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You may have heard the news that nbn Co has put a pause on the rollout of NBN™ HFC. Whether you know this affects you, you have no idea this affects you, or you’re just curious about it – we’ve got all the information you need right here!

What’s happening?

In November 2017, nbn Co issued a media release advising that the rollout of NBN™ HFC would be temporarily paused while incremental works were undertaken to improve customer experience. These works include things like infrastructure development and process reviews to make sure that future NBN™ HFC connections go smoothly and are completed within reasonable timeframes. This will make it easier for NBN™ HFC customers to get a higher quality connection to fast internet down the track.

The rollout pause began on 10 December 2017 and at this stage, it’s expected to last approximately six to nine months.

How can I tell if I’m affected?

We emailed all iiNet customers in the NBN™ HFC footprint (and anyone who had pre-ordered iiNet NBN™ HFC) to advise how you’d be affected by the pause. Alternatively, you may have checked your address on our coverage map in the past and been told that your premises would be serviced by NBN™ HFC technology.

How you’re affected by the rollout pause boils down to whether or not an active or inactive NBN™ HFC connection was already available at your address when the rollout pause began. Keep reading for a breakdown of each scenario and what you can do going forward.

Where NBN™ HFC was already available

If NBN™ HFC was available at your premises as of 10 December 2017, it will STAY available at your premises. This means that you’re able to:

  • Change your plan;
  • Switch between different providers; or
  • Connect an NBN™ HFC service if you’ve just moved in to a place where NBN™ HFC is available but not currently active.

Where NBN™ HFC was not available

If NBN™ HFC was NOT already available at your premises as of 10 December 2017, then the NBN™ HFC rollout pause does affect you. Keep in mind that:

  • You won’t be able to order NBN™ HFC until nbn Co un-pauses the rollout and your address becomes NBN™-ready.
  • Likewise, NBN™ pre-orders won’t be available until nbn Co un-pause the rollout and your address is less than three months away from being NBN™-ready.

Non-NBN™ broadband and phone services during the rollout pause

If you can’t connect to NBN™ HFC during the rollout pause, you don’t need to worry about losing your broadband and phone services.

  • Non-NBN™ broadband and phone services provided over legacy networks such as ADSL2+, Naked broadband and landline phones will remain available in areas affected by the NBN™ HFC rollout pause. Any official Cease Sale of these services will be reversed.
  • No legacy networks will be disconnected in areas affected by the NBN™ HFC rollout pause. If you’ve received a notification that your landline services have been earmarked for disconnection, you may disregard it for now. Disconnections will be rescheduled after the rollout is un-paused, so you’ll have time to move onto the NBN™.

More information

If you’re still feeling frazzled about your options when it comes to phone and broadband services, just give our friendly Sales Team a call on 13 19 17. We can check what’s available at your address and help you find the best plan for your household.

You can find all this information and more summarised in our handy NBN™ HFC Rollout Pause Customer FAQ.

One comment

  1. I was one of the users who, after having waited in amazement, though being in a city environment, have been ignored for so many years by the NBN, while many isolated country areas are now using NBN.
    I was told with fanfares that I would be connected on Nov. 24th 2017. great news, but as the day came, we were meet with a deafening silence in the street and, as I enquired about the lack of NBN, I was told that there is a faint chance of getting it in September 2018.
    Who does the NBN think they are kidding….

    fortunately I have been advise by mail, that another company, using WIFI, can supply the goods here and now at the same price and a guaranteed 25 Mb/ sec.
    Come September I will look at the options rather than wait any longer and be treated as a fool, after more than 12 years with IINET. Sorry, but there is a limit.