NBN™ + Business: Andrew Dare Electrical Case Study


The rollout of the NBN™ infrastructure means that even faster internet speeds are available to most Australian businesses with approximately 20,000 businesses added to the NBN™ rollout each month.

Website management, online training courses, digital operation tools, customer enquiries; they all rely on the internet and allow businesses to operate efficiently. With the internet making up such a large part of operating a successful business, it’s important to have an NBN team that will have your back and support you along the way. Check out how iiNet’s Small Business Support Team brought this requirement to life for Andrew Dare Electrical.

Connecting Small Businesses

Introducing John Dare, the Managing Director of Andrew Dare Electrical. Andrew Dare Electrical is an electrical contracting business with more than 25 years’ experience in the rural sector, based in Deloraine on the northwest coast of Tasmania. The company works with a number of clients who operate across the state in dairy, irrigation, mining and commercial operations in the local area, providing software solutions for farming and remote monitoring programs for dairy farms and businesses alike.

Supporting your business

Andrew Dare Electrical was ready to take the company to the next level. To do this, the directors recognised that they would need an improved broadband capability and a telecommunications partner who understood their business.

An existing iiNet Business customer, Andrew Dare Electrical made the decision to remain with iiNet as they made the move to the NBN™. Enter iiNet’s Small Business NBN™ solutions.

“iiNet’s whole process of migrating us onto the NBN was very smooth. We had no issues connecting, and we were really impressed with iiNet’s customer service. Any tweaks that needed to be undertaken were done quickly and efficiently” said John Dare, Managing Director, Andrew Dare Electrical.

Andrew Dare Electrical relies on the internet to run their business. It’s an essential part of keeping in touch with customers and providing online training to customers using their management software. The move to the NBN™ with iiNet has allowed the company to take their business to the next level, enhancing business operations to provide a seamless and enjoyable online experience to their customers.

“Prior to the NBN, the software training courses we held online were very slow and cumbersome. It took forever to upload our training modules, and our customers found it slow to work with. iiNet’s NBNservice has really made a difference to how quickly we’re able to upload and update our training modules. And our customers are also now having a much better experience,” said John.

The next step for the business

The NBN™ has allowed Andrew Dare Electrical to look into the future and work with their clients to see how dairy farmers with robotic dairy installations across the region can remotely monitor their dairy operations via the internet and in turn increase productivity and efficiency.

“We are using the NBN™ much more than what we originally expected. Not only does it allow us to better service our customers, but it also expands our business. We are now looking at developing innovative internet based solutions for rural farming challenges, such as remotely controlling complex irrigation systems,” said John.

The seamless transition of connecting to the NBN™ with iiNet lead John to assess moving all of the businesses telecommunication requirements across to one provider.

We are currently using other service providers for a range of non-NBN telco solutions, but that is going to change shortly. We’re getting rid of our old lines and going with iiNet’s VoIP solutions. Our experience with them has been so good, we trust them to support us on the rest of our business requirements,” added John.

The iiNet Small Business Team

iiNet’s Small Business Support Team gives you access to priority support when you need it, so you can focus on your core business while we take care of the technical stuff.

Whether your business focus is to grow your customer base, develop your resources, or ensure your customers have easy and reliable access to your business, having a dependable internet connection and an ISP that supports you is essential.

“We’re thrilled with iiNet and the service they provide us, and the new business opportunities we have due to being connected to the NBN,” said John.

Do you want to make sure that your business is ready for your next business move? Connect with the iiNet Small Business Team.

Connect your business to an iiNet NBN™ plan!


  1. John Emery says:

    I live in WA, NOT Tasmania!
    What is the hold up in Dianella?

  2. Still waiting, waiting, waiting for NBN to connect me. Telstra sent me a letter last week and said they are cutting off my landline on 8 February but, when I spoke to them, they, like iinet, told me there is not a date yet for our connection to NBN. My landline will come over with my internet to iinet when, if ever, I get NBN!!!

    • Leo Yarnold says:

      Hi Christopher,

      This is concerning to hear, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      In these cases, your line should not be disconnected until NBN is available and connected, so its very likely that the rollout for your area is delayed and therefore, so will the disconnection of your phone.

      – Leo

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