NBN Rollout Progress in Coffs Harbour


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Although the NBN is not operational for all Australians yet, one area enjoying almost complete coverage is Coffs Harbour. The coastal area up toward the northern border of New South Wales is saturated in connectivity, giving users access to impressive internet speeds.

But there is always room for improvement. Despite the fact the region is already brimming with awesome NBN coverage, new sites are still in the process of being prepared and built.

Starting in the south moving up the Pacific Highway that forms the western border of Coffs Harbour, there is an active site just south of Stadium Drive. Another site is being prepared immediately west of that one, which will further improve coverage. On the other side of Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park sit another two active sites, one near Coffs Harbour Health Campus and another near Alison Street.

Traveling northwest, there is continued NBN coverage almost all the way to Boambee State Forest and up to Ulidarra National Park. This is thanks to several active sites. One is located near the intersection of Combine Street and Airlie Circle, while another sits at the eastern end of Wilton Place. Active sites out west toward Boambee State Park; up north near Loaders Lane; and just north of Woodland Hill Drive help fashion this blanket of coverage. To complete the connectivity puzzle on the west side of the Pacific Highway there is a site between June Street and Beryl Street and another one on Argyll Street between Louise Circle and Christine Circle.

There are even more operational sites east of the Pacific Highway. To maintain the coverage all the way to the coast, sites are operating halfway down Christmas Bells Road; near the intersection of Moore Street and Jarrett Street; and near the intersection of Ulmarra Lane and Orlando Street. Another build is being prepared near the intersection of Gundar Street and Victoria Street.

The most concentrated grouping of sites in Coffs Harbour can be found in the northeast region. A collection of seven active sites form a rough diamond, with one point found near the intersection of Park Beach Road and Walter Morris Circle; another north of Arthur Street; a third near the intersection of Ocean Parade and Park Beach Road; and a fourth west of Hogbin Drive North near the end of Vincent Street. Within this area sits a site being prepared and a site that is already under construction.

Unsure of exactly where the NBN sites are in Coffs Harbour? Visit the NBN Coverage Checker, which allows you to type in exact addresses and see if it falls within a coverage zone.

Luckily for those operating in Coffs Harbour, chances are that you are already able to join others in experiencing lighting quick NBN access. Check out iiNet’s NBN plans to choose the best option for you.

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  1. Rex Palmer says:

    We have had NBN come out & check our property for access to the NBN, it was found that we could not connect. Now I was somewhat surprised by this as we are only 750 meters form the fixed wireless tower. Our next door neighbours were told the same thing, but Lo & behold after a of jumping up & down voila they get connected. Now from my perspective I am now asking if you arrange for NBN to come out again & check again if the original test was conducted properly because I believe it was not. We currently have a sat connection but really 20GB a month is pretty pathetic. Now this is not directed @ iinet let me make that quite clear. So any chance of getting out an NBN contactor, not the last one, but one who can think outside the square & come up with a solution.