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If you’ve heard about the new development charge being applied by nbn™ from April 1, you may be wondering whether or not this will impact you. Even if you haven’t heard, we’re here to provide all the information you’ll need to know about this new charge and what will change as of April 1.

What is the New Development Charge?

The Australian Government have recently released a policy regarding charges for building new telecommunications infrastructure in development areas. Previously nbn™ were responsible for meeting the cost of providing fibre to new developments, however, this new policy stipulates the cost will now be passed onto both the developers and actual households that are being connected.

As of April 1 nbn™ will implement a $300 charge for all connections made in areas they have identified as within the boundary of a new development. The decision was made to shift the cost of infrastructure onto the “parties that use or benefit from them”. The charge is a partial recovery cost for nbn™ for providing telecommunications infrastructure in new development areas.

What does this mean for me?

If you are not in a new development or “greenfield” area where Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is being rolled out, the charges should not have any impact on you (there will be some minor exceptions we will explain further down). If you are in a greenfield or new development area, as determined by nbn™, and want to get connected to the nbn™ network, then the $300 fee will apply.

As the nbn™ experts, iiNet will always endeavour to keep customers informed of any changes to the provision of the superfast nbn™ network and work with customers to provide the best possible outcomes.

Who does this affect?

The New Development charge will apply to:

  • New customers signing up for Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services where there is not currently a connection. In most cases these would be in Greenfields areas.
  • It may also affect Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and fixed wireless customers in some Brownfield areas. In this context, charges will apply whenever there is a new build that previously did not have an nbn™ connection point (e.g. if a developer buys a property then builds a duplex on the original plot – while the existing property might have had an nbn™ connection the ‘new development’ now contains two houses and therefore requires the nbn™ to connect up the two ‘new’ sites).

To see where your exact location stands in the nbn™ rollout process, check out the nbn™ Coverage Checker. This will let you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built or are in stages of preparation or construction. Make sure to register your interest on the nbn™ Wait List and check out iinet’s nbn™ plans to be ready to roll when the nbn™ hits your neighbourhood.


  1. Lisa Johnson. says:

    Really hoping this can connect to our house

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable, can we get ripped off any more? Stealing money is a crime you know.

  3. Hi iiNet:

    I’ve had this gripe for many months now, but even an email complaint was never answered!

    Your pledge of my data quota being refreshed extremely shortly after MIDNIGHT April 9 is total NONSENSE!!

    It occurs consistently at 2.00 a.m. my time!

    Am I due for correction/compensation/abject apology?

    Fred Mazzaferri

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Apologies for the delay in response, Fred. We hope our Support (13 22 58) team have been able ro provide some clarification on the usage rollover query. Let us know if there is anything further we can give you a hand with.

      – Brianna

  4. Alec Strachan says:

    What about the people already connected, will they have to pay the $200?. If not then we that have not yet been connected are being penalized for the Governments lack of speed in rolling out the NBN. This is not fair that we should be waiting this ridiculous time to be connected and then getting slugged $200 for something that is not our fault but plainly due to the Governments mismanagement of the whole thing.

  5. old coot says:

    It was always just another bandwagon for
    politicians of all parties to jump onto.
    all piss and wind. I get 12 to 16 mbs on
    existing copper. there is a fibre cable
    which runs to the local Telstra Auto-switchboard in town,thence via copper

  6. John says:

    I wonder why I get emails like this if IINET told me that I probably get NBN in 4 years. Is like rubbing salt to a paper cut

  7. Gary says:

    Thanks iinet for paying part of the charge,although the charge doesn’t surprise me at all, since the current government has been cost cutting like crazy and I am waiting to see what goes next ? (medicare for example)

  8. Rod says:

    When you buy a block in a new estate it comes with water, electricity and phone lines. Does this mean that we will soon get charged additionally for water and electricity.

  9. Barry says:

    I am an existing iiNet customer(previous net space). In August 2015 I had internet connected since then I have made in excess of 20 calls to iiNet (40plus hours) the phone service doesn’t work. Still doesn’t work. I have three different modems here sent by iiNet. Each call centre person (Australia and overseas) have said they can fix my problem. NONE have and I can’t seem to talk to any one who is concerned. Still no service. NOT happy IINET
    Barry (

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ve managed to track down your account and can see you’ve since been in touch with our Support (13 22 58) team, Barry. Looks like the Netphone (VoIP) service is up and running. Apologies for any delays experienced!

      – Brianna

  10. Nathan says:

    I’d be happy to pay a $300 fee for three nbn. Currently I’m 50 meters from an area with FTTP with works in the area finished and if a $300 fee meant I would get nbn faster than the scheduled date of 2017-2018 I would pay it in a heartbeat.

  11. paul says:

    I won’t pay a cent more for the NBN! I just won’t connect.

  12. Carol Evans says:

    Sorry but I am so sick of NBN changing it’s format We have Fibre to the Premises and the 1st 12 months were a nightmare and to this day I do not believe we have benefited in any way Our voip phone still drops out irregularly of which none of this happened on the copper system AND if there is a better format coming we will not be able to access it The whole NBN roll out was a disaster for us and we have to cop the inconvenience for Rudd’s political gain an apt expression in our household is “RUDD’S DUD” I apologise for my anger but NBN has not been a pleasant experience in this household

  13. John says:

    another govt rip off. What other countries charge for this service? None!

  14. Shirley Breese says:

    How can I have any confidence in a technology company that cannot update their site and news because they still offer a movie giveaway on their site when it has expired several years ago in 2012? See below:
    Movie Giveaway: Act of Valour
    Posted on March 30, 2012
    – See more at:

  15. elsa fischer says:

    A technitian came on the2.3.2016, could not fit the antenae on our roof and said we would hear from iinet, which has not happened. Please let me know what is going on. Elsa

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ve managed to locate your account and can see a Customer Service Representative has attempted to get in touch with you, Elsa. We’d recommend giving our Fibre (1300 455 806) team a call when you’re next available to retrieve an update on your application.

      Hope this helps,

      – Brianna

  16. Jan says:

    Glad I’m already on the NBN.
    Can’t think why Australia actually believe anything that comes out of Turnbull’s mouth when it comes to money and who will pay for what.

  17. peter says:

    Nbn not yet avilable… no date for the rollout to start….no fixed phones when nbn arrives so forced to get an nbn conne tion….now you want to charge an extra $300 now thats fair i dont think

  18. I am not happy with iiNet NBN experts arrangements regarding introducing NBN system to my computers.landline. It was connected on 9 March’16 and till today 25 March the speed after 4.00 pm is less than 2.0 Mb/s and our landline has been disconnected for more than 2.5 weeks. It is much worse than before connection to NBN. I wish I went with other provider such as TPG where their clients on the same street have speed more than 10.0 Mb/s

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’ve located your account and can see our Support (13 22 58) team have identified a known fault impacting your service. We encourage you keep an eye on our Network Status site for updates:

      Apologies for the delay in restore, Les.

      – Brianna

  19. Jennifer Mattingley says:

    NBN wireless is terrible. It is no better than the old copper wire connection and is not reliable in a storm. It can be very slow at times and is prone to dropping in and out regardless of whether there is a storm or not.

  20. Colleen says:

    What if you can’t afford a $200 lumb sum?

  21. Eddie Bond says:

    Although this costing will not affect me at this moment this cost is simply based on my draft below it is just an excersize by the Telstra and the Government departments to pass this cost on to the general public,it really beggars belief that Government agencies cannot tell the truth about extra charges instead of all this deception smoke and mirrors.

    Let me explain why the Optical fibre has to go to to the nodes and then carry on from there in the copper cable it is simply the cost of extending every single fibre to every subscribers property the availability of conduits to carry that amount of fibre traffic all the way to the subscribers property is astronomical and therefore deemed uneconomical almost all crossovers from a subscribers property line into that building or abode would have to be re-conduted & possibly reconduted along many O Pair cable runs that are all ready installed with copper cables at this very moment feeding landlines usually that are now hooked up to computers in almost 100% of subscribers properties laying more conduits are labour intensive and very expensive not only that laying these will in many cases cause damage to existing services already insitu so they prefer Fibre to the Node and then use the existing copper lines that are already feeding the subscribers at this very moment.
    The only thing that Telstra know how to do well is over charge for poor services that are provided.
    After having worked for Telstra for almost 40 years redundant since 2003,I suggest you change to a far better service provider this company has saved me thousands upon thousands of Dollars since 2003, sour grapes you might say definitely not all you have to do is see all those Telstra yellow manhole guards around the metropolitan areas well all that is maintenance waiting to be done in many cases for years and years the copper is failing and the NBN will never be completed its all smoke and mirrors what should you do change to and do it now.
    In the most part there are no longer many so called Technicians working in Telstra its not rocket science The biggest technical task is plugging the cables into the modules once they are installed whether its in the Telstra telephone exchanges or at a subscribers property
    it is usually poorly trained contractors that do this that work for pea nuts almost anyone can install a modem onto their computer these days without any training what so ever all you do is stick the right plugs in the right sockets pay with peanuts you get Monkeys.

  22. Glen Allan says:

    Another Cost blowout by the NBN Covered through a form of stealth taxation. So the price has went up again and the customer pays again – what happens when their is contention on the network that the customer has now paid for. I can buy 1km of fibre optic cable for $300 from China – so how come it is so expensive (and I dare say we will be getting charged GST on the $300 fee) so the Government make tax on tax.

    Very bad Liberal Government, they scrapped and held ub fibre NBN and said they wanted a cheaper alternative, well they couldn’t even manage that – it is now more expensive and costs have blownout twice under this Government.

    So costs passed onto customers again – so much for a free market – another nbn and telstra monopoly.

  23. John Ryan says:

    More money grubbing from the incompetent Turnbull Govt I hope they get BOOTED soon

  24. Bert says:

    Bloody rip off. You are getting paid every month to provide the service and you still want the customer to pay for the infrastructure !! I suspose Australian citizens will then own the NBN !!!

  25. david aldcroft says:

    this wrong the government need to cover the cost not the public they needed the upgrade

  26. Ian says:

    Shock!! Horror!!
    Being charged for something that is as un-needed or as unwanted as this ridiculous obsolete by the time it is finished system, the powers that be should never meddle with anything they know nothing about, the cost blow-outs of this system would make you laugh if they weren’t so serious they make you cry ….

    A total waste of time & taxpayers money

  27. Matt says:

    When.. when
    . when …when ..when …, Maybe never or just the rich can afford to run NBN- which should be a public utility- straight to there hous3. The rest of us poor slobs will still run copper to node defeating the whole purpose of a dedicated fiber optic network. Slower than ADSL2 in some areas. Sorry very frustrated. There are no spaces available in my local hub for copper so Im wifi Hotspot indefinitely or unless someone decided to stop using the Internet. Might as well shut off the water and gas too. Save it for peppy grove NBN customers. Cheers II net

  28. joffa edwards says:

    typical saw this coming from telecom (sry that’s ‘glorified’)

  29. Ian Hoskin says:

    NBN has been promised in this area for the last 2 years. I am currently getting a pathetic 0.5 MBPS rate and yet web searches say I should be getting up to 12 MBPS. This is unacceptable and slower than third world countries – it is impossible to undertake simple business activities such as MYOB. I will be very surprise if NBN arrives in Rockingham this side of Xmas.

  30. peter says:

    Blackmail for pensioners??

  31. martin sampson says:

    what size pvc pipe is required to handle the fibre optics will it fit in the standed telecom pipe.thanks martin

  32. Robert Riley says:

    If you try to force a fee on me you can disconnect me as I am a full pensioner and will not/cannot use your system.

  33. Gary Molloy says:

    This is all part of the great CHEAP alternative to the FTTP

  34. R Anson says:

    I do not expect to pay a $200 fee as I am already connected to ABN.

    The logic is that , were a $200 charge have been effective then, I would not have proceeded.
    Please confirm this status as I have nominated.
    IMPORTANT you must communicate with me within the next TEN Days!

  35. Raad Hassan says:

    When my area will start 5 Miniata way Canning vale? I was waiting for ages when there was no fee for it, now there is fee but my house not cover yet after that when it reach to my house fees will be $1000 is that fair?

  36. RobK says:

    Did I hear correctly that HFC (High Fibre Cornflakes?), which I understand is the proposed method of connection to our address, has been given lowest priority in the latest iteration of the NBN process. Was scheduled for late 2016. Should I forget about it for this address and just look for a retirement village (or nursing home?) with NBN?

  37. Arron says:

    Now that NBN is imminent, your new menu system does not work and it doesn’t even give me an option to speak to a human. This has also happened a few times in the past. Not even nearly good enough iinet.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      We’re sorry to hear you’ve experienced difficulty getting in touch with us, Arron. We’d encourage giving our Sales (13 19 17) team a buzz if you would like to explore our range of NBN plans and the process moving forward. A Customer Service Representative will answer your call as soon as available, we’re confident they’ll be able to assist.

      – Brianna

  38. Lindsay Hill says:

    I have already Registered

  39. sanyi says:

    I dnt want nbn

  40. Victor Kenning says:

    Where do I stand as I am a current iinet customer and reside in a area that is not a new development and as yet does not have NBN connectivity? When I have no choice but to join the NBN how much will this cost me? I currently have phone and internet with you, does this mean I will have to pay extra to get what I already? can someone please explain to me?

  41. CHris says:

    by the time i get NBN in my area, the NBN will be outdated technology

  42. Michael Burns says:

    It is unconscionable for the NBN to be charging a fee for a service which is compulsory through government decree. If anyone tries to pull this stunt with me I will be in touch with my local members, “The Canberra Times”, and the various Queanbeyan local media.
    This is disgraceful.

  43. Lance says: says our area should be servicable 24 March 2016, that date has come and gone and nothing, they should update their information to give us a new date…

  44. Kevin says:

    As usual the slaves are getting ripped off again while Malcome Turnbull $120,000,000.00 man looks after the rich.

  45. Craig says:


    Look around the world… the NBN is outdated 10 years ago…

  46. Keith Winfield says:

    We may be travelling in the near future for an extended period. NBN is available in our area so my question is if we put off getting connected will this have an adverse effect or not. We could be away /5 months.

  47. philip whitehead says:

    philip, Dilston, Tas We are not even on the map and have download speed about 164kb/sec, same as South Sudan probably.

  48. John Mandy says:

    I’ll be dead before the NBN arrives in Melville

  49. annknowles says:

    I have already registered

  50. Maggie says:

    I have already got it connected does this mean i now have to pay another 200 dollors to have this?

  51. clare ward says:

    when can I sign up for NBN. Wishto stay with IInet. Address.. Broadmeadow 2292

  52. Andrew says:

    Why does iiNet only offer 250Gb data on Fixed Wireless when other providers offer much more, and faster, for a similar price?

  53. Ryan says:

    What about properties in greenfields areas that already have the NBN NTD installed with the optics light on?

  54. Kaye Phillips says:

    Wow why doesn’t this surprise me, wait till the lions share of the east coast is connected then introduce a fee, talk about discrimination.

    I wonder how many pollies over here in the west already have NBN.

    Oh well NBN would have been nice. $300 on a pension – Not going to happen.

  55. Cindy says:

    I have read the above comments with interest and hard to believe that the majority of comments all relate to ‘wanting something for nothing’. If the Labor government were not so incompetent (no economic sense), the Opposition would not have to raise costs to pay for incompetence. Naturally all the money comes from us – where else? The whole world is an absolute mess at the moment so thank your lucky stars you are in Australia and overall we have it relatively easy here. $200, as pointed out, is a one-off charge. Thank iiNet for helping out instead of whinging.

  56. Carthik says:

    This is a complete rip off. Especially, if a customer has been with you for over 24 months.The Landlord wont take responsibility of paying it. iinet doesn’t want to pay it. In the end, its the end user who pays for both the monthly fee that has to suffer! what a sham and Shame!

  57. Nick Graham says:

    This is ridiculous… I rent but need to pay this $300 infrastructure fee. So why happens when I move out… is this refunded and passed onto the next tenant. Or do the government keep it and double dip with each new tenant. This is infrastructure… I am not footing the bill…

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Nick,

      For areas where the charge is levied by NBN and it applies to the very first occupant only. It isn’t refunded, or passed on to the next occupant. If you’re renting, then it may be wise to speak to your property manager or landlord to have them cover the cost instead.

      – Leo

  58. sabby says:

    Firstly why 600 dollars? Why nbn is so costly?
    Secondly even after paying 600 and waiting for 5 months i have no NBN

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi sabby,

      The nbn New Development Charge is $300, so we’re a bit unsure why you would’ve paid $600. Either way, we can help. Please e-mail us directly, with your details and being sure to mention your post here, to We’ll then take a look to see what we can find, as the last thing we want is for any potential or current customers to have any delays when connecting to NBN.

      – Leo