NBN Rollout Progress in Tasmania


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Like other major parts of Australia, Tasmania is in the middle of the country’s continuous rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). The NBN will change the way we conduct business, communicate with each other, learn, care for the injured and sick and enjoy the internet in our everyday lives. For more information, check out iiNET’s FAQ page.

Tasmania was the first state to trial the NBN and the good news for Tasmanians is they are set to be the first state to receive full NBN coverage. The state is expected to be completely connected by the end of June 2018.

At present, Tasmania’s NBN connectivity is concentrated in a few major areas. As of October 2014, the NBN was already up and operational in several places around Hobart, including Hobart CBD, Battery Point, South Hobart, Dynnyrne, Montagu Bay, Rosny, Rosny Park, Bellerive and Kingston Beach.

At that time, there were also NBN sites planned or under construction in other areas around Hobart, including North Hobart, West Hobart, Glebe, New Town, Rose Bay, Lindisfarne, Warrane, Mornington, Claremont, Bonnet Hill, Kingston, Huntingfield and Blackmans Bay.

There are now four main pockets of coverage on the southern part of the island. One stretches from Ouse down to Lachland and is bordered by the large parklands that make up much of Tasmania’s west. Further south along these forests there’s another area of coverage that stretches from Mountain River all the way down to Surveyors Bay. To the east, this range of NBN connectivity stretches over to the coast near North West Bay and Great Bay.

Continuing counter-clockwise, the NBN is up and running near Highcroft and spreads up to Saltwater River and over to Eaglehawk Neck. The service mostly covers a region that starts around Dunalley, goes up to Kellvie and continues northwest up to Campania.

There are a bunch of sites being built or prepared toward the middle of the southern region of Tasmania. These start in Granton and Risdon Vale and stretch southeast to Fern Tree, Mount Nelson, Tranmere and Lauderdale.

Back in October 2014, there was also a lot of progress being made around Launceston. Sites were in various stages of preparation and build in Norwood, Punchbowl, Prospect Vale, Blackstone Heights, Trevallyn, Riverside, Invermay, Mowbray, Newnham, Ravenswood and Waverley.

Several of those areas, including all or some of Punchbowl, Waverley, Ravenswood, Newnham, Mowbray and Riverside, now have NBN service. They are part of a huge chunk of coverage in the northern part of the island. It starts in the northwest near Scopus and Perkins Island and hugs the coast eastward to the Tamar River.

Following the river south, the coverage widens, spreading back west to Elizabeth Town and Mole Creek. After covering some or all of Bracknell, Cressy, Blackwood Creek and Poatina, there is a small break before three NBN sites provide service to an area between and around Great Lake Conservation Area and Two Marshes Conservation Area.

To see where your exact location stands in the NBN rollout process, check out the NBN Coverage Checker. This will let you pinpoint exactly where sites have been built or are in stages of preparation or construction. Make sure to register your interest on the NBN Wait List and check out iinet’s NBN plans to be ready to roll when the NBN hits your neighbourhood.


  1. Jason Watson says:

    The NBN rollout is an absolute joke. Tasmania was originally set to be fully connected by the end of 2015, now it is 2018. Those people that have had NBN connected and copper lines disconnected have had tremendous issues, as the entire process is very disconnected with no central authority. Our town has NBN via fixed wireless, but only if you are outside the town footprint. But even then reception is poor and there are no alternatives to improve reception eg high gain aerial, so you get pushed to Satellite service; how poor is that? And yet the government says they support Agribusiness, but only if they don’t need to connect to the internet.

  2. HarryE says:

    Yes, and installing obsolete technologies is an even bigger joke. Install fibre and be done with it; it is future proof and the only sensible thing to do for all Australians – just like when copper was first installed.

    Leave the copper in the ground as a backup.

    We’re about 100 metres from our nearest neighbours, they receive a suitable fixed wireless signal and we don’t – what an even bigger joke!


  3. John Perks says:

    SO 2 or 3 rural towns get connected then it is Metro areas get connected.

    We have the ridiculous situation, NBN goes past the door in Derby Tasmania! Oh no you cannot get connected, you have to have satellite, in a couple of years!

  4. Peter Brack says:

    So how about this?? Fibre is less than 500m from our house; the exchange (which is fibre-equipped) is 800m from our house; we’re in the “purple area” for fixed-wireless coverage but the hill behind us puts us in its shadow. So…no NBN for us. What a joke! (Except it’s not funny….)

  5. Peter Lucas says:

    Any idea when we will be connected to the network, as in two groups of contractors arrived & no action.???

  6. David says:

    Dear Sir
    I would like to know when Benson Court Riverside Launceston will have NBN. We can not get copper because we are in new houses and they told us to wait for NBN. All the new houses are old age pensioners and have no home phone. Why is this?

    Can you give us any date? Do we have to see someone? Do we have to fill in a form? Is technology taking us backwards or forwards? Are we loosing our ability to communicate?
    Sincere Thanks for communicating with us.

    • Amy Pearce says:

      Hi David,

      Please take a look at the NBN rollout map for up to date information for your area.
      If your address is not listed, you can arrange to have an interim home phone service installed by Telstra directly, if needed.

      We also recommend having a chat with your local MP to see what is being done for any communication black spots in your town.

      – Amy