disappointed and frustrated by whole process. Reluctantly we have HAD to go with Telstra.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Dee,

      This is very disappointing to hear and we do sincerely apologise.

      We’d suggest that the failure to be able to connect was down to a lack of cable records for the address and/or that a new line connection may have been required. Either way, we’re saddened to hear that you’ve has to move on and thank you for your considerable amount of time with us.

      – Leo

  17. Stephen Doyle says:

    I have been with iinet/westnet for 8 years. I recently moved from one established house to another inside the same city – I was without internet for over 7 weeks. After dozens of calls and hours on the phone I got my internet running 2 weeks ago. The undertakings and many promises about costs involved where clearly to get me to proceed I got a bill of over $500 for my troubles (I am on a $59.90 per month plan). I do not look forward to spending many more hours on the phone to clear this mess up.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hi Stephen,

      We’re sorry to hear this has been your experience. We have managed to locate the account and can see you have been in contact with our Billing team. The Representative has left detailed notes surrounding the next steps and we’re confident they will be able to assist. Should you hit any obstacles or aren’t satisfied with his proposed resolution, you can always request to speak with a Senior or Customer Service Manager.

      – Brianna