NBN Rollout Progress in Ballarat


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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is coming to replace the existing copper wiring on which most existing internet and phone services run. The new network will provide users incredible internet speeds, improving users’ everyday lives on many levels. You can learn more about the NBN over at our NBN FAQ page or our helpful NBN videos on YouTube.

The NBN already covers most of the Ballarat region. People in areas not yet hooked up to the NBN can expect its arrival soon, with more and more sites being planned and constructed each week. You can stay up to date on the progress by joining the NBN Wait List.

The highest number of NBN locations can be found in the more populous areas towards the middle of Ballarat. Black Hill, Ballarat North, Lake Wendouree and Newington combine to create a pocket of uninterrupted NBN access. That spreads further south and east to Brown Hill and Eureka.

Those in the area bracketed by Golden Point, Mount Pleasant and to the east of Redan will soon have the network up and running. Some build sites are already under construction there, with more planned.

West of the lake there are a few clusters of NBN sites. Neighbourhoods to the west of Prince of Wales Recreation Reserve have access, as do people in the pocket between Learmonth Street and Sorrento Drive. The service is also available to many users along Cuthberts Road from Robertson Drive to just west of Dyson Drive.

Perhaps what is most impressive about the NBN’s presence in the region is that the rollout has been extended to areas that would not normally be considered major metropolitan areas.

Moving outwards north of central Ballarat, much of the area ranging from the northern state forest area through Mitchell Park and Miners Rest and further northwest is covered with NBN connectivity. The NBN presence remains strong as you travel south down the western border of the region through Cardigan. This continues all the way down past the Haddon Common Bushland Reserve to the forested area to the southeast of Smythesdale. To the east is a large area that currently doesn’t have the NBN. However, new sites will soon have Mount Helen and Mount Clear connected to the network. For the most part, those in Dunnstown and Warrenheip are already enjoying the NBN.

To get a better idea of your area’s NBN coverage, take a look at our interactive NBN Coverage Checker. It allows you to hone in on an exact address or area and see just where the service is up and running. You can also take a look at our NBN plans to make sure you get the most out of the new network.

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