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Another year has flown by, and the National Broadband Network (nbn™) has been rolling out all year round. All major cities experienced a surge of connectivity, and Sky Muster, which is one of the most advanced communication satellites in the world, was launched to deliver those great nbn speeds to regional Australia.

So now that we’re approaching 2016, what can we expect from the nbn rollout in the New Year? If you missed out on getting connected in 2015, the good news is 1.9 million homes and businesses are set to receive nbn by June 2016.

According to the latest 3 rollout plan, Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and HFC (also known as Cable) will be the heroes of 2016, and iiNet is well prepared. We recently updated all of our NBN plans to make them even better value and we have brand new HFC plans in the works in time for the new year!

If 2016 is your year to get connected, iiNet is here to help you every step of the way. We’ve even put together a whole article explaining everything you’ll need to consider when signing up for the nbn. We are the nbn experts and our customer service team are there to help you with any questions you have; just call us on 13 22 58

Here is a breakdown of just some of the key areas getting nbn in 2016:

Western Australia – For WA, it’s all about the regional towns with areas such as Augusta, Broome, Dunsborough, Esperance and Margaret River planned for nbn construction. But the city folk won’t be missing out with construction planned for Subiaco, Cottesloe and Joondalup.

Queensland – The Sunshine Coast is in for a treat with Sunshine Coast Coloundra and Sunshine Coast Noosa planned for connection in 2016, as well as country towns Gympie, Cooktown and Ravenshoe.

Victoria – North Melbourne will be getting a surge of nbn connectivity in the New Year along with Bendigo and Geelong.

Northern Territory – Alice Springs and Tennant Creek are set to be the main areas of nbn focus for the Northern Territory in 2016.

New South Wales – adding to the already comprehensive coverage in NSW will be construction in Blacktown, Bathurst, Guildford and North Sydney.

Australian Capital Territory – although the ACT already has a saturation of nbn coverage, builds are scheduled in 2016 for Kambah, Queanbeyan and Scullin.

South Australia – South Australia has a ton of nbn construction planned for the New Year with St Marys, Cooper Pedy, Mt Barker, Mount Gambier and Port Lincoln all set to receive connectivity.

Tasmania – Last but not least, good old Tassie will be getting coverage in areas such as Beaconsfield, Devonport, Evandale, New Norfolk and a surge in Hobart.

Make sure you keep your eye on the iiNet blog where we will be providing detailed coverage of the nbn rollout all through 2016.

To see where your exact location stands in the NBN rollout process, check out the NBN Coverage Checker. This will let you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built or are in stages of preparation or construction. Make sure to register your interest on the NBN Wait List and check out iinet’s NBN plans to be ready to roll when the NBN hits your neighbourhood.


  1. John says:

    I just dont believe you guys when you talk about NBN for us…
    We are probably at the end of the food chain as far as NBN goes..

    Yes I think its in Kelmscott but we seem to be at the end where there is probably rock thats hard to drill?? so the likelyhood of us getting it here anytime time soon would probably be negligible?

    You dont have to tell us whats available here because we already know that….
    We would just like to know When We Could Get NBN like others who have already been using for sometime…??


  2. Gerry Cabellon says:

    Blacktown is a Shire in New South Wales. In your article it is spelled Black Town.

    Incidentally iinet can only provide me with an ADSL 1 connection as that is only what you can buy from Telstra, in short we are still hoping for a “real” iinet solution not just a mere service which is just riding on Telstra’s infrastructure.

  3. Mathew says:

    It’s Blacktown, not Black Town

  4. Pamm says:

    And what about Kalgoorlie-Boulder, WA? This town has gotten progressively worse and we need the NBN as much or more than the areas you listed!

  5. Mrs Pamela Dunning says:

    If I had known that you would cut off my phone for a week I would never have signed up for NBN. As I have medical reasons that I need a phone I am seriously going to return to Telstra for my phone

  6. Barron Clarke says:

    I live in Bonython ACT. We suffer from some of the slowest connections in Australia. Between 3.5 and 5 Mps sometimes slower yet we don’t even have a start date for the NBN. It was to be this year (2015)but this has been put back to unknown. This is a state of affairs Iinet should be helping customers with.

  7. Diana Bourn says:

    I live in Burleigh qld I have not seen any info on the nbn
    Would like some information please eg cost time etc

  8. svend says:

    like i said before it will be another 10 years before we get it in Stratton WA.
    A snail can do it quicker than IINET

  9. Ann McCluskey says:

    Will it cost me any more?

  10. steve schweiss says:

    I’m in clifton beach next to palm cove I see little rural towns like ravenshoe cooktown gimpie and the like getting nbn are area depends on tourism and must have excelent comunication to service and servive we need to keep up with the tech age or fall behind!

  11. Wally says:

    It has been stated that our current proposed NBN is 3rd world compared to that of Europe which is already 300 times faster & superior to that intended for Australia. Is this correct? Is this the “clever” Australia or are we to become the 3rd world and lose the opportunity of attracting industries and investment of the future?

  12. We moved in to our brand new duplex here in the Coomera Retreat estate in May 2013.
    My friend in our estate, Arundel street, moved in 3 months later than us and had NBN installed straight away.Her street was built 3 months after our street.
    How come our street, Isetta Court didnt get installed?

  13. Narendra Prasad says:

    My contract with iiNet finishes early 2016.I will go into a new contract with whichever carrier that can offer me the best and the cheapest service.Merry Xmas Narendra Prasad

  14. helen cranston says:

    how come when I ring support, now get someone in south Africa or new Zealand
    accents difficult to understand

  15. Eric rawlings says:

    Westnet will still be the one to deal with

  16. John Kennedy says:

    What absolute hypocrisy! The NBN is dead. This government has trashed the greatest opportunity for progress, change, innovation, “agility”, that has occurred in my lifetime and the lifetimes of my father and his father also. Sadly the present owners of Westnet are apologists for what has occurred and I am not happy – I want my original WESTNET back. If I had the energy and wasn’t on the downward side of 70 I would look for an ethical alternative ISP
    (if there is such an entity)

    Not Happy

  17. Alison says:

    To say that the ACT has a saturation of NBN is incorrect. There are some pockets on the north side but I live centrally and I don’t expect to see it for years. It took iinet many months to hook me up to VDSL which is still better than Telstra or Optus who were not able to provide me with any coverage at all.

  18. Dawn sohier says:

    We are constantly having phone outages in our area & have NO MOBILE PHONE coverage either. When are we going to have a Mobile service.? My husband has a serious heart condition & needless to say if he has a heart attack during one of your outages we have NO way of phoning for an ambulance or Dr. I would have to drive almost an hour to the nearest public phone, if it works, whilst he is critically ill & on his own.

  19. M J Blundell says:

    In NSW it’s spelt Blacktown – not Black Town.

  20. J.R. Dawe says:

    Not impressed! I obviously have years to wait and you tell me I can have ADSL! Of course I already have, and slow it is too!

  21. Merv Buckley says:

    We have been with Westnet 10 years or more, using the Satellite service, and not once in the past 6 months has any one at Westnet been able to advise me, IF our download speeds will improve on our current plan ???. Sometimes it takes forever for pages to load, emails, well sometimes I think if we used Post we would be more satisfied, and don’t tell me to check our modems or PC as we run brand new Apple MacBooks, how about some good news for Xmas.
    You still got 4 days until Santa comes what will he bring us,
    Merv Buckley
    Lets see if I get a positive response !!!!!.

  22. Wally Hemmings says:

    I have to laugh when I read all about the NBN and how it will change our lives… particularly those who live in difficult areas and have internet speeds which are downright pitiful.

    For instance, I live in the sleepy little village of Bundanoon….. just 170 kilms from the heart of Sydney or 70 klms from downtown Wollongong.
    NBN ??…. what a joke ! ….. we can’t even get ADSL2 let alone the NBN which is a couple of years away from us. Geez, I could be dead by then, I’m 72 now.

  23. Jack Emery says:

    When wil it come to Dianella? It seems that in NBN speak there is no such place. It never get a mention. Jack Emery

  24. Jack Emery says:

    What is moderation? Is that a measure of the NBN attitude to Dianella?

  25. philip bloomfield says:

    I can understand the rollout regional towns of WA but in the city and leave the hills until 2018. Perth city has a lot better net than we no. In Mt Helena I am still on ADSL one and paying phone line rental. This type of install all ways go’s around us until last. thanks phil

  26. Albert Redfern says:

    We are on the NBN
    Is it possible to go back to the old copper wire system?
    It was better than we have with NBN

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      When NBN is rolled out in your area Albert, copper services will soon after be declared cease-sale.

      We’d recommend getting in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team if you’re experiencing difficulties with the performance of your NBN connection. A Customer Service Representative will be able to run through a series of troubleshooting to help identify the cause. If you would like to get a head start, our iiHelp site has online guides available:

      – Brianna

  27. joan marlee says:

    is northam getting nbn

  28. graham pember says:

    I have been trying to connect to national broardband with westnet but so far have not been able to connect. graham

  29. Kathryn says:

    What can you do we you are just in the shadow of non connectivity?

  30. Sam Boyd says:

    There is no evidence that I can find that North Yunderup will ever be connected to the NBN, The Gas went down our street and under the river to Austin Cove and no one is allowed to connect to it in North Yunderup. I bet the NBN will do the same, the current connection I have got is crappy, the only thing that has kept me connected is the good service I get from Westnet.

  31. d mildenhall says:

    We would like to know how we can increase our download capacity. We are on satellite broadband and do not get a mobile signal. When will the new satellite come into operation and will we be able to then increase our downloads

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’re unable to pinpoint a time frame as still within the early stages!
      We’ll be sure to keep you informed as NBN release additional information. We would expect when the new satellites are live, retail providers will be able to re-commence sale of Satellite services and you’ll be able to alter your plan.

      – Brianna

  32. Pamela says:

    When will the NBN be coming to Point Lonsdale, postcolde 3225, in Victoria?

  33. Shirley Watson says:

    Just want to know whether Elsa St, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane has/or will get nbn in 2016

  34. Ray Moffitt says:

    Please advise when it is anticipated that the NBN will reach OXLEY 4075. Please also explain clearly/fully the options I have as an iinet customer.

    I have certainly been underwhelmed by the lack of information dispensed to this time. Things can only improve!!

  35. patrick attard says:

    How can you claim to be nbn experts when you are pushing FTTN and HFC to your potential customers? Anything less than FTTP is a fraud and you know it. I pity anyone who is not provided with FTTP.

  36. Colin says:

    We have effectively been with ‘iiNet’ for over 16 yrs, because our account has just migrated with the ISPs as they were taken over…EISA back in 90’s, which eventually went to Ozemail etc.

    There is no date for commencement in our area yet, definitely not part of 2016 roll out.
    I woudn’t ‘really’ mind waiting, if only the ADSL that I am paying for actually delivers ADSL speed, and is actually ‘up’ all the time. We have had numerous repairs by Telstra to the wire in the street (affecting others too), as can be seen from our account. Just patchwork because they will not replace the line with the network already sold to NBN and the ‘imminent’ rollout of NBN…apparently.
    Watching any Youtube or catchup TV is a waste of time, unless watching a circle ‘buffering’ on the screen excites you, so forget about Netflix or Stan etc.

    I am just about ready to ditch the connection, I know it will be no different with any other ISP, so we are just going to use the data already available on our phones rather than pouring money into an ISP’s account.


  37. Robyn Diete says:

    We live in country Queensland 38kms south of Gatton and approx. 60 kms from Toowoomba. We have lousy internet only getting 3gb for $50 p/m. When can we expect better satellite internet.? Compared to NBN or wireless in the cities we get absolutely nothing. I would love to subscribe to Netflix but can’t (not enough data).

    Regards Robyn

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Robyn,

      NBN is in the process of organising the launch of new satellites to boost the NBN Satellite capacity. Currently we expect the full satellite service to be available some time in 2016.

      – Christian

  38. Massang Molly says:

    Please do keep me inform of the latest developments. New connections to the n b n ? Is it for every homes to be connected….?

  39. Donald Boneham says:

    When will the NBN be in Waroona 6215?
    The satellite station is a few kilometres from my home.

  40. Alan Forster says:

    What a load of spin Australia is to be left behind most developing countries with an already outdated system mostly reliant on a completely outdated and crippled copper network sold by Telstra at a great profit to a bunch of dills to be then passed off to we poor bloody Australians who already owned the network in the first place. However please continue with the spin with the hope that if you repeat it enough times you will start believe it yourselves.

  41. Michael Rogers says:

    I thought I signed up for NBN some time ago for when the elusive net encircles Port Macquarie (we’re always last to get everything).
    Does this ‘sign up’ still hold?

    • Christian Polson-Brown says:

      Hi Michael,

      If you’ve submitted an application to get your NBN connected, you should hear from our team within a couple of days. If you are concerned the application has not progressed please call support on 13 22 58.

      – Christian

  42. Gary Haag says:

    For years now we have been persevering with some of the slowest internet speeds around. It is not much better than dial up speed and get very frustrating. When I have checked with Telstra about our network it appears we are connected to a RIM which relays to the local exchange. I believe this is the cause of our slow speeds. In fact when we have performed a ping test our result comes back as an F. It is therefore encouraging to hear our area of Rosewood, Qld is at the preparation stage for NBN.
    My concern now is, we will still be frustrated with slow internet as we have not been told how good our upgrade to NBN will be. My challenge is to the NBN CEO Mr Morrow to deliver us the best high speed internet promised by previous governments. I have seen his address to the National Press Club and found it enlightening. But still, I am very skeptical of getting full high speed internet in my area to my house.

  43. Diana Kain says:

    We in Kuranda, as your long term customers, I have rang twice to find out more about what we, as Age Pensioners, should do. Kuranda is up the mountain Range from Cairns and on the way to Mareeba, Qld. If someone can inform us clearly we would like to hear from them. Diana and Lee Kain.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      No need to be concerned at this stage, Diana.

      We’ve taken a look at the coverage map ( and can’t see any build preparation has commenced in Kuranda as of yet. When the service is available, we’ll be able to walk you through the transition to NBN. We’ll usually submit an application to connect your premises, which involves a technician appointment to install the NBN Connection Box (NTD).

      – Brianna

  44. Norm Greenaway says:

    When will temp satelite users be switched to NBN’s own satellite. will there be increased bandwith and download speed.

    Merry Christmal

    Norm Greenaway

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’re unable to provide an indication at this point! However we’ll be sure to keep you posted with any advancements as information becomes available. We’d hope with the addition of the new satellites launched, the performance of NBN Satellite connections will be improved.

      Merry Christmas Norm,

      – Brianna

  45. Brad says:

    Is the HFC plans the cable plans for Geelong, Ballarat and Mildura, or are they the HFC plans for the networks from Optus and Telstra (now owned by NBN)?

  46. Brad says:

    Oh sorry, I understand what the current plans are for, but the changes mentioned to the HFC plans in the blog post, are they for the Cable plans you currently offer in Geelong, Ballarat and Mildure, or for the Optus and Telstra (NBN) plans?

  47. Steve says:

    I don’t know what your definition of saturation is but I can assure you that the MAJORITY of people in Canberra don’t have NBN.
    TBH I”m tiered of being told how good the NBN is when we have to put up with 2-3mbs (when only 4.3km from exchange) on ADSL2+.
    to me NBN equates to No Bleep Network.
    I fully understand that NBN rollout is out of the hands of IINET, it just rubs the wrong way when the spin doctors mislead the general public on the state of play.

  48. Sandy Terrell says:

    I recently had to have a telstra repair man come out as my phone line went dead, although still had my ADSL.
    Was talking to him about the NBN and how I couldn’t wait for the faster speeds.
    He informed me that there will be no real change from the current speeds.
    If I wanted the benefit of NBN I need to have fibre optic installed from the node to my unit at my cost.
    This is because Telstra is not installing fibre optic to individual premises only to the node. Therefore it will still be copper lines speed from the node to the premises.

  49. Nathan Brand says:

    Nbn what’s that again? All my friends who have a Internet connection in the town i live in have adsl2 yet iinet can only supply me with adsl yet a telstra employee who iinet sent to sought out a problem said i should be able to get adsl2. The towns closest to were i live are getting nbn yet we aren’t and I live in 1 of the 2 largest towns outside of the capital city of the state i live in

  50. Andrew says:

    It is offensive and implausible that Bayswater is not even part of the 3 year plan so wont be served by the NBN come 2018, yet all surrounding suburbs and those between us and the city are getting connected by or before this. Funny how the wealthy areas are all being connected and how they are in the earlier connection periods than less wealth areas. NBN is a massive mistake and should never have been attempted until all funds had been put aside for immediate or rapid connection of every single household and business address in all of Australia, not this suburb, this suburb, skip a suburb or two, this suburb, …

  51. Chris Barrie says:

    A 3 year roll out after 5 years of hype..Now I happen to live in two big cities – Sydney and Canberra. But there seems to be no plan for me to see NBN over the next three years…Some cables in Canberra go right by – down the street but they connect only to new premises. Why even at my 3rd home in Greece they can do better than this – we have hi speed broadband there, and it does make a difference! But clearly it is not going to happen here real soon so forget the hype and get used to being in a 3rd world country.

  52. Jean Hagan says:

    Why does it take so long for Telstra to connect. Have had so many appointments that have been cancelled. Please let me know what the problem is

  53. Jack says:

    Inet has gone to pot for a couple of years now!
    The speed has shuddered to a walk! NBN or no NBN I just want my high speed broadband back! Not a problem I would think.
    We’re only 15 minutes drive north of the Perth CBD for crying out loud. After nearly 10 years with iinet it is time to ditch it for something more reliable and faster.


  54. Gavin Williams says:

    We live in the ACT, and we are lucky enough to get VDSL until nbn becomes available.

    But we have noticed that although the speed is great (sometimes), we commonly have connection issues with your vdsl service.

    – can’t reach
    – can’t reach
    – slow loading of webpages, yet streaming ok
    – another error msg is common as well.

    These are just the error’s I’ve had in the past 5 minutes, but I get them all commonly, about 10-20 times per week. I never had these issues with adsl.

    Oh, and the ping is awful, I expected a ping of 2ms on these new services. But it’s about 20ms, I was getting 9ms on my adsl service.

    Speed isn’t everything … ping is equally important, and service reliability is very important.

    before I got vdsl, I would have said iiNet had a very reliable service. I can’t say that now, in fact, it’s the opposite, the service reliability is poor.

  55. Phil Arntzen says:

    We have the ineptitude of the NBN fibre being laid bisecting our road, and running past our node to the main exchange, but it not being connected!

    Now that they have decided to adopt FTTN over FTTP there is no reason why the cabinet shouldn’t be connected, yet calls and an Email to Ken WYATT on the 16th of October has yet to be answered (but has been acknowledged). And our street is not on the connection map whatsoever! Sort of like having the insult of a freeway on-ramp coming through your street and no means to access it. Incompetence at all levels!

  56. Lawrence Stephens says:

    Well all news seems to be smiles and happy faces but what about the real world were I live and can only get ADSL1. I originally couldn’t get any connection and the excuses from Telstra ranged from you’re too far from the exchange to wireless is only available in your area. Then, miracle of miracles, it was available but only as ADSL. Go figure.

    So I’m on a RIM, I live in an area of Buderim Qld serviced by an exchange in Mooloolaba Qld. All the areas around me are in the build plan, but for some strange reason I and my fellow long suffering neighbourhoodians are not.

    Do you have any idea why this is or when we might see something in the build plan ? No banter please just some cold, hard, layperson intelligible, facts.

    And yes I am a bit disgruntled and no it probably won’t change any time soon. Many thanks in anticipation of a speedy response.