NBN Rollout Progress in Bendigo


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Bendigo is located in central Victoria. While it may not have the population of Melbourne, its location makes it a good spot for the National Broadband Network (NBN) and its high-powered internet speeds. To learn more about the power of the NBN, read iiNet’s FAQ page. While central Bendigo does not have much NBN connectivity, the areas surrounding it are full of super-fast capability.

South of Bendigo sits a large, U-shaped band of operational NBN sites. It starts in the east in Newbridge, spreading south past Laanecoorie and Eddington. It moves east through Woodstock On Loddon, Woodstock West and Shelbourne, carrying through Bradford and Nuggetty. Further east, Lockwood South, Ravenswood, Mandurang South, Sedgwick and Mandurang are all included. Finally, the shape continues up through Axe Creek, reaching past Longlea and Axedale.

Below those two towns, a site is being built around Eppalock. To the east, spots around Knowsley have sites currently being built, as well as portion of the region around Ladys Pass.

North of Bendigo, working NBN sites can be found around Epsom, specifically around Triplett Avenue, Caulfield Drive and Creekview Place along with sections of McMeeken Way, Station Street and Greenfield Drive. To the northeast of those neighbourhoods, there are sites being built that will service Bagshot, Huntly North, Barnadown and Goornong.

To find out more about which locations surrounding Bendigo either already feature functioning NBN service or will soon, put your address into the NBN Coverage Checker. If your area is not yet awash in coverage, hop on the NBN Wait List so you’ll know when the service is ready. While you wait for it to arrive, check out iiNet’s NBN plans and figure out which one suits you best.

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