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You’ve no doubt heard an earful about the mix of technologies that will make up the nbn™ – mainly Fibre to the Premises, Fibre to the Node/Building and perhaps even the upcoming nbn™ HFC. However, just under a third of the Australian population lives in regional or remote areas outside of the planned footprint for these cable-in-the-ground technologies and they have greater demand for broadband services than ever before. Not only is broadband crucial for business and agricultural operations as well as communication, it’s also a crucial delivery method for education and remote health services such as online counselling.

The way that the nbn™ will be delivered to these premises is actually pretty cool. While many homes in “inner regional” areas will be serviced by a technology called Fixed Wireless which is similar to a really powerful mobile broadband signal with dedicated service towers, the truly regional and remote areas will get their internet via nbn™ Satellite. Naturally, you can’t have Satellite broadband without dedicated satellites orbiting in space. That means rocket launches.

Sky Muster™ II has launched

On 6 October 2016, the second nbn™ LTSS (that’s Long Term Satellite Service) Satellite, the Sky Muster™ II, blasted off to join the first Sky Muster™ satellite in geostationary orbit above Australia. Together, these two Satellites will provide world-leading high speed Satellite broadband to around 400,000 properties across regional and remote Australia.

The launch must have been tense, to say the least. If you asked me how to launch a sophisticated piece of technology (weighing in at a whopping 6,045kg) more than 36,000km into the sky, I wouldn’t have a clue. Considering that a Facebook broadband satellite exploded at launch in the month prior, the stakes were high to get things right. Thankfully, the team’s hard work paid off and Sky Muster™ II’s launch was a great success. You can watch the footage from the launch at the French Guiana Space Centre in South America here.


Our brand new plans

You might recall that back in November 2013, iiNet was one of the first retail service providers to conscientiously withdraw from sale of the Interim Satellite Service (ISS) due to performance issues caused by insufficient capacity. Together, the new Sky Muster™ satellites support a system capacity over 30 times greater than ISS and nbn™ have implemented a national Fair Use Policy to ensure a fair go for all users.

Now that both new satellites have launched, we’re overjoyed that we can once again offer high quality broadband to regional and remote Australians with our new nbn™ Satellite plans with faster speeds than ever before. If you’re wondering what’s going to happen to the old ISS Satellite, it’s due to be decommissioned in early 2017. We’re working hard together with nbn™ to get all of our existing nbn™ Satellite customers switched over to the LTSS Satellite long before then.

Are you excited that Sky Muster™ II is here? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Brian Turvey says:


  2. Loretta Gallen says:

    I have wanted to upgrade my plan for some time but it hasn’t been available. My next step was to change providers but have put that off because I would be without internet for a minimum of 2 weeks. My neighbours on other properties who are with other satellite providers have not had a good experience to date with the NBN upgrade. I hope I will be able report differently when Westnet upgrade goes ahead.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Hey Loretta,

      We’ve managed to locate your account and can see you’ve recently enquired about NBN Satellite. A Customer Service Representative should be in contact with you shortly to answer and questions and assist with the switch as available.

      – Brianna

  3. Tony Rowson says:

    Would love to know when I can get a better and faster service in Bayswater WA, less then 10kms form Perth CBD. We run a small business and only get 4Mbs at the very best, due to us being 4.5kms form the closest exchange:(

    Very frustrating when it drops out regularly particularly on a rainy day.

    • Brianna Burgess says:

      Can’t see any NBN construction work in Bayswater, Tony. Encourage you Register your Interest and we’ll keep you in the loop with any progress and expected availability:

      In the meantime, we’d recommend reporting any connection issues to our Support (13 22 58) team as they may require on-site technician attendance to review/improve stability.

      – Brianna

  4. anita says:

    Hi. Medowie in NSW? No available ports. Have been on a wait list for 10 months for Internet. Is the satellite an option for us? And how does it stack up cost wise

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Anita,

      NBN Satellite may be an option for you, especially if the wholesaler has no plans to upgrade or add more DSL ports. However, these are usually looked at on a case by case basis and would required your address to be within the required footprint. You can give NBN a call and explain the situation; they may be able to change the classification of your address to allow for an alternative service to ADSL.

      – Leo

  5. Grant Cockburn says:

    Yep, I agree with other comments that, while this is great for non-regional, what about those of us sweating on nbn in the cities?

  6. Cornelius says:

    I have nbn and the bloody thing only works half the time
    The greatest disappointment ever.
    But i hear that they are improving the thing
    Should be fixed in a week they said.
    Let us wait and see,

  7. Carlos says:

    its really appalling that plenty of country towns like Ballarat and Bendigo have had NBN for a while but it hasn’t even started construction in some outer suburbs of Melbourne where hundreds of thousands of people live. My street in Chirnside Park doesn’t get a mention on NBN plans, so I am sick of receiving Ads for the NBN which are completely irrelevant to me. not impressed….

  8. Mark Mc Givern says:

    Hi Brian a

    I live in Spearwood WA and have registered nearly 2 years ago with Iinet for NBN at my address. Suburbs around me and 4 kilometers away have NBN. I have been told that NBN will not be available to me until nearly 2020 surly this can’t be right. Can you look into this for me as you will see I have been with iinet for just on 17 years now.Some firm information from you in regards to when I can expect NBN in my street would be good.


  9. Paul T says:

    NBN released their 3 year plan in October 2015. It’s now the end of October 2016. I think there would be many thousands of households and businesses interested in an updated 3 year plan.
    Interestingly, in Jane Brook WA (FSA/WSA 6MDD) which contruction is expected to commence in H2-2018, the pocket where I live is not in the plan. Our ADSL speed frequently averages < 1 mbps.

  10. Graham Harvey says:

    Very envious of Tony with 4Mbs. We just outside Fremantle and only exchange is 5.2kms away giving us 1Mbs on a good day! Not sure that would meet the minimum acceptable requirements and no wireless Broadband available either.

  11. Jason Woods says:

    Onya guys, keep the info flowing. Thanks for making it interesting.

    Jasonbw (been with you for longer than my kids have been alive, and theyre in high school) 🙂

  12. Keith Martin says:

    We had the old satellite which was the worst interned we had ever had.
    The provider was useless so I ordered Sky Muster with a different provider.
    They installed it it is even worse at times.
    Then despite having paid a month in advance my first satellite was cut off.
    I can only run one computer off the Sky Muster modem.
    I am not happy.
    Google any of the agents selling it lots of dissatisfied customers.

  13. Joe says:

    Patiently waiting for Belmont’s turn. When…when are we going to be connected????

  14. Craig says:

    Living in Carrum Downs is like living in the Internet equivalent of Siberia. NBN is all around us yet we can’t have it what’s the plan for us ?

  15. roy g says:

    Hi My name is Roy.I am with ii net,have been with them for just on 10 years,early years lots of problems ,even now still problems,in the last few weeks ,lots of telstra problems,4 weeks ago they found the problem,did the repairs,all good for three weeks,then it started again,now i have the same problem ,download speed from around 18.60 mbps ,now 5.26 ,all tests are now 5.26 and lower,and today they are having download speed problems again ,i am about to give up,i live in Collinsville qld 4804,our lines here are over 100 years old,and now have been told by a a Telstra that all things have finished that they have no more money to give us nbn,what a joke.
    cheers for now.

  16. Murray Johnson says:

    I am a long term Westnet client on satellite.
    In May 2016 Westnet advised me they were not offering new satellite plans and advised me to find a new provider.
    Then in September Westnet sent out an email, stating they WERE to offer new plans for the new satellite.
    However they advised me this may not happen until February 2017.
    Then on 17th of October Westnet sent another email stating the new satellite plans had arrived and that NBN would contact me to arrange for the installation.
    I am waiting for that to happen………….

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Murray,

      Just an update on this. We’re starting the first batch of upgrades this month, with around 1500 or so customers being contacted in order to start the upgrade. Keep an eye out!

      – Leo

  17. Barbara says:

    I live in an area where I can’t get ADSL We have been told by the NBN that we can now get the new satellite set up that is suppose to be faster!! I have a concern that I recently had a TV guy at my house and was fixing the Ariel on the roof and asked when we were looking at installing the fixed wireless? I contacted the NBN but was told our area was satellite only yet we receive the signal from Kilcoy QLD but we are not allowed to have that as I have now found out. Why is it that the areas that wewre disadvantaged are now more disadvantaged under the roll out of the NBN. I have priced the Satellite offers and we have to pay more yet being in a remote area we pay more for everything. why did this NBN roll out not start in areas in need first?

  18. Susan says:

    When will NBN available in Lower Chittering WA

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Susan,

      We don’t have information on Lower Chittering at the moment, so taking into account the area itself, we’d have to estimate that either NBN Fixed Wireless, or more likely NBN Sky Muster Satellite would be the connection types. We have no idea on when though. You can have a chat to Sales on 131917 and they’ll be able to check your address for you.

      – Leo.

  19. Carole Telford says:

    I live in country SA, and the ADSL is woeful. I called iinet and they advised me to change to a different connection plan, which I did. They assured me that I would be amazed at the difference. Well I can honestly say this new connection plan is NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL. It just gives me less data for more cost.

  20. Andrew says:

    I live in Coolbellup WA & I’m 5km from the nearest exchange. Needless to say, the internet is deplorable. Can’t even watch Netflix in 380P.
    I recently saw workmen installing cabling for the NBN about 2km away & asked one of them when it might be available, he estimated it MIGHT be up and running mid 2017!?
    I’m not as optimistic…

  21. Ian Burns says:

    Please just let us know when this is available for us & the plans you are offering. I am a long-standing iinet customer, you know where I live!

  22. Alan says:

    I live in Currumbine which is right next to a so called city ‘Joonderlup,’ and NBN isn’t coming any time soon to my area so I have been looking at wireless options as currently I’m 3k from the exchange and lucky to get 6mb on a good day. I see some wireless options offer 12mb but really looking for at least 20mb to make it worth moving into 21st century.

    Can I get on your sat connection and what speeds are we expected to realistically get?

  23. Robert Webster says:

    Went to another provider for Sky Muster several months ago because it wasn’t available at that time but back now with iinet however the speed is noticeably slower for some reason especially the Ping Speed which is much much slower and causing me some problems. Can’t understand why, thought the speed for download and ping would be the same. Contacted Support and they were going to get back to me but hasn’t happened as yet.


  24. Russ says:

    I agree. We are on the fringe of Brisbane (around 25 kms from the GPO and can’t access ADSL … So, while a nice article, how can you assist me to get off the portable WIFi merry goroind that is costing me an absulute fortune?

  25. Russ says:

    Ps. Looks like a theme forming here. Customers just outside the CBD are left behind!

  26. Will says:

    I live in Athelstone SA and max out at 2.5mbps and get given the cold shoulder from everyone. I’m paying through the nose for a service I can barely utilise and can’t even get a wireless service. NBN doesn’t have a timeframe for my street but is 400m away and surround the darkest black spot in metro Adelaide. Why can no-one give an answer on a timeframe and why is a product being sold where it is not viable. I have been with iiNet for 5 years now since taking over Adam we also now have no local support and rely on call backs….. quite frustrated.

  27. Sonja says:

    Operate a business from home office and have children needing internet to complete homework and research. We currently use wifi as nothing available but costing a fortune.Some days struggle to get a signal.

  28. David says:

    We live in the North west of Tasmania and yadda yadda yadda we were supposed to be connected to the nbn in the second quarter of the first half of this year.
    They havent even started the NBN in our street and then we are told its going to be fibre to the node and copper to your house.
    May as well stay with slow copper connections because as soon as you mix copper and fibre your speeds have gone to copper.
    In Europe this technology would be laughed at .

  29. Dane Blair says:

    Your AD implies that the satellite is going 15 times around the earth per day. Yet you also say it is in a geostationary orbit above Australia. These 2 statements are contradictory.

    Exactly what did you MEAN to say ?

  30. Robert Chard says:

    What is the point of having ridiculously high speeds when all that is available is ridiculously small data limits at ridiculously high prices( compared to city folk)?

  31. Dom Haren says:

    I live in Glebe and can walk to central station in Sydney in 10 mins. I can’t get the NBN though. Maybe in the next 2 years is what I’m told.

  32. Ben Rains says:

    I’m a few hundred metres from the NBN cable in Braddon, ACT, yet there are no plans, I believe to extend it my way, past small businesses and residential units. My speed is pathetic, usually less than 2 MBPS. Do I have any hope for a fast broadband connection?

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Ben,

      There is always hope…. there just has to be!

      Have you checked your address on the NBN website? Had a chat to our Sales team for other possibilities?

      – Leo.

  33. Dhruva says:

    Awaiting NBN services in Dianella Perth, we have been waiting eagerly for this service for the last 2 years inspite of being just 12 kms from the city in a very established suburb. Please kindly connect us to the new age ASAP

  34. Sue says:

    We will not be getting NBN as we’re not in their footprint. 🙁 We currently can only access wireless internet. With Sky muster does it mean we should be able to have really good fast services with more than 15 GB being the maximum available?
    I’ve looked at other companies, which I have never heard of, deals re sky muster but just got confused & most weren’t available where we live.
    Is iiNet going to be able to service those homes without NBN. We’re in Mt George SA. Any uncomplicated info would be great! Thanks

  35. Rob Ogilvie says:

    Hi, How do we get internet to our property which is outside the ACT border. All the copper lines to the area are used are not available to us. How do we go about getting Skymuster or wireless to our area

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Rob,

      The best way is to give Sales a call on 13 19 17! We’ll be able to service qualify your address and check availability for you, then arrange the mist suitable available connection.

      – Leo.

  36. Matt says:

    I’m with Tony on this, Bayswater WA has horrible internet especially when we’re trying to work from home.

    I’ve registered my interest (which is why I received the newsletter notifying me of this article) and also spoken with customer support, which tell me we’re located in between 2 exchanges which is why we can’t expect more speed.

  37. Mirek says:

    We used to get an average to reasonable speed on our ADSL+ plan. That is until last Thursday night when we started to experience constant dropouts and exceptionally slow speed ie. around 600Kbs. What guarantee do we have that NBN Fibre or Satellite NBN will give us much higher speeds?

  38. Brian Hockey says:

    Anything around 2000kpbs is usual, occasionally up to or just over 3000kkbps once or twice over many years just over 4000. Cost is still the same though for what is a very slow service. Only 12 km from the centre of Brisbane almost third world but at first world prices.Just under 4 km from exchange.

  39. Thank you for updates on NBN, very good. Very much appreciated

  40. Jenni Savage says:

    The internet speed we are suppose to accept in regional areas is beyond slow. It can take me over an hour to load a page. Sometimes, it just doesn’t load at all. We have been putting up with this for years. Nobody will help. Nobody contacts us and nobody gives a shut about us because we don’t live in the city.
    They say what a great job they are doing, but in reality they are hoping we go away.
    What an absolute joke!!!! And we have to pay for this crap

  41. Tim Brook says:

    Lots of fibre installation activities in the Rossmoyne area but no evidence of an early availability of NBN. In any case, for me, the higher speed is not required nor is the higher pricing. Guess we just have to grin and bear it.

  42. Mark Carson says:

    Been a client for over 15years have recently aquired NBN wireless , got the 12m and upgraded to 25M I am lucky to get 3-4m most of the time and early evenings 1-2M so wonder why I pay for a stream that cannot give the service <have complained many times been cut off and never received a return call, or info I was promised or NBN tech updates, at $80 a month I am now a really pissed off client and my business is suffering with voip on the system , no net and ludicrus download speed, I DJ online and cannot do that anymore due Buffering issues and freezing WILL SOME ONE KICK NBNs ass and fix the towers or hardware to cope,This is not a trivial complaint it is an ongoing farce now I dont blame iinet my proviser they are the NBN client and I am their client at this procise time my net speed is ping 24. Down 4.74 Upl 0.63 and it is 1.21 past midnight and I would say most people are in bed Fat chance during the day

  43. Mark Gillam says:

    Say Hi to Gina for me!

  44. Susan says:

    I am very disappointed with the lack of information that the sales team have given us. My first contact with them earlier in the year was very positive when I was told that ISS customers were going to be shifted to the Sky Muster. After talking to friends who had been told different information I rang Sales back. This time they could not tell me if they were ever going to have provide a service with Sky Muster. Emails have been sent saying that NBNCO was coming and when I rang again no-one could tell me anything definite. So with the lack of information and eight providers out there offering plans we reluctantly switched providers. We have been very happy with Westnet and did not want to change. Imagine my frustration when I rang to cancel our plan to be told that plans were available and I could have stayed with Westnet.

    We’ve had no problems connecting to NBNCO with the new service provider.

  45. Faye Carn says:

    When will the NBN Network be in Leschenault

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Faye,

      We can see your area does have some NBN coverage. Have a chat to our Sales team on 13 19 17. They’ll check your address for full coverage and come up with what is available for you.

      – Leo.

  46. Don Farrelly says:

    The NBN map shows that I have NBN available at my address, yet when I contact westnet I am told there is no service available! What’s the story? My current Westnet broadband service is not good enough to stream video or download large files quickly, so I am hanging out for NBN. Could someone from Westnet/iinet get back to me with some kind of explanation or timeframe please.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Don,

      Your area is planned to be serviced by Fibre To The Node, however there is no timeframe from NBN as to when this will be available.

      – Leo.

  47. Christine Beu says:

    Great to hear new satellite launched for NBN.
    Still using old satellite as cannot have NBN
    wireless connection due to not getting a
    clear signal from tower up the road from us.
    Trees stopping signal so still with your
    satellite until new plans are advised for
    phone and internet which we have at present
    on old satellite. Any latest news of plans
    for us…….still waiting.

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Christine,

      Our new Sky Muster NBN Satellite plans are now available! Further to this, we’re rolling out the first batch of upgrades for customers on the old NBN satellite services. Feel free to get in touch with our Sales team and they’ll be able to give you more information.

      – Leo.

  48. Victor says:

    I’m with Tony Rowson above.
    Live close to the CBD but about 4.2k from the exchange. Can’t even get 2.0 Mbps

    It’s like living in the dark ages!